Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 25Chapter 24: The Mastermind Is Melanie Brenna ( 2 )

The more Melanie Brenna spoke, the more satisfied she became, just waiting for the moment Bodhi Clark would sign it so the initial success was achieved. She was afraid that Bodhi Clark would hesitate to sign again and continued to hold the knife at Clara Alice's neck. "She was hit by a knife just now, now your hesitation will help her get another one."
Clara Alice was very tired and achy, but she still tried to use her best to speak loudly. "Don't worry about me, leave me alone. How can Elise Corporation and Imperial God Corporation suffer because of you?”

"Shut. What a boring life this bastard.” Melanie Brenna heard Clara Alice's words and got angry, straight out using a knife to cut Clara Alice's neck with a knife.

“Ah…” Clara Alice screamed out in pain, then the pain came and made her faint.

“Clara Alice…”

"Clara Alice."

Bodhi Clark and Carl Dion saw the knife on her body and panicked. Bodhi Clark honestly didn't want to see her get hurt. So negotiated with Melanie Brenna.

“If I agree to sign this paper and then die, will Clara Alice be safe? Also, let her come back safely and clean, and absolutely don't let these dirty people harm her."

Melanie Brenna saw that he said so, of course, very pleased. “The most important thing is the Emperor God Corporation and your lives. That's just what I need, so as long as I get enough, I'll make sure this girl won't be harmed at all, very safe and unharmed."
“Bodhi Clark if you hesitate, Clara Alice will really die.” Carl Dion saw Bodhi Clark's hesitation and was anxious to the point of feverish anxiety. He also blamed himself, seeing Clara Alice injured right in front of his eyes but still couldn't do anything.

“Yes, it is still CEO Carl Dion thinking more deeply, if he hesitates, the next knife will not just scratch. I'm just afraid that a single stab to the heart will kill her on the spot."

Bodhi Clark pondered and thought, would he really give up his entire empire for Clara Alice's sake? You still have to live to wait for the day Sophronia wakes up. But if he left Clara Alice's life, he couldn't do it. Remembering the first time they met, her innocent appearance compared to her current appearance. He couldn't bear it a bit, just wanted to protect her. Perhaps from the first time he met her, the special feeling and strangeness of this flying princess prompted him to protect her well. But that time two years ago he abandoned her again, is this time God wants him to atone for his sins?
"Okay then I'll sign." Bodhi Clark watched the guy pointed at him then finally agreed. Melanie Brenna saw that he had agreed to respond and urged her subordinates to quickly bring the contract to Bodhi Clark.

As for Bodhi Clark, he took advantage of Melanie Brenna's excitement, pretending to hold the contract as if he was about to sign it, and then gave Carl Dion a signal with his eyes. He used his eyes to show him who was holding this gun. Waiting for Carl Dion to understand what he meant, he took the pen and went to the autograph section.
"Melanie Brenna you better not lie to me or I'll drag you to hell even if I go to hell." After saying that, he made a bet, betting that he would save Clara Alice.

At this time, Bodhi Clark and Carl Dion coordinated their actions, quickly attacking the person who was pointing the gun at their head and snatching the gun from their hands. And Melanie Brenna saw such a situation and took a knife to kill Clara Alice, but unfortunately she was a step behind.
“Dam… duh.” Continuous gunfire erupted from the gun that Bodhi Clark and