Opposite Cults
By Deandre Sanchez
Date: September 20, 2016
Ch. 44

The sun faded behind a wisp of black cloud that floated high in the sky. He turned sadly and went inside the house.
The siren rang at the door and the voice of a female hailed him. He turned behind and saw a gorgeous girl who looked to be in her mid-twenties. She was as tall as him and had silky black hair. Her smile was sweet and adorable and brought to him the memories of his dead wife. He remembered that her smile had the same charm that this girl now exuded.
“Let her in!” shouted his wife, Emily, from inside.

Let me in!
She whispered as she came forward. Holding out her pale white hand to him who lay sprawled upon his back, she beckoned him to get up.
His eyes could not believe what he was seeing. His eyes blinked faster than it usually did.
It cannot be. She is dead. No, I am hallucinating. She is not here. She is just a figment of my imagination.
She gave a sweet smile which reminded her of their childhood days. It was the same smile she used to have on her face when she offered her fair hands to him whenever he tripped and fell on the ground.
“You are dead!” he shouted.
“Am I? Do you really think I would be here if I were dead?” she asked, the smile still lingering upon her face.
He hesitated to answer. Was she really here? Was she really come back from the dead? No, she is not. She is a ghost.
“You are dead. You were buried yesterday. I did it myself.” He replied.
Her smile did not waver. “Do you want me to leave?”
He lay silent.
“All you have to do, Roger, is let me in. You do that and I will leave you forever.”
Let me in. What was that she kept repeating? He arose suspiciously and watched uncomfortably at her approaching. He staggered behind, his heart still pacing with fear.
“Stop!” he shouted again. “You are not real.”
He raced down the path from whence he had come. Turning left on the road that led to the church, he ran down seldom looking at the park. Ever and anon he did look. She still stood there, her figure distant and lonely. Her head was always tilted towards him.
He crashed into an old man who seemed to be in his early sixties. The collision drove the air out of the old man’s lungs and sent him stumbling downwards. He, however, crossed his arms as the collision sent a dull throbbing across his hands. He stuttered when he spoke. “I am really sorry. I did not see you coming.”
The old man winced in pain but he pushed himself up. Roger marveled at the old man’s agility.
“Watch where you are going, son.” said the old man, checking his ribs.
“I will. I am really sorry.”
“You are Natalia’s husband, aren’t you?”
He nodded in answer.
“I feel terribly sorry for your loss, child.”
He bowed his head. “Thank you. It means a lot.”
The old man smiled. “You do not look so good. Something is haunting you. It is quite understandable of course. You have just lost someone you dearly loved. It happens to most people.”
Roger raised his head and there she was in front of him. Where had the old man gone?
“Get away from me. You are dead. You are not real. Stop haunting me.” He screamed again.
The old man looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. “Son, it is me and I am real. And I am definitely not dead.” He waved his hands. “See, I am alive and kicking.”
The old man placed both of his hands on either side of his head. “Look at me. Whatever you are seeing is not real. You know that. You have lost someone you have loved over the years and that sort of emotion leaves an imprint on your mind. It grows stronger unless you take control. You are hallucinating child. You are seeing her everywhere. I understand. I too lost my wife not a few years back. I cried and cried and saw her everywhere but I took control of it. I learnt to accept the difference between what is real and what is not. Let her go, child. Let her go. Banish away her thoughts. It is difficult, very difficult but if you do not let her go her soul will never be at peace. Would you want that? The more you think of her, the more she will want to stay. She does not believe she is dead. Her soul is tethered between the light and the dark. If the darkness takes over her, she will never want to leave but that will not be her only choice. Leave her be, son. Heed my advice. Let her go.”
Roger nodded. Tears swelled up in his eyes. “But how?” he asked.
The old man smiled. “Immerse yourself in something new. Break away all the bonds you had with her. She never wanted to leave. She died of a disease and that was unnatural. She feels terrible for having left you alone and she wants to stay with you even if she knows she is in the twilight. For her soul to be at peace, you have to do away the bonds you had with her. You will have to convince her that you will miss her but you are better off without her lingering by. You will have to speak to her. You will have to show her that her way is the path forward into the light, towards the door at the far end and she is doing nobody any good by staying here upon the earth. Do that, son. I am sure you will succeed.”
He wiped his tears. “Thank you. I really mean it. And I am sorry for before. I should have watched where I was going. It is just…”
“I know. All is forgiven.”
He looked at the old man. “I have to leave now.”
The old man smiled. “Then go. Pray to the God above and everything will be fine. You will see.”
Roger gave a weak smile and prepared to go when a hand clasped his elbow.
Let me in.
He looked around and saw her again, her pale hands clasping tight his elbow. “Get away from me.” He shouted and then he ran, breaking away the firm grip.
He fled as fast he could. He would go insane, he thought if this continued. Only the church would give him solace. His God would help him.
He looked back. She was still standing there rooted to the spot, watching him flee.
The old man shook his head and watched him run. “God is with you, child.”
Saying he turned his back on the fleeing man and went on his way.

“Hello, I am Maira” said she who his wife had asked to be let in.
“Do we know you?” he asked.
“You don’t but your wife does. Emily was my best friend once. We used to hang out together once, when we were little kids. Then times changed and we drifted away.” She said sadly. “We haven’t been together since - “
“Yes?” he asked nonchalantly.
“Since she had to leave the town.”
“Ah! That is really sad. But how did you find us?”
“I have been in this town for a while now and a week ago, I met her at a grocery store. So, I decided to pay her a visit.”

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