Her Glamorous Beauty
By Author Warren II
Last Post: June 10, 2024

Kwan Moldrick was born in Western Europe. He was seventeen when he accidentally killed his brother, named Melbourne.
Thereafter, he chose to leave his family to escape the crime he committed and look for work, but nobody would accept him as he was a minor, so he had no choice but to be a hoodlum.
The most wanted hitman in the west—Kwan—grew up and became famous, and many clients have been negotiating with him since then.
Afterward, a notorious mafia boss named Brein Loi needed to kill a gorgeous lady named Rebecca San Jose in order to expand his territory to the east, so he negotiated with Kwan.
Will Kwan succeed with the task given to him? What difficulties is he going to face in order to kill the woman? Let's find out!

You need 5 points to view each paid chapter.

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