Après The Serpent's Wrath
By Abysscess
Last Post: June 2, 2022

A village was created in the middle of the mysterious forest. For centuries, it was left there unattacked by the evil conquerors the world has. Theon, naive but a trained warrior of this village was told to protect and defend the village and its people.
However, an unexpected phenomenon happened the night they wished to feast. They were attacked by conquerors and warriors were left breathless. Theon was the only one left, they made an escape and ran deeper into the woods only to get separated. Alone, he discovered a monstrous winged creature, shaken until he fainted. But the second he woke up, a man appeared in front of him emitting rage in its vermillion eyes.
Where is that creature? Did it even exist in the first place?
What is behind the wrath in the man's eye? And how did Theon fell so hard for him to question his value as a man?
Let's find out!

You need 15 points to view each paid chapter.