Opposite Cults
By Deandre Sanchez
Last Post: October 12, 2017

Set in a pre-apocalyptic world, the story revolves around a couple who have no recollection of their past. It seems that each have a destiny to fulfill. To bring about the end of the world. While the angels and demons have their own agendas, the couple needs to find out what mess they have landed themselves into. While the angels want to find michael's vessel, the demons want to release the devil himself and to do that, they must sacrifice the seven deadly sins. With reference to Dante's The Divine Comedy, the tale weaves through nefarious designs. Will the couple be able to fulfill their destiny if it means they have to be separated forever or will they choose to end the drama forever to be together?

Chapters Date
Ch. 1010 Oct 12, 2017
Ch. 99 Oct 5, 2017
Ch. 88 Sep 28, 2017
Ch. 77 Sep 21, 2017
Ch. 66 Sep 13, 2017
Ch. 55 Sep 13, 2017
Ch. 44 Sep 20, 2016
Ch. 33 Sep 10, 2016
Ch. 22 Aug 24, 2016
Ch. 11 Aug 7, 2016

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