Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5: This World Is Getting Stranger

“No need to rush into far-fetched things! Who knows, when she gets used to this world, she won't need me anymore! Anyway, I only plan to help you for a while. That's right, I told Aaron Gavin to bring you limited edition clothes, in short, you just need to understand that I bought you a lot of expensive stuff. You can't just wear ancient clothes, you can't wear my clothes!"
Clara Alice nodded happily, continued, then hugged the crazy phone that was naughty. She followed his instructions in this section, groped for the so-called selfie, took a few pictures of herself. She saw her face in the phone as clearly as the real thing, more real than the previous artist who painted her.

"Alo! Assistant Aaron Gavin, do you have any business to call me? The story I told him to buy limited edition suits, varied designs. Have you left it at my house yet?” At this moment, his earphones rang. Bodhi Clark looked at the phone screen, saw that the caller was Aaron Gavin, then pressed the outside button of the headset to answer the phone.
“General, everything you told me to do has been done. I followed his instructions and bought a full range of women's clothes from pajamas to evening dresses. However, there is something I want to tell you!” As Aaron Gavin was speaking, he suddenly faltered a little.
Bodhi Clark has no interest in going curious and finding out. He quickly ordered him "You know I don't like long lines, hurry up!"
On the other end of the line, Aaron Gavin had no choice but to be honest. "Just now, the hospital called me to tell me that Miss Tran was active. Her fingers have already moved a little. It doesn't seem that long before she wakes up!"
"What? Really!" Bodhi Clark sounded like lightning struck his ears. Like a sudden burst of joy. He immediately turned off the engine without thinking much, then turned into the pedestrian village and braked the car.
“Ah!” The car suddenly won again, making Clara Alice also a little startled. Although she was wearing a seat belt, she was still slightly bumped.

"What the hell are you doing?" Clara Alice nagged him.
Bodhi Clark glanced at her innocent face. I don't know if he still knows how to love flowers and jade. He looked at her with cold eyes like a tulla coming out of hell and shouted "Get off the bus!"
Clara Alice heard that there was something he did not understand, how to get off the car? You mean to chase her down?
“You want to chase me? But where can I go now?”Clara Alice pouted her lips and looked at him, starting to make a pitiful appearance.
“I have work to do, you can go wherever you want. Anyway, her story has nothing to do with me. Get off my car!" Bodhi Clark shouted at her loudly.
“Do you have to yell at me like that?”Clara Alice said angrily.
She did not bother to rely on him to be humiliated and bullied like that. She glared at him. "Even if I die in this world, I don't need your pity!"

Bodhi Clark didn't say much, no matter what she said, he didn't care. He leaned over her and unbuckled her seat belt. Then press the button next to the screen to open the side door. Next, he didn't say no, but pushed her out. Clara Alice pleaded with all his words, but in the end, he was still kicked out. Bodhi Clark left Clara Alice alone there. And he continued to drive to the hospital, he had to meet Sophronia. I want if she wakes up, the first person to see should be me. It's not that he absolutely wants to chase Clara Alice. But he couldn't take her with him to visit Sophronia!
Clara Alice stood on the side of the road, watching Bodhi Clark's car run away like that, disappearing more and more out of her sight. His car blended into the busy stream of people, disappearing from her with ease. Only she felt so small in the middle of this place.
She was standing in the village of the forerunners. From here, looking at the neighboring village is like a rabbit lost in the forest. She was really so small, she suddenly felt that she really needed him.
"Bodhi Clark, don't leave me like that, okay? Would you really leave me? Bodhi Clark, answer me, why did you leave me here. I'm really, really scared, you know that?"

She looked at the cars that were constantly passing by, she was really scared in her heart. Bodhi Clark taught her to be careful when going out. If you don't get hit by a car, you can cause an accident, only hurting yourself. She hurriedly ran up to the third row, found an empty seat by the roadside and sat there. She put her head down, clutching her knees and crying. At this time, she misses Jiu Chan very much, but she doesn't know how is the mother? Was she severely punished by her father for her business? There is also her brother, in the palace there are a few younger brothers and sisters. But ge ge is a brother of the same father and mother with Clara Alice. From a young age, they were all very loving. But now, this world is so foreign. So strange that even a relative doesn't have one.

