His surrogate (The Match Making Twins)
By Ohyeen Dahmorlah
Last Post: November 16, 2022


Logan gave her Dad an offer to bare him a child which she can never object to because she as to live and it is either yes or yes. She have birth to twins but Logan was told it was a child.

Seven Years Later, Logan's son, Axel is angry at Logan for not finding his mother and threatened him if he didn't bring his mother to him.

Logan decided to bring his Surrogate mother home because of his son who he really loves but later found out that Axel's twin isn't dead but he is with her.

He got angry and decided to claim his other son while he still maltreat her for taking his son away from him for seven years.

But because of how Axel's is eager to have a mum and chase his dad's gold digger mistress out from his life, he plans to bring his lookalike mum and his dad together with the help of his look alike.

Will Axel and his lookalike be able to tame their dad to love their mum?

Or is there going to be happily ever after?

The Journey as begins and as a lot of mysteries. It held promises of broken hearts, Love, betrayal etc

Everything is in the book and you won't want to miss it out!.

You need 2 points to view each paid chapter.