Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3: Hugging Her Into His Heart

Sure enough, as soon as the other end of the line received his call, he immediately picked up the phone: "It's late at night and you still call me so urgently, is there something wrong?"
“Cancel all my appointments and schedules for the next three days. I have my own business!” Bodhi Clark finished his sentence and turned off the phone midway.
On the other side, assistant Aaron Gavin had just finished listening as if he was about to hit the ear. His total talent for the past few years has been putting work first. Now that I think about it, I think for three days, he's really bewildered.
And Clara Alice was still bewildered for a moment, then stammered. "Are you talking to someone else?"
She tilted her head slightly, looking at him suspiciously and confusedly. Now, is it really that simple to pass the message to others?

“This is called that phone, it can help you look up all the information. It can also be used to contact any other person by phone number. As long as you know the number, you can contact them at any time.”
"Really? If that's the case, then that's great, it's really good in your world, everything is available." Clara Alice was happy but in her heart was a little homesick. This place, no matter how good, is not her home.
Bodhi Clark coughed for a few hours and then looked at her with strange eyes. I don't know what he thought, but then he left without saying no. Clara Alice watched him leave without saying a word, directly lying on the big bed and slept soundly.

Just sad for Bodhi Clark , suddenly a strange girl appeared in his house. He's also an ancient space traveler that makes him unwilling to let her go. I also don't understand why he is a little reluctant. Afraid that she doesn't know anything about this world, going outside will be dangerous. But in his heart, he felt sorry for Sophronia. She is the girlfriend he loves. It was because of him that she was harmed by his cruel stepmother like this.
He stood in front of Clara Alice's room and hesitated. He told himself to let her adjust for a while then let her go. He thought that if Sophronia, who was in a coma, knew that he kept Clara Alice, she would definitely not be happy. Sophronia is the girl next to him since he was empty-handed. But fate teased, he got today, he couldn't let her enjoy happiness with him. Bodhi Clark clenched his fist tightly, Melanie Brenna who killed his Sophronia fell into a coma. She's about to pay the price...

The next morning, while Clara Alice was still lying in bed, she was woken up by Bodhi Clark.
“Girl from ancient times, you know it's too late now? If you don't wake up, I won't take you out for a walk today."
Clara Alice was still dreaming in her sleep, but when she heard him, she opened her eyes wide and round. She really wanted to know what the outside world would be like! Thinking like that, she opened the blanket and quickly got up. "Are you telling the truth! I really want to know what the world is like out there!”

Bodhi Clark coughed for a few hours, then looked at her body from top to bottom. This girl is only wearing a thin bib. Looking through, you can also see her breasts. Bodhi Clark was temporarily tempted by beauty.
“You pervert! Why are you looking at me with those eyes?" Clara Alice looked at his eyes and reacted harshly.

Bodhi Clark shook his head and then jokingly said, "Who told you to dress so thinly! Hey girl you know what, the only similarity in this world to your reign is... It's that all men have a special interest in sexy women!"
Clara Alice listened to me and blushed. The street girl who is the county lord was teased like this by this guy. Before, for Avis Bern, she still kept a secret ceremony. How could he let him look at her with those eager eyes now?
Clara Alice really wanted to slap him. But thinking about my current situation, it seems that I just can't resist: "Of course, I have to take off my clothes like that before going to sleep. Who told you to come in here? I haven't put on my clothes yet."

Bodhi Clark didn't talk much to her, he hurriedly urged her to get up. Then teach her how to brush her teeth, and let her take a shower. He even prepared one of his shirts for her. Anyway, his house doesn't have women's clothes. He sat on the bed and waited for a while. At this moment, looking at Clara Alice coming out of the bathroom made him really want to have a hot temper. This girl has white skin, and her skin looks so smooth. And she just finished bathing, her whole body was wet, making people even more excited. But he told himself he couldn't have this thought with her. Anyway, over the years, he still went back and forth with other women. But he had promised not to do that to the women in this house. Because to him, this is his and Sophronia's home.
“Why are you looking at me like that? Is something wrong with me?" Clara Alice looked at her body, it was he who taught her to wear such clothes.
Bodhi Clark didn't say much, so she went down to the parking lot. But just walked down the stairs a few steps. Because Clara Alice was in a hurry to chase him, he slipped and fell. Bodhi Clark heard her cry and turned around. He quickly picked her up and hugged Clara Alice in his arms.

"You OK?" He asked in a low voice.
Just now, Clara Alice was almost scared. She thought that if she fell down now, she would get hurt. Fortunately, he caught up, she was shy in the arms of Bodhi Clark. Soon after, he left his body. She pursed her lips and said shyly.
“Your Highness… no, I'm fine?” Clara Alice almost forgot that he told her in this world not to call herself a princess. Otherwise people would call her crazy, put her in a mental institution or something, a place for crazy people to live.
Bodhi Clark didn't know if this girl was intentional or accidental just now. Looking at her shyly now, he was even more interested in this ancient princess!
"Let's go!" After saying that, he quickly led her out of the house.

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