Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 31Chapter 31: Answering All My Questions

In the afternoon Clara Alice dragged Bodhi Clark to the garden, he had prepared a lot of ancient clothes for her in this palace. So whenever she was here she could wear them. But Clara Alice chose a light blue outfit embroidered with vivid phalaenopsis motifs, still holding a plate in her hand, then simply flipped her hair up and then chose a white jade brooch to put it on. Only very simple clothes, but the character of a princess seems to be indelible on her body. The ancients have a saying that the personality of a beauty, who has both a face and a personality and demeanor better than people, is to describe Clara Alice when she wears her clothes at this moment.

But Bodhi Clark behind the scenes is beautiful and charming, seeing the beautiful woman coming out of the picture can't help but smile. Normally, Clara Alice was very beautiful, but now she is more beautiful than ever. In the past he loved Sophronia because of her simple kindness, the girls later stayed by his side. For him, he was never enamored with their beauty, because really those people were too ordinary for him. But now he also has to admit that Clara Alice is a fairy who came to earth, gentle but pure, very easy to touch people's hearts.

"Does he look at me like that, is the beauty of the imperial concubine to fall in love with him?" Clara Alice said softly, but changed her address as in ancient times to speak to him.

“The beauty of Clara Alice, the princess, is captivating, and even Bodhi Clark is no exception. Only in the future can only wear collars in front of me.”

"Are you afraid that other people who think I'm too beautiful will steal you away?"

Bodhi Clark heard her say that, then hugged her waist, then leaned close to her ear and said. “Of course I'm scared, I still have that strong opponent Carl Dion.”
Clara Alice heard him mention Carl Dion and changed her attitude, both a little shy and afraid that he would be angry and took the initiative to steal the word. “What do you mean by him? Aren't you married to me?"

Bodhi Clark, of course, was still not satisfied, he said. “Now give me two options. One is to answer all of your questions, the other is to immediately…”

Clara Alice smiled a little, hearing his voice full of cunning tricks. Thinking of last night and this morning, she shivered a little. So he quickly agreed to answer all of his questions.
Bodhi Clark snorted, then extremely pleased and asked her a question. “The engagement ring that Carl Dion proposed to me that day. Before, where did you show off your pride in front of me huh?"
Clara Alice heard someone's slightly jealous voice. "I took it off, and it's our wedding rings instead."

She finished talking and raised the hand that was wearing the wedding ring, Bodhi Clark was now less jealous. But he is still not satisfied. "That's not enough, I want you to bring that ring away."

"It's such a shame, I can't bear it. Anyway, keep it as a souvenir. Besides, he and his grandmother have helped me a lot in the past two years. If I take that ring away now, I won't be happy in my heart."

"Okay, if you want to keep it that's simple, give me a kiss."

Clara Alice reluctantly smiled bitterly, then still had to kiss him. Despite the fact that she was forced, this coercion also made her very happy. Clara Alice also thought that Bodhi Clark would forgive her, but did not expect this man to ask her many questions today.

"Who did you fall in love with in the Prussia before, Clara Alice, absolutely don't hide it from me or I'll do a hundred rounds with you." The hero eloquently declared.

But she wouldn't give up easily, would she? “Even if I lie, how do you know? Bodhi Clark about how you lied to me in ancient times, how will I investigate?"

"Can you try not telling the truth?"
"Okay, I'll be honest, okay? When I was in Prussia, I liked a guy. I remember at that time in the garden at Victoria Palace once, because I wanted to pick up a handkerchief that had fallen, I almost fell into the lake. Fortunately, he and his father were going to Victoria Palace to see my father at the time. When Avis Bern saw this, he used his airship to fly to hug her. Can it be seen as a life-saving grace? At that time, my heart suddenly pounded, seemingly paying attention to Avis Bern. After that, a county lord like me often left the palace and ran to his brother's residence. It was so much fun to see him practice swordsmanship and laugh together."

Bodhi Clark heard this and was a little unhappy, seeing that she seemed to stop, he ordered her to continue. “Why did you stop talking? Isn't the love of your princess Clara Alice and your Avis Bern very touching?"

"What if you say it like it makes me jealous?"

"But if you don't tell me, I won't leave you alone."

Clara Alice is like a rabbit raising its hands in front of an aggressive wolf. She had to think about the time in Prussia, with Avis Bern but couldn't help but nostalgia. Avis Bern can be considered as her unforgettable first love, forever a part of the best memory in her heart. “Avis Bern is a very cold person but still cares about me very much, it's only a pity that his father's family background is only concerned with products. And my father is at least a royal, who always wanted me to enter the palace, so he was very against the feelings of me and Avis Bern. As for Avis Bern with his father's pressure, he didn't want me to quarrel. That's why I never accepted love for you. But I can feel him in my heart. I remember every time I go to the dead-end day, I drop the lanterns to pray, pray that I and Avis Bern can be together. Unfortunately, no matter what, he refused to admit that he loved me! So the day she was ordained from the county lord to a princess, she married off to Thac Bac, the most powerful tribe in the steppe. That day he still refused to admit his feelings. What he said was that he didn't dare to forget me for ten years, but he didn't even admit it... Bodhi Clark I don't know, Avis Bern is like a first love to you. It's just a one-sided love that can't be put into words. My feeling at that time had to leave the Prussia to marry to a far away place, and to leave the person I love. It felt like the whole sky was falling apart. I think if it weren't for the passing of time to come here. Did I kill myself on the way to get along?”

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