Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 4 Chapter 4: His Girlfriend

Bodhi Clark drove her by car, Clara Alice was able to sit in a car for the first time like a three-year-old child. She asked him every detail, no matter what. Bodhi Clark also had to brood over this curiosity of hers. And she looked out the window, seeing things because it was interesting to ask. Almost because of these surprises of hers, Bodhi Clark caused a traffic accident.
"By the way, you didn't tell me where you were taking me?" Clara Alice suddenly discovered that she had asked him so many questions just now. But he hadn't asked where he was going to take her.
Bodhi Clark gently replied:
"Take her out to dinner."
Bodhi Clark's luxury car stopped in front of the most famous French restaurant in the capital. He found a parking space, then opened the car door for her to get out.Clara Alice looked at such a high place, still sparkling like that, the people inside were also crowded and widened her eyes in surprise. "This place is really high!"
Bodhi Clark smirked and casually said to her. "This place is thirty stories high."

After listening to him, Clara Alice wanted to apparate on the spot! What thirty floors? Look around everywhere there are such tall buildings. To be able to build so many floors, their world is so good. The more she witnessed it with her own eyes, the more she felt that her Prussia was a bit outdated!
“Yes, thirty floors is normal. A hundred-story building still exists! Stop talking, let's go in." After saying that, he quickly went inside
Bodhi Clark often comes to this restaurant to eat. The employees here soon got used to their faces. As soon as he entered, all staff bowed and warmly greeted him. After all, the CEO of such a prestigious corporation is a regular customer of their restaurant. This is such an honor for them.
“Bodhi Clark welcomes you for coming yesterday. No matter how many guests we have, we always leave a vip room for you to come and dine. General Bodhi Clark invites you to follow me.” The manager of this restaurant is a middle-aged man. As soon as he saw Bodhi Clark coming, he quickly ran out from inside to welcome him.

But this Bodhi Clark is nothing to people's enthusiasm. He just nodded once, still using the same cold attitude. It's like a demonic tula coming out of hell. From his body, his ruthlessness, arrogance, and coldness all make others fear.
The other manager quickly led the way, the vip room was on the top floor of this building. He led Bodhi Clark and Clara Alice into the elevator. Wait until the thirteenth floor then take them to a room at the end. This is the room they reserved for Bodhi Clark, this overbearing general.
"The President invites you in, I won't bother you anymore. I hope that general Bodhi Clark will have a delicious meal at our place today.” After he finished speaking, he left, and Bodhi Clark didn't say anything
In the middle of the room is a large round table, Clara Alice looks around, everything is very unique. There were many things on the table that she had never seen before. Bodhi Clark pulled a chair for her to sit. The two of them just sat across from each other. Bodhi Clark then used the walkie-talkie on the table to order food. He chose the best dishes here for her to enjoy. For this girl, he himself did not understand why he was so good to her!
“Are they all reverent to you?”

“Because I have money!” Bodhi Clark only answered such a simple question to make Clara Alice admire.
“That said, you seem to be very rich! God also doesn't seem to mistreat me. Having someone as rich as you take care of me, I won't have to worry about it in this world in the future!" Clara Alice said happily.
But when Bodhi Clark listened to her words, it was like a lightning strike. Since when did he say let her follow him from now on? He also has
Sophronia, when Sophronia wakes up, he won't keep Clara Alice here anymore.
“I'm just keeping you here until she wakes up. After that, you can go wherever you want, don't concern yourself with me" Bodhi Clark said coldly.
Clara Alice was a little sad and a little depressed. She didn't understand why in this world she trusted him so much. Like he was her everything, her dependence in this world. For a moment, he really didn't want to escape his protective embrace.
She mumbled under her breath, “Who is she in his mouth?”
Bodhi Clark's words were all heard, then he stared at her and then spoke
“Be my girlfriend, the one I love!”

