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"I don't know, but what I know is that Crystal is coming back again" Dave's mom said now looking serious. "Crystal, yes the angry spirit that was concealed in the soul stone by a wizard" Ashley said as the rest of us stared at her and Dave's mom in confusion. "Is she the same spirit that the Slaygands want to awaken?" I asked "Yes, she is the wicked spirit that only wants to kill people" Ashley answered

The Slaygands are shape shifting creatures, the night Slaygands tend to go back to there original form at night and can be humans during the day while the daylight Slaygands are seen in there original form during the day and human form at night and the witches as we all know are spell casters.
But happens when an ordinary teenager Ray discovers she's not that ordinary for she was made to believe she is the moment she was told everything she was supposed to know and a lot about the people around her including the circumstances surrounding her life.
Will she be able to scale through everything alive, will she end up dead as expected or will more critical and shocking unbelievable things be discovered as she goes on with her last days alive.

You need 1 point to view each paid chapter.

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