Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 33Chapter 33: Tell Me About Avis Bern

When Clara Alice came to this point, she suddenly burst out laughing, she had at least had such a beautiful love before. Even though time has passed now, at least every time she thinks about her heart, she can still smile happily.

“Really moving. Clara Alice, if you dare to leave me, even if the horizon is broken, I will pull you there. Fortunately this is the 21st century, that Avis Bern at least is not here so pardon me. Just don't think about him in the future." Bodhi Clark was both jealous and sulky and advised her.

Clara Alice suddenly felt lucky for Avis Bern, fortunately he was in the ancient world or else she wouldn't have been able to avoid Bodhi Clark's sharp jealousy. The sunset is very beautiful this afternoon, at this moment she is in Bodhi Clark's lap and quietly watching the sunset. Regardless of how she had loved Avis Bern before. But at this moment, she is really happy with Bodhi Clark. Avis Bern, I have to apologize to you again, at first I thought I would find a way to go back in time. I have thought of countless scenes of seeing you again, but now maybe I don't want to go back anymore.

“Do you know what Avis Bern looks like?” She unintentionally opened her mouth, then without waiting for him to answer, she told him that Avis Bern and Carl Dion had the same face.

“Is there really such a strange thing in this world? Can two people in two different century spaces still have the same appearance?” Bodhi Clark asked a bit hard to believe.

Clara Alice also nodded, it was hard to believe when she first met Carl Dion. But that's the truth, it's almost unbelievable. But at this moment, Clara Alice suddenly remembered her order and asked him. "My husband, where did you hide that post of mine?"
As for how the card could help her return to the Prussia, she wouldn't tell him. Because now she still wants to be with him, but she is afraid that in the future, if he treats her badly, she is afraid. That part of the comatose Sophronia she still hadn't dared to ask him. After that, he and she really couldn't continue to be together. Only then did she use the card command to pass the time and not return.

“When I get home, I will give it to you. But don't leave me, otherwise I will not only bring you back next time, but also torture you to death."

"Of course, now that I'm with you, it's not because of the card. I also don't understand that before I loved Avis Bern so much, in this world I met someone exactly like him. I should have loved Carl Dion. After all, why do you love me? Haha, is it the first time I've come here through the air to meet you, so God intended that I would love you?
Her days at that ancient palace passed so smoothly, she decided to give it a name, Electric Memoirs. Because every time she comes to this place, she can recall her past memories. She has a father, a mother, and a brother. This full moon is neither too noisy nor too busy for her, but it gives her a warm feeling because every afternoon she can watch the sunset with Bodhi Clark, this feeling is peaceful and happy. that she always expected.

With the nature of Bodhi Clark's work, he also had to go to Legacy Corporation to solve a lot of things, so after a week, she and he both had to return to the other villa. But this morning he went to the company very early, only she was bored at home. Her phone kept ringing, the caller was Carl Dion. She still didn't know how to face him, hesitated for a long time before daring to answer the phone.
"Hello Carl Dion, I'm Clara Alice."
On the other end of the line was still Carl Dion's familiar voice, but it was no longer gentle to her, instead it was a very quiet voice. “Clara Alice how are you these days? How are you and Bodhi Clark?"

Clara Alice said in a very proud voice. “You and him are of course very good, we have already registered our marriage.”

Clara Alice knew it would hurt him to say that, but she had to. Because he now wants to be just good friends between her and Carl Dion, and doesn't want to have anything to do with male and female feelings anymore.

"Of course I know that you are married, how can you not know about the news about the two of you in the press? Did Clara Alice fail yourself? If Bodhi Clark forced me to follow him, I could still take you back. After all, I'm honestly happy to be with him, so is there still hope for you?" His voice was filled with boredom, but her heart was also bitter. She had never said she did the right thing before, because she herself knew she was wrong. But her love is in Bodhi Clark, what's wrong with once?

Clara Alice only knew how to be silent, it was difficult to put into words. “I… Mr. Carl Dion, I'm really sorry. Can we meet for a bit?

On the other side, Carl Dion heard her say that she wanted to meet him and happily agreed. But he didn't think at all, in Clara Alice's heart, that she wanted to meet him just to ease the burden between them and be able to be friends comfortably. That's why she wanted to meet him, the only problem was that the wedding ring he had proposed to her before. Some things are still better to return. Clara Alice quickly went up to her room, took the ring and put it in the box.
"Clara Alice, where are you going, do you need to talk to the boss?"

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