By Igboanusi Ogechi
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I and mama sat outside her hut. The night was cold and bites from the mosquitos would have made us go inside on a normal day, but when a man's roof is on fire he cares less about the things happening around him

"Call him again, Ada"

It was dark, but I know mama is carrying a worried look. I took my phone, all thanks to the moonlight I could locate the power button, even with the cold, there were beads of sweat on my forehead, I wiped it with the back of my palm.

At the other end, it kept ringing but oke was not answering.




Oke is my elder brother, something must push a man out into the cold not minding the dangers of losing one's life and the same thing pushed oke to left for obodo oyibo(the white man's land ) ever since he left, we haven't lacked, he made sure he provided all our needs and we are grateful to chi for granting our heart desire.

Mama woke up one morning, screaming oke! It was strange for mama to do such, it was a nightmare.

"Mama are you okay?"

"Where is oke, I had a dream about him"

"Oke is fine mama"

"Call him for me, I want to hear his voice"

I have been calling oke since that day, but he has not been picking up. I became worried too, who would not be worried when her only brother is out there and no one has heard from him.

"Christmas is almost here, who will buy me a bag of rice and clothes?"

I sighed and rested my head on the cold wall.

"Mama, don't worry, ugo will return tomorrow, we will go there and ask him about his friend."

"Ok, my child"






At the first cock crow, I woke up to prepare breakfast, I rushed to pa, Ojifie's ban, and collected some yam. I made breakfast in haste, took out the local broom, and swept the whole compound.

I woke mama up and made her eat her food and bath together, we sat at the veranda waiting for Ugo.

When the sun was at its horizon, I heard the horning of a car, that must be ugo's car. I left the plates I was washing, quickly I rinsed my hands and cleaned them with the edge of my rapper. Mama stepped out and together we made for ugos house.

Lucky for us visitors has not started trooping in, we met obiora offloading ugo's luggagees. I helped mama to sit while I helped in offloading the luggage.

"Mama, good afternoon" he greeted and hugged mama.

"Good afternoon, dear"

"How are you doing?"

"I am fine ma, everything is fine."

"Ok, but how is your friend? I haven't heard from him for some time now, is all well with him?"

"Ummm...mama all is we..ll with your son"

"But, why are stuttering?" I don't know why, but something tells me he is lying.

"Are you sure everything is really fine with my brother?"

He sighed and shooked his head.

It was a bad sign, the heartbeat increased.

"Mama ugo was arrested and as it stands now he might be released."


" What happened to my son?"

"Mama calm down" I tried to calm mama down.

"He was caught with drugs"


"Yes, he sells drugs "

"But...He told me he works as a bank over there."

"I am afraid to say, it was all lies, oke was never a banker. There are no food jobs out there, he went out to sell some drugs so he could send you guys money for Christmas but was caught red-handed"

"!" A scream left my mouth. I placed my hands on my head.

Mama shook her head.

"It is a lie"

"Mama, I am afraid, but this is the truth, he has not even.....he did not finish his statement before mama slumped.

" Mama..." There was no response. cold shivers ran through my vein. I checked her pulse, she was not breathing.

"Hmmm...uncle help me check my mother"

"Is she okay?"

I got no response...

"Uncle I am asking you..."

I am afraid....she is not

....Two death.

The issues of life.

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