Mysterious Feeling
By mheixccc
Last Post: June 5, 2021

A woman beautiful, tall and sexy

A perfect creature made by God


A woman moves a man

A woman of high rank

A woman numb to the pain she is experiencing

A woman who is brave, fearless

A woman who is willing to lay down her life for the people

She is Kayriel Malliao.

And at One Time

Her future is another test.

Will he be able to solve it?

Will he be able to return?

"I am not afraid, cause I was born to do this"

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Chapters Date
Ch. 4Change
Jun 5, 2021
Ch. 3Missing Again
Jun 5, 2021
Ch. 2The Case
Jun 5, 2021
Ch. 1SPO3 Jun 5, 2021