Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 11, 2022
Ch. 27Chapter 27: One Shot, Two Purposes ( 2 )

“Mr. Carl Dion before he fell into a coma, you clearly saw that Bodhi Clark was also there with me. So he… how is he now.” Compared to Carl Dion, the person Melanie Brenna hated more was Bodhi Clark, she was both worried and impatient for him. Would Melanie Brenna do anything to him?

Carl Dion saw that Clara Alice had just opened her eyes and asked Bodhi Clark, his voice was somewhat annoyed. "Clara Alice, did you just wake up and ask him about it?"

"What?" Clara Alice was a bit bewildered, it took a while to understand his coldness. She immediately explained. “No, Carl Dion, how can I care more about Bodhi Clark than you? It's just because… it's because didn't you see me here. That's why I asked him how he was, is it because of me..."
Clara Alice had not finished her sentence when Carl Dion interrupted. "He's still alive, don't worry Bodhi Clark won't die so easily."

Clara Alice heard him say that and nodded once, breathing a sigh of relief. Bodhi Clark was okay, she suddenly felt comforted and a little happier in her heart. But at this moment, she suddenly observed Carl Dion's expression, seeing that his expression was so uncomfortable, she took the initiative to apologize to him. “Brother Carl Dion, are you hurt anywhere? It's because I'm careless on the road and I'm not careful, causing me to be kidnapped, and also implicating everyone because of me. But I just feel guilty like him, but it's not good to have such a bad thing because he saved me. That's why I just asked a little bit, you absolutely don't misunderstand, okay?"

"Okay, I know you don't need to say it anymore. He didn't have any serious injuries, just scratches on the skin. Clara Alice you've been hit by Melanie Brenna's knives, you're the one who should rest. I went back to my room before.” Carl Dion, after hearing her words, immediately left with an unhappy attitude, and he did not want Clara Alice, who had just been injured, to see his gloomy face again. So he lowered his voice to reassure her.
Originally he was going to leave but suddenly wanted to ask her. “Clara Alice do you know what you said just now in your coma?”

Clara Alice was a bit surprised and didn't understand why Carl Dion said that, so she shyly answered. "What did you say in the end?"

“I called that person by name.”

Clara Alice heard him say that and quickly replied. "I'm your fiancé, if you don't call my name, whose name will you call?"

Carl Dion was a little disappointed hearing her say that, but still spoke slowly. "Whatever you say, you go first." After he finished speaking, he quickly opened the door to leave her room, but he was not comfortable in his heart. It would have been nice if Clara Alice had actually called his name.

But when Clara Alice saw that his attitude was so strange, she couldn't help but shiver, maybe she was wrong. When she was in a coma, wasn't Carl Dion's name but Bodhi Clark? Clara Alice wondered to herself why would even her coma call his name? What happened to her in the end, did she really like such an obnoxious person like him?
The next morning, when Grandma heard that Clara Alice was injured, she came to visit her, still very concerned about her. Sometimes she really feels like Carl Dion's family is her home, having a grandmother who loves her like a mother. It's only a pity that her feelings for Carl Dion… Come to think of it, Clara Alice is a bit scared. No, she must learn to control her emotions. The one she should love is Carl Dion, not that cruel Bodhi Clark.

Because of her injury, Carl Dion was afraid that she would not be able to attend the party, so she postponed the celebration of Elise Corporation to a week later. Clara Alice is also very supportive of this, she really needs time to recuperate. But she didn't think he would because she postponed such a large lawsuit, Clara Alice did not have the heart to leave him. He held her tight, she also held her heart to not think about Bodhi Clark anymore, then maybe everything will be for the best. But Clara Alice got better after a few days of convalescing. This time Carl Dion prepared her costume and jewelry for the party. This time he said he would declare to everyone her identity as the wife of her Elise corporation.
After a week, finally, the anniversary of Elise Group, which is interested by the whole country, especially the business world, has come. The party was held outdoors at the most luxurious hotel in the city. And Clara Alice is also an important character in today's party. When she just appeared, she attracted everyone's eyes. The dress she wears today is pure white fishtail but also has a neckline on the chest, the design style of this dress is not too revealing but still attractive and attractive to others. And when she entered the hotel, the led lights were already arranged to point in her direction. The appearance of Clara Alice is even more prominent as a goddess.

Clara Alice stepped through every single person here to go to Carl Dion's side. And among the people she had just passed, she saw Bodhi Clark. Clara Alice tried to calm herself, she extended her hand to Carl Dion for him to take her hand, while also showing a sweet smile. And Carl Dion is now in the middle of the stage under the witness of everyone, he holds the microphone and speaks very loudly.
“Hello everyone, I am Carl Dion and also the CEO of Elise, today I would like to welcome all of you who have come here to celebrate the company's founding. 50 years of founding Elise Corporation today is a very special day, because today I want to announce to everyone something very important. She is Clara Alice…”

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