Fool's Gold
By Javion Armstrong
Last Post: August 22, 2018

Jeb is the Sheriff of Black Hawk County, a gunfighter hired by those rich and powerful in the counties main industrial center, the city of Dry Well. The new job is going well, although the paperwork is a tedium that is now to him. But it also has new perks, which he discovers on his first night of employment. After a few months Jeb gets a call from his boss instructing him to head out to the old gold mine. There has been some kind of disturbance and Jeb needs to look into it, his boss tells him, and he should be ready for bandits. Jeb heads out to the mine and gets into it with the bandits, who greatly outnumber him. Will romance and love bud out of this chance encounter in the desert? Or will everything be swept away by the twister?

Chapters Date
Ch. 1111 Nov 3, 2018
Ch. 1010 Oct 27, 2018
Ch. 99 Oct 20, 2018
Ch. 88 Oct 13, 2018
Ch. 77 Oct 6, 2018
Ch. 66 Sep 29, 2018
Ch. 55 Sep 22, 2018
Ch. 44 Sep 15, 2018
Ch. 33 Sep 8, 2018
Ch. 22 Sep 1, 2018
Ch. 11 Aug 25, 2018

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