Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 30Chapter 30: I'm Not Happy Because Of You, It's Also For You I'm Happy ( 2 )

But Bodhi Clark spoke with full confidence. "What's the point of having a lot of money? Of course, hire many bodyguards to take turns guarding this place. That's all I see, but around here are your bodyguards."

"Even when we're not here, do you still hire bodyguards?"
He nodded very casually. “Of course, money is still a problem for a tycoon like you.”

Clara Alice suddenly looked at him with admiration, such an outstanding young man would have become a national concern if he was still in the Prussia. When she was in the Prussia, she always felt that Avis Bern was outstanding, from her appearance to that brazen indifference that made her bring a sincere heart to one person. But now the person standing next to her is more outstanding than anyone, is it in the 21st century that she is used to it. I no longer feel like a noble princess, now like an ordinary girl who adores him.

They walked inside the palace together, it really felt like she was in Prussia. Although it is not exactly the same, in this day and age, being able to stand in front of such a palace is still one's possession. In her heart, a feeling of revulsion welled up. That year, because of an unknown incident, she traveled here through space, and it has been more than two years.
“Father and mother Clara Alice misses you very much. Hic hic filial Clara Alice could not stay at the filial Victoria palace. Brother Clara Alice also misses you very much, being an unfilial sister has to ask you to take good care of her mother.” Clara Alice could not contain her emotions. She sat down on the ground then hugged her face and cried. She left unknown whereabouts for so long, her mother can not stand this attack. The human body is inherently weak, if it is already stimulated, will it be okay?

Bodhi Clark saw her crying so painfully, so he sat down next to her, then hugged her and reassured her. “Clara Alice, don't cry like that, I brought you here to give you joy, not to hurt you. Listen well, it's enough to cry at home. You should remember we haven't even spent that wedding night."

Clara Alice was inherently very heartbroken, but when she heard him say it, she sulked a little and showed her lips. "You only know how to make fun of me."

Clara Alice tried to control herself, then obediently accompanied Bodhi Clark to visit this place. This place is also very well built, including a study room, and a room. Behind there is also a small garden, including peach blossoms and a small lake. The scenery is really poetic, making her feel like she's about to return home.

Clara Alice from the garden to the room was also a little surprised, here from the bed to the bronze mirror, to the screen are very similar. She had seen a few historical dramas, this was the first time she felt so real.
“Mo, thank you so much, thank you for appearing in this world.” She said softly. But Bodhi Clark didn't respond, just kissed her forehead sweetly.
"Must thank you for coming here from Prussia, this place can't compare to Victoria's palace, I hope the princess won't mind."

“Can I still criticize? In this world I can already have such a palace.”

"In the future, don't just call me Bodhi Clark anymore, you should call me husband and I will be happier."
Clara Alice somewhat frowned, this person has been made by the country. But to please him, she was still willing to call a husband. Bodhi Clark heard it from her own mouth and was very happy, so she handed over the happy outfit. It turned out that he had quietly prepared to serve the bridegroom and the bride. Clara Alice was temporarily so touched that she did not know how to thank him. This person usually bullies and teases her, but now I feel that he is still such a caring man. As such, this wedding night she and he should also wear a wedding dress once.

Clara Alice forced him to change clothes with her, and then had to take a picture as a souvenir. But whatever happens will come, Bodhi Clark agreed with her to just wait until the wedding night. So she also has no way to go back, tonight can only let him handle it. Previously, she was the princess of pure jade, so her skin was white and smooth. Bodhi Clark had just pulled down her outer dress, but couldn't stand it and pushed her on the bed, his technique seemed to be very skillful. At first, it was a hot kiss, then from top to bottom, he ate her cleanly. During the whole process, it was just Clara Alice's pleas and pleas.

The next day, when she woke up, her head was just a mess, looking at the clothes on her body without a piece, she could only cry out to heaven. But when she looked at Bodhi Clark, she seemed to have some consolation. The more she looked at her, the more she seemed to have to compliment him on his handsome appearance, which in modern words is called marshal. She used her hand to draw a circle on his face, inadvertently treating the face of the emperor as a toy and teasing. But the person she teased was both angry and angry, and he looked at her like a victim.

"Clara Alice since when did you know how to tease people, your guts are big." After he finished speaking, he pressed her to do another round. Clara Alice could only lament her own fate, she would not dare to tease him like that in the future. It's just too late to regret it.

One round went by and another round, it took until three rounds for him to let her go. Clara Alice could only get up and brush her teeth with this aching body. As Bodhi Clark said, in the next week, she will be here with her as a honeymoon, so today she is in a very happy mood at this palace. Even at breakfast she was surprised, there were only the two of them in the palace, but the food was very similar to ancient dishes. It turned out that he had ordered from his own chef's restaurant to make these dishes, which would be delivered to the palace in the morning. Clara Alice admired his thoughtfulness more and more.

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