Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 29Chapter 29: I'm Not Happy Because Of You, It's Also For You I'm Happy

These days her life seems to be very happy, except that Bodhi Clark often teases her, other things he treats her very well. That night, Clara Alice and Lus's mother went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for him, her mood was as good as waiting for her husband to return. Indeed, today they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register their marriage. Now she is officially Bodhi Clark's real wife.

"Madam, you're in a good mood today, and you still make so many delicious dishes yourself, the boss will definitely be happy when he returns." After a few days of living together, Lus's mother always felt that Clara Alice was a good girl, always polite to someone like her.

“Mama Lus is polite to me again, I told you not to call me madam. Mama Lus keeps calling me Clara Alice. Besides, today is my first day with him getting married, so I'm really happy. Actually, from the first time I saw him, I hated that arrogant personality a bit. But I don't deny one thing, maybe I'm attracted to you."
Speaking of which, she also had to admit to herself that it seemed that in her heart from the first time she met him, she really saw him as something very special. For the past two years, for some reason, every time she thought of him, she would laugh, she thought she didn't love him, thought she still loved Avis Bern. Until now, she was able to determine that she and Avis Bern were that life-saving grace, then embraced a bit of affection. As for her and Carl Dion, it's love, that he came to her when she was very lost and foreign to this world, that he tolerated her so that she could feel the warmth of a family at Carl Dion's house. . But Bodhi Clark is the one she really loves, because of him she's sad and because of him, she laughs.

"So it turns out that you liked me first." Bodhi Clark didn't know when, after being behind her for more than half, she could still hear what she just said. Clara Alice was momentarily embarrassed and just wanted to look at Lus's mother, but Liu's mother did not defend her, on the contrary, she returned to her room. Leave this sweet kitchen to her and him.

“I'm really bad at eavesdropping, I'm just saying I have a special feeling of being attracted to you. Who said they liked you?" Clara Alice said sulkingly.
But at this time, Bodhi Clark just took off her vet coat, walked over to her side and hugged her waist, her voice also became very sweet. "I didn't sneak home on the main road, so why didn't you detect me? Is thinking about you so happy that you forget about heaven and earth and don't think about everything around you?"

Clara Alice purposely avoided his gaze, but finally nodded in acknowledgement. "That guy keeps teasing me, hurry up and eat, I cooked a lot of delicious dishes today."

She deliberately pointed at the table of food that she cooked by herself, waited for the two of them to sit at the table, she took the initiative to pick up his food for him, then couldn't help but exclaim. “I didn't think our relationship would develop so quickly either, didn't I admit in front of you a while ago that I was Lady Carl Dion. But now I'm Bodhi Clark's wife again."

Bodhi Clark just ate but still listened attentively to her talk, liked to joke with her. "That's why I say I'm peachy."

When Clara Alice heard him say that, she wanted to jump up, and refused to admit it. "He's a flower digger, so he's the one, aren't there a lot of girls next to him."

"That was all in the past, but now that you have a wife, you still want someone else."
Their conversation became more and more warm, it turned out that as long as there was an opponent in their hearts, they would be willing to volunteer to be by that person's side, for that person to laugh. She understood then that the two years with Carl Dion meant that she only saw him as a brother. But she really felt sorry for him, from the night that Bodhi Clark pulled her hand in the middle of a crowd of people, she knew she had made this family lose their clothes, and she no longer had the face to see him. Although Carl Dion was calling her all the time these days, she did not dare to answer the phone. It's not that she hates him, but she is really embarrassed that she doesn't dare to answer the phone. Maybe it was all her fault…

Clara Alice in the evening wanted to sit and watch TV for a bit, but unexpectedly, Bodhi Clark said that she wanted to take her to a place. She quickly prepared to follow him, on the way she always asked him where they were going. But he did not reveal a single sentence, making her only bring a sense of suspense. Wait until the car stopped, in front of her was completely amazed.

“Bodhi Clark where is this place?” She was a bit taken aback at the scene in front of her, wasn't this an ancient palace.
“Actually, from the first time I met a space traveler like you, I had the idea to build this place as a gift for you. But now it's not just a gift, it's our wedding night as well as our honeymoon. Tonight and during a honeymoon will also take place here.” After he finished speaking, he gave her a gentle smile, then helped her remove the safety lock and carried her out of the car.

This place is an empty suburb, so he chose it to build this palace. Moreover, in order to avoid having free people find it strange to disturb, around here, he hired bodyguards to take turns guarding, absolutely not letting anyone destroy this memorial palace.

"Aren't you afraid that someone will steal your car here arbitrarily?" She was very happy when he led her hand in her lap, then noticed his supercar and randomly asked a question.

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