Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Last Post: December 1, 2020

Arnav Singh Raizada the famous business tycoon who was busy building his career without thinking about his personal life until now, meets a girl who easily penetrated his heart without putting efforts.

Dhruv who was related to Arnav in some way became a head-ache to Arnav unfortunately. He was totally opposite to Arnav and NK. Some girls brutally got affected by him. Few girls, even died by his nasty games. NK keeps on warning Arnav about him and Aman was trying hard to keep him under his radar. But he easily escapes from them with the help of Subadhra Raizada....

Why Arnav is bothered about Dhruv?
Why Subadhra is supporting Dhruv blindly?
Who is NK to Dhruv?
Who is that Girl who stole Arnav's heart effortlessly?
How these people are going to connect in the same string?

Chapters Date
Ch. 23Dhruv won't change Dec 1, 2020
Ch. 22Targeting Dhadi Nov 30, 2020
Ch. 21Three Idiots Nov 29, 2020
Ch. 20Reel Bundle Nov 28, 2020
Ch. 19Dhruv's plan Nov 27, 2020
Ch. 18Fire Ball Nov 27, 2020
Ch. 17Cage Bird Nov 25, 2020
Ch. 16Mrs Arrogant Singh Raizada Nov 24, 2020
Ch. 15My Wife Nov 23, 2020
Ch. 14Where is Dhruv? Nov 22, 2020
Ch. 13Shrub is missing Nov 22, 2020
Ch. 12Mehandi Nov 20, 2020
Ch. 11Angry Lioness Nov 19, 2020
Ch. 10That LOOK Nov 18, 2020
Ch. 9Evil Dhruv Nov 17, 2020
Ch. 8Towards the truth Nov 16, 2020
Ch. 7Same Khushi Nov 15, 2020
Ch. 6Dead Line Nov 14, 2020
Ch. 5Who is the Girl? Nov 13, 2020
Ch. 4Pleasant Meet Nov 12, 2020
Ch. 3Who is she? Nov 11, 2020
Ch. 2Blue Cross Girl Nov 11, 2020
Ch. 1Step Brothers Nov 7, 2020