Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Last Post: December 22, 2021

A story about a broken soul healed by a beautiful heart!!

She was scared of trusting him, while he patiently waited to earn her love.

She was broken and he promised to heal her and her wounds.

He took her pain and gave her his’ happiness.

Hridhaan Mehra~A heartthrob and rude businessman falls in love with a beautiful angel at first sight but what will he do when the angel has a dreadful past which don’t let him enter into the walls around her heart.

Aavya Reddy~Once a bubbly girl, now has forgotten to smile.She is caged by a dreadful past which is not letting her to move on in her life.

What will happen when his eyes fall on her and he is adamant to have her in his life, but she is persistent to not to let anyone hurt her anymore??

How will Hridhaan earn Aavya trust and how he will become LIGHT TO HER DARKNESS.

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Chapters Date
Ch. 15Chapter 14
Dec 22, 2021
Ch. 14Chapter 13
Dec 13, 2021
Ch. 13Chapter 12
Dec 2, 2021
Ch. 12Chapter 11 Nov 28, 2021
Ch. 11Chapter 10 Nov 19, 2021
Ch. 10Chapter 9 Nov 8, 2021
Ch. 9Chapter 8 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 8Episode 7 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 7Episode 6 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 6Episode 5 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 5Episode 4 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 4Episode 3 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 3Episode 2 Nov 6, 2021
Ch. 2Episode 1 Nov 4, 2021
Ch. 1Sneak Peak at Character Sketch Nov 4, 2021

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