His Innocent Bride
By Jannat_zeenat
Last Post: April 13, 2024

The world's most feared mafia, Ehab Durani, is a 30-year-old man of few words with all bad habits. He changes girlfriends like clothes. His smooth-going life takes a U-turn when he bumps into a timid soul named Wafa Shirley. He falls for her at the very first sight, whereas his father is totally against his will to make Wafa his in every sense. But being stubborn and dangerous, Ehab decides to keep his father out of his life.

But the most interesting part is when Ehab comes to know that Wafa is his enemy's daughter. His enemy, with whom he has no good relations, they can't even breathe in the same room for a minute.

Ehab plans to learn about Wafa through Lucy, her office manager. He makes sure that she keeps an eye on Wafa by becoming her good friend. Also, Ehab instructed Lucy to find out whether Wafa's disease is real or if she is faking it. As a mafia member, he doesn't trust anyone, so he just wants to be on the safe side. When he finds out that Wafa is innocent and not faking it, he falls for more for her.

As Ehab learns about Wafa's past. He is not shocked to know that her own father was using her to kill his enemies but also taking advantage of her rare disease called Dementia. She creates her own scenarios in her mind. She barely remembers anything real of her own. Taking advantage of her disease, Ehab plans a very dangerous plan to kill her father, Keith Evans. The story takes twist when Wafa makes a soft corner in his heart. Ehab starts falling for her more and more.

They found themselves tangled in such problems that keep them entangled with each other every now and then. Ehab's dominating side, his intensity, makes her feel sparks. His closeness makes her heart thud. His touches are a cure for all her scars. She learns that she cannot survive without him. He makes the first move and proposes to her one night.

But here, Keith Evans plans to send his man to Ehab's place to find out what Ehab is planning. And when he discovers that his daughter is in love with his enemy, he plans to cut them into pieces that too on their wedding day.
Ehab promised himself to protect her at every cost, even if he has to sacrifice his life.
Ehab plans his wedding not to be announced in front of the world, but Keith manages to find out and kidnaps his own daughter. Ehab gets furious and he himself attacks Keith's mansion and warehouse, killing all of Keith's men and destroying him completely. Ehab knows that Keith has a stupid obsession with collecting various types of currencies, illegally, so he burns them to ashes.

As Ehab finishes destroying everything, Keith smirks, aiming his gun at his daughter. But at the right time, Ehab's father shoots Keith. And this is how they overcome all their hurdles. They mark a day for themselves, and she is known as his bride.

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Chapters Date
Ch. 11Date or death?
Apr 13, 2024
Ch. 10In his arms
Apr 12, 2024
Ch. 9Breakfast date
Apr 11, 2024
Ch. 8Everything black
Apr 10, 2024
Ch. 7Friendship?
Apr 9, 2024
Ch. 6Planning revenge
Apr 8, 2024
Ch. 5Enemies daughter
Apr 7, 2024
Ch. 4New addiction Apr 6, 2024
Ch. 3A Tour Apr 3, 2024
Ch. 2What is Habun? Apr 2, 2024
Ch. 1Their First Meeting Apr 7, 2024

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