"Oh!" Clara Alice was a little surprised. Then he collected his thoughts and kept them in his heart. She returned to her normal appearance, not paying much attention to his words. But really, listen to him talk about that girl. Out of nowhere, she felt uncomfortable again. She also didn't understand why, she seemed so close to the person she just met last night.
Then she stopped talking, he also kept quiet. The atmosphere in the room became quieter than at first. At this time, the restaurant's waiter brings the food to the table. Clara Alice has just returned to her pastel appearance.
“The food here looks amazing! I had eaten in the past in Prussia, where I had eaten in the mountains. This is my first time seeing these.”
Bodhi Clark nodded once. "Yes, if it tastes good, eat a lot. My money is a lot!”
“Hey, don't think that if you have a lot of money, you can talk about it all the time. If this were in Prussia, you wouldn't be at peace with me." She looked at him and smiled, looking like a child given candy.
In fact, in the past, being a county lord always had to be within the framework of the rules. Even in front of the father must be polite. In front of the dentist must be serious. Only when she was with her mother, she knew what it was like to be happy and at ease. Now facing him, she feels that feeling again!

Bodhi Clark glanced at her. This girl is also interesting, how many people dream of his money. Yet in her mouth, he was like a boaster. Bodhi Clark saw her just staring without touching the items on the table. He also seemed to understand the problem. The dishes he ordered were all western dishes, of course she wouldn't know how to eat them.
“Let me teach you to eat steak.” After he finished, he taught her how to eat. Bodhi Clark showed her how to hold the plate, and how she cut the meat.
Clara Alice carefully followed, finally had a delicious piece of meat in her mouth "Awesome! It's really delicious, Bodhi Clark in your world also has such delicious food. From now on, you'll have to take me out to eat often!"
"Okay!" He responded to her request gently. Seeing how she ate so well, he didn't think it was the princess. It seems that this girl from the past is really attracted to the things of the 21st century.
When they left this restaurant, Bodhi Clark also took Clara Alice to a fashion store, and then to a place to buy a phone. Everywhere she went, her eyes seemed to light up. If it wasn't for Bodhi Clark to accompany her to restrain her curiosity and surprise. Maybe she was too surprised to become a madman!
“Hey, are you saying this is for communicating with other people?”

Clara Alice sat in his car, quickly took the item that he bought earlier to look at it.
Bodhi Clark did not answer her immediately, but found a parking spot on the side of the road. He turned to the passenger seat and took the phone in her hand. Not saying no, he immediately entered his number in the contact list. Moreover, it is also saved as "The owner of the total wealth".
Clara Alice looked at the name on the screen and didn't understand why? Then, before he could ask, he explained it to her.
“This is called a phonebook, a phone number is so long we won't remember it. So it is possible to save that person's name in the phonebook. If you want to contact them later, you don't need to remember the number anymore. Just click here, click on the contact list and you can call.”
Clara Alice also vaguely understood that there was a place to understand that there was no place. But she still nodded happily, then began to obediently continue to listen to him as her son teaching her. There were places for her that were odd at times, but also very interesting. Turns out this so-called phone can also take pictures!

"Take a picture! When in Prussia, if you want to draw a lifelike picture, you have to let a painter with many years of experience paint it. But I didn't expect that you guys just need such a small item to get such a realistic image! Wow I'm liking your place more and more every day. Even though I'm a bit homesick, I'm still thinking. Should I be your servant for the rest of my life? Haha, Bodhi Clark or I'll follow you in this life.
Bodhi Clark heard her speak but couldn't help but smile. Last night, I kept scolding him, but today I volunteered to be his servant for the rest of my life! Although he didn't want to admit it, he had to say it. Although he has only been in contact with Clara Alice for a short time, being with her has a very special feeling. Is this girl coming for the first time, so everything is bewildered. That's why he felt that she was stupid and wanted to protect her! Suddenly he wished again, hoping that she would be like that in the future. Anyway, in this world, the power of money and temptation is also great, can this stupid girl be able to laugh forever?

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