Charity’s Ball
By Daisy Jones
Last Post: August 4, 2016

Channeling moments of utter calm comes with great practice and Charity has mastered the task by default while living alone for the past eight years in a cottage fringed on the outskirts of town. Proctor is a sleepy village filled with predictable characters.

Charity anticipated October’s arrival with strange glee. It was the one time of year the citizens of Proctor woke from their half-life existence and reveled in folly. Last year, Charity dabbled in the sweet mystery of her apple cider, bringing a smile to everyone that imbibed. Anticipation for this year’s batch borders on obsessive.

Chapters Date
Ch. 1515 Sep 10, 2017
Ch. 1414 Jul 15, 2016
Ch. 1313 Jun 23, 2016
Ch. 1212 May 30, 2016
Ch. 11The Transformation May 16, 2016
Ch. 10Revelations (III) May 16, 2016
Ch. 9Revelations (II) May 16, 2016
Ch. 8Revelations Apr 19, 2016
Ch. 7Apples & Oranges Apr 19, 2016
Ch. 6Space & Time Apr 11, 2016
Ch. 5Lasting Impression Apr 11, 2016
Ch. 4New Beginnings Apr 1, 2016
Ch. 3Destiny’s Course Mar 26, 2016
Ch. 2History Lesson Mar 26, 2016
Ch. 1Wake-Up Call Nov 18, 2015

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