Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 28Chapter 28: One Shot, Two Purposes ( 3)

Carl Dion was excitedly declaring to everyone, but before he could finish his sentence, a voice stopped him. And the only person who can interrupt Carl Dion's words is only Bodhi Clark. Even Clara Alice didn't know what he meant, this was the anniversary of Elise Corporation and he wanted to interrupt other people's words. This man really has no reason.

"Bodhi Clark general if there's anything we can discuss later, but right now I have something very important to announce to everyone here, and to the world." Carl Dion said to him smugly, in a moment the whole world would know that Clara Alice was his. Bodhi Clark can only give up.
Bodhi Clark soon knew Carl Dion's mind, but he still glanced at Clara Alice, this stupid girl suddenly agreed with people, and wanted to announce this day to everyone. But he had a good look at her, and he wouldn't let anyone else take it away like that.
“It's too embarrassing if you want to talk about something about Elise Corporation, just say it quickly. Although we are close friends, my wife he also adopted as a sister. But letting her stand next to him like that would be misunderstood by everyone. By the way, I also want to tell everyone, Clara Alice, she is the wife of my Bodhi Clark, the wife of the Emperor Corporation."

As soon as this sentence of Bodhi Clark sounded, many people around had to whisper and discuss. They now pay more attention to this girl named Clara Alice.

“Wao that's not it, but that girl who is the wife of Consul Bodhi Clark is the sworn sister of Consul Carl Dion. This blessing is really too big.”

“It seems that the relationship between General Manager Carl Dion and General Manager Bodhi Clark is very good, not as bad as rumored. Look, the luckiest girl tonight isn't that one named Clara Alice?"

Countless words were whispering and gossiping, but the more Carl Dion heard, the darker it became. He looked again at Bodhi Clark who was smugly criticizing. "Bodhi Clark, don't talk so indiscriminately, okay? Clara Alice was originally…”

"Of course it's my wife." Bodhi Clark said coldly.

But Clara Alice who was standing beside Carl Dion also sensed his anger. She just stood up and spoke. “People don't get me wrong and Bodhi Clark the general manager is just...”
"Clara Alice don't be shy now that everyone knows you're mine, there's no denying it." Bodhi Clark didn't pay attention to the people around, but directly pulled Clara Alice's hand from Carl Dion's hand and then pulled her away.

At this time, Carl Dion's grandmother, Elfleda, couldn't stand this, and shouted angrily. “Bodhi Clark, what are you doing at the Elise corporate ceremony? What do you want to do Clara Alice… Clara Alice is the daughter-in-law of the Dion family, my granddaughter-in-law. You don't have to make things up to take her away today."

After Elfleda said that, everyone couldn't help but wonder, is Clara Alice really Bodhi Clark's wife or Carl Dion? It seems that the two arrogant generals in the marketplace have a crush on the same girl. The people here are constantly talking, and there are journalists who are constantly taking pictures to record the news. After all, a celebration has now turned into a love affair, is this called magnanimous love?

"You quickly let go of me, Bodhi Clark." Clara Alice frowned and wanted him to let go of her hand, but he not only didn't let go, but held on tighter, his cold eyes seemed to say he wouldn't let go of her hand.
Although Carl Dion and Elfleda were both angry, there was no other way than Bodhi Clark. Now there are so many people, it's not good to make a big deal. So, under Elfleda's persuasion, Carl Dion had to keep quiet about this, watching Bodhi Clark take Clara Alice away. After that, he still had to fight back and continue this ceremony. But in his heart an anger, an indignation welled up again.

But after being dragged out of the hotel by Bodhi Clark, Clara Alice was dragged into the car by him. This time there was no Aaron Gavin, but he directly drove the car, and she sat in the passenger seat next to him. But her anger just broke out, she seriously asked him.
“Bodhi Clark can't you just leave me alone? Why are you always giving me trouble? Tell me, I'll see how Carl Dion and his grandmother look in the future."

Bodhi Clark seemed to ignore her words, even stepping on the gas faster for a moment before coldly throwing a sentence at her. “After this, I was not called Grandma nor was I called Carl Dion. I have declared you to be Lady Bodhi Clark, then you are my Bodhi Clark's wife."
"You're being unreasonable, aren't there a lot of women beside you?" She was a little disappointed.

But in return hear the sweetness of Bodhi Clark. “But you are the most special.”

A sentence with just a few words broke her heart, do you really consider her so special? She forced her mouth to speak to him again.
“You're probably the first person I met in this world so no matter how nice Mr. Carl Dion treats me. There is something in my heart that is still you."

Finally, the things that can't be said, can only be hidden in her heart, can be said, her heart is so relieved. It turns out that he really admits his feelings in front of the person he likes, in such joy and relief in his heart. As long as he still wants her by his side, she will not let go this time, because he is really the one she loves. If in the past she loved Avis Bern because he once saved her life, this time she really came from the heart to Bodhi Clark. If so, she will vow to be Bodhi Clark's wife, then move to his house to live in later. She can start a new life, it turns out that her life since meeting him has become heavy. But it's also because he can be truly happy...

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