By Princess
Last Post: November 16, 2022

The dirty alley, cloaked with darkness, hid the figure of a fragile young girl shivering in the corners of the alley. Her short breaths creating fogs in the cold Autumn season.

Her eyes darted around in fear of what might come out of the looming dark corners of the alley and hunt her down.

Giggles from little children rang through the streets as they held onto their mothers with their little hands, skipping and jumping in excitement as they retired to their homes.


She never thought she would call a place her home, she watched intensely as people crossed the streets, none of them sparing a glance in her direction.
How could they, who would think that a young girl looking so frail and feeble, would be hiding in the corners of an abandoned alley?

She could never have a home to her home felt like hell.

She'd thought that life and death had taken everything away from her, and one couldn't stop but agree with her on the fact that death took away the meaning of home, while life turned every day of her life into a living nightmare.

Atrocious things happened in the abandoned corners of the alley, dead bodies littered around those corners; for a moment she thought that the spirit of those dead bodies would be out and haunt its killers-why wouldn't she, after all, she was one of their killers.

She's being sort for to end human existence.

She'd escape them, but like always life never gave her an atom of luck.

Instead, life threw to her a whole new difficult situation of love, life, and death.


Chapters Date
Ch. 1Chapter one. Nov 16, 2022

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