Love of wind and clouds
By Tiên Nhi
Last Post: May 15, 2022

The story revolves around the turbulent love of the couple Vy Dinh and Thuy Nguyet. Their dreamlike wedding suddenly went up in smoke when she said goodbye and walked away. Because he chased her, he had a terrible accident that broke several ribs and disfigured his face.
Time passed, and the past thought was asleep, but fate pushed the lovers to meet again and start a new love.
Thuy Nguyet did not know that the person she loved was her former fiance. Then, when she found out the truth, she once again tried to run away from him because she thought he had approached her to take revenge on her old love.
Despite the overlapping mental and physical wounds, Vy Dinh's love for Thuy Nguyet never changed. He is determined to win the heart of the girl he loves.
"If the distance between the two of us is just the afternoon rain that fills the way, I would like to soak in the rain until the sky clears up so I can come to you."

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