Erotic Escapades
By ML James
Last Post: July 9, 2022

Ever done some naughty sexy stuff in the past? Even if you haven't, you can't help but enjoy this hot and steamy collection of erotic escapades!

โœ“ Susanne thinks her cougar friend can give her no better sextertainment than she's already done, but Amanda proves her wrong. There's some very interesting and naughty stuff lying in wait for her!
โœ“ Naughty Kelly has a birthday party coming up, but she decides to celebrate her birthday in a whole different way. She goes ahead to have a mind-blowing threesome with two hot guys while her mother is at home!
โœ“ Sol is obsessed with the hot MILF. For her, he would do anything. And she goes right ahead to test how much he can do. Sol exceeds her expectations with some incredibly hot and hard sex. But even more surprise awaits her.

All these and more in Erotic Escapades! Grab your copy and live the naughty dream.

You need 1 point to view each paid chapter.