Charity’s Ball
By Daisy Jones
Date: May 16, 2016
Ch. 10Revelations (III)

“Yeah, I get that part. Although Mother never admonished Father for his actions, she also didn’t praise or preserve his work either.”

“It’s because of the work, he is gone, my dear child. He used unknown elements that had powerful after affects and repercussions. And I’ll admit some of the benefits were good. In fact, most were great! But Josiah pushed the boundaries beyond his own limits, and truthfully, that’s why he’s gone, and why it broke your mother’s heart; bless her soul.”

Charity had a lot of information to process, but it wasn’t difficult to piece Jesse’s insights together with her own, and come to a logical conclusion about her father’s past.

“Sarah hasn’t struck me dead yet, so I guess it’s okay for me to leave you with this last thought.” Jesse grinned with the same crocked smile that first captured Sarah’s attention a lifetime ago. “Charity, you are a very gifted and wondrous person born from the union of two unique individuals. Your birth was shrouded in miracles and mystery. Nothing unfortunate that has happened up until this very moment really matters now. Look forward to your life, making use of your gifts to their fullest and best potential. You are a product of love and light, and that’s your real legacy.” Jesse spoke the words just as Sarah had coached him to say prior to her death. She knew when Jesse chose a day to speak them, Charity would listen. He never revealed Sarah request, so the vintage speech held strong in her heart.

Charity stood up to embrace her sitting guest and kiss his fleshy cheek with her gentle lips for sharing the inspiring words. He disclosed more information about her past than she ever could have revealed on her own. Although Jesse appeared a bit worn down from the experience, he also exuded a sense of relief.
Charity empathized with his perspective and took a moment to lighten the conversation.

“Are you and Mrs. Brown going to attend the festivities this year?” She looked at him pleadingly.
“Well, as it turns out, I will be in town, so we will both be attending the ball. This will be Mrs. Brown’s first Monster Ball. For a novice monster, she’s really into the whole costume idea, I must say. Or rather, I mustn’t say. I really enjoy the secret costume tradition, and I’ve missed the past few years, so I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“I’m so glad to know you’ll be attending. I’m anxious to meet your new wife. Oh, and make sure you both try the apple cider. I have it on good authority this year’s batch will exceed all expectations.”

“Great, so I’ll see you in about two weeks. Here’s a bit of trivia for you, Charity. You probably didn’t know that your parents were the original founders of the Monster Ball. Back then, hundreds of people traveled from across the county to attend the annual event. The Monster Ball was the highlight of Proctor’s social life. Okay, let’s be honest. It was the one and only annual event in Proctor, like everything else. After you father disappeared, Sarah never attended another Monster Ball, and today the tradition is held together by citizens that don’t want anything in Proctor to change; not even the one thing that causes a change within the town itself.”

“ I didn’t know that they started the tradition. Mom never said a word to me about it. Of course, I don’t ever recall attending one ball before my eighteenth birthday.” Charity nodded her head with visible discord, still astounded that her mother was in such denial of the very life she worked hard to claim. She thanked Jesse again for being candid with his answers, and assured him she’d never reveal the details to another living soul.

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