"Girl, why are you here?" Clara Alice suddenly saw someone approaching, and even heard his voice talking. She raised her head to look at him, still bewildered.
“Why did you ask me? Are you talking to me?"
After Clara Alice finished speaking, she quickly looked at his face. She scrutinized his face closely. Could this person be your Avis Bern brother? Maybe Avis Bern also came here?
“Is Big Brother Fei Ye here to let Jing Xi return home? Avis Bern Brother, I miss you so much!" Clara Alice rushed to hug his body because of excitement.
“Hey girl! Did she get the wrong person? I'm not someone named Avis Bern in your mouth!" Carl  Dion came out from the milk tea shop and saw this girl in the middle of the crowd. Unknowingly, he just saw a strange girl, but seeing her face was so delicate that he caught his eye. He has not met beauties, but this girl is really too beautiful to easily attract his attention.

Carl  Dion just wanted to come over and start a few sentences and go back to his previous flirting games. But I don't think this girl just saw him like she was so excited that she hugged him tightly.
"You're not Mo Feiye?" Clara Alice was still happy, when he heard him say it was like a thunderbolt.
She quickly let go of her hand, then took a few steps back and apologized to him, “I'm sorry! It's because I was so excited that I mistook you for someone very important to me!"
It turns out that he is not Avis Bern ge, but why is that person so similar to Avis Bern? They were like two drops of water, clearly one face. But that person is not her Avis Bern brother.
"I'm really sorry!" After saying that, she hugged her sad face and turned to leave.

The world was really foreign to her, she didn't know anything at all. Even Bodhi Clark, he said he would help her. But now she has been abandoned, this world is different, Clara Alice is like an invisible person. Her existence really has no value, no meaning. Then why are you here? She kept walking unconsciously, not knowing where to go, just walking step by step. She looked at the neighboring village, the traffic was moving so fast that Bodhi Clark once said it could kill people if they were not careful when crossing the street. In that case, should she also take advantage of this point and die easily?
Thinking of this, Clara Alice immediately encroached on the village to allow large vehicles to circulate. There seemed to be a car coming towards her. Clara Alice closed her eyes to prepare for the coming death. But when Carl  Dion saw this scene, he rushed to hug Clara Alice.
He hugged her and rushed to the sidewalk, then carefully observed this girl "Girl, are you okay?"

Carl  Dion he identified himself as a playboy. Domestic or international American women seem to meet him without shortage. But this girl, he had just met once, left him with an unforgettable impression! This girl is so beautiful, yet she has a very noble and moving figure. He didn't think he was that easily moved, but at least if he wasn't moved, he was impressed by this girl.
"You don't answer me! A girl like you is thinking of going out there and committing suicide. Girl, isn't your beauty paired with your stupidity?"
Carl  Dion was just now in the cafe in front of the roadside, just glanced at her and wanted to start a conversation. Just seeing her sad sitting there, he wanted to say hello, but did not expect this radiant girl to want to commit suicide. He saw that she was still so confused and thought that she had a concussion due to what happened earlier. Just pick up the phone and call a taxi.
"Girl, where's your home so I can take you home!" Carl  Dion both teased and brought along his plot to flirt with girls.

Clara Alice heard him ask about her home, she became even more sad. Do you have a home? What in this world do you have a home in? She hesitated, shook her head and looked at him with pleading eyes.
"I'm not at home! Can you let me stay at your house?"
Clara Alice really just wanted to be taken by him and give her a place to sleep. But this good word has touched the heart of a flower boy like Carl  Dion. He didn't need to think much and immediately agreed with her.
"Okay! The young master's house always welcomes you." Carl  Dion looked at her intently and smiled brightly.
Clara Alice was like meeting a savior, her mood finally improved a bit. Then the taxi came, she happily followed Carl  Dion to his house. On the way she was still very new to everything. Carl  Dion just thought she was too naive. He never thought that the person in front of him was actually a noble lord.

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