Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 26Chapter 26: One Shot, Two Purposes

“Hello policeman Hans right? We have successfully saved people. But Bodhi Clark is still stuck inside to keep another thug. You and your comrades hurry up to the reinforcement."

After he finished speaking, he turned off the engine, quickly stepped on the gas pedal to leave this ghostly place. From time to time he looked at Clara Alice, she had to be okay, or he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. There will be a celebration tomorrow night, and she will then be known to the whole world as his fiancée. So in this life, Bodhi Clark does not want to have a chance.
The death of Melanie Brenna sooner or later everyone knows, but fortunately Bodhi Clark soon used the money to solve this problem. People will also think that it was because she failed to kidnap him and then committed suicide, only then can the reputation of the Emperor Corporation be unaffected. And Melanie Brenna's niece didn't expect her to want to threaten him, force him to marry her or she would leave this case unsettled, but Bodhi Clark, you let people threaten you so easily. Just one phone call sent her to a mental institution, and before that, she had to take drugs to make her speechless forever. The fact that she was Melanie Brenna's niece he knew long ago, just pretended not to know to see their plans. But it's all right now, he not only saved Clara Alice's peace but also Sophronia's feud he has paid off.

At 2 a.m. Bodhi Clark was able to return safely with the help of the police, but his injuries were extremely severe. Not only his back but also his chest was hit by a knife. But even if he died, he would not agree to go to the hospital, but left in the middle of the night to let his close friend come for treatment.
“Bodhi Clark ah, you really took a risk this time, this wound is serious you know. After all, what is there to make him work so hard? Don't tell me it's for a girl." After the tape for Bodhi Clark is done. Eryk Grant found Bodhi Clark a bit strange lately, his mood was completely different as if he was paying attention to some girl. He just casually guessed a little, unexpectedly saw Bodhi Clark nod.

"It's Melanie Brenna who kidnapped a girl, I was injured because of saving her." Bodhi Clark thought that Clara Alice was at peace, his face was also much softer.

And Eryk Grant sitting on the sofa looking at Bodhi Clark like a demon, is this friend of yours possessed by a demon? So far, Bodhi Clark has indeed had countless women out there, but with the exception of Sophronia. This was the first time he saw Bodhi Clark mention a girl with this face. He did not hesitate to make fun of him.
“Bodhi Clark have you fallen in love again too? It's true that Sophronia is already in a coma…”
Eryk Grant wanted to say more, but was stopped by Bodhi Clark. "Not. I don't love that girl, I just feel a little bit different. I won't love any other girl but Sophronia, that's the promise between me and her. So whether Sophronia wakes up or not I won't fall in love with another woman. Only this time is considered as the most convenient way to defeat the two queens, not only can I save Clara Alice, but I can also consider revenge for Sophronia. I have already killed Melanie Brenna myself, so Sophronia will surely rest in peace, she will wake up soon…”

Eryk Grant saw that Bodhi Clark clearly had feelings but still refused to admit it, nor did he want to force it. Anyway, Sophronia's position in Bodhi Clark's heart is really too great. But he also seemed to know one thing from his mouth, that girl's name was Clara Alice.

And Eryk Grant was also later sent back by Bodhi Clark, so this cold room was only Bodhi Clark sitting quietly across from himself. If he didn't love Clara Alice, would he risk her like that? But that stupid girl in her heart likes Carl Dion, this idea of ​​his is really wasteful.
Clara Alice, after being brought back to the mansion by Carl Dion, was immediately bandaged by the Carl Dion family's private doctor. But the one who hurt the most was still Carl Dion, looking at her in a coma but still calling Bodhi Clark's name, his heart was like a knife stabbing each time. He walked over to the side of the bed and stroked her head, then tenderly kissed her lips.
“Clara Alice who came to save me is not only Bodhi Clark, who is willing to give up her life for me is not the only one. But why does my heart exist Bodhi Clark? I've been taking care of you for the past two years, but why can't I truly love you, Clara Alice? After all, what's better about Bodhi Clark than you?"

Carl Dion has wondered a thousand times over, why does Clara Alice consider Bodhi Clark more important than him? He would rather that she still had Avis Bern in her heart, at least he was still in the ancient country of Prussia, so he couldn't pose a threat to him. But why is it that the person she cares about now is Bodhi Clark? But no matter what, regardless of whether her heart has feelings for Bodhi Clark or not. He absolutely does not let go, will not work for her if that person is not him.
“Clara Alice from the minute I met you, I was destined to only be able to please you Carl Dion.”
Clara Alice in a coma now slowly wakes up, she slowly opens her eyes, this is her room at Carl Dion's house. So she was saved from that place, no longer tied up by Melanie Brenna. Although there was a constant pain in his body, the first thing he tried to ask Carl Dion was Bodhi Clark.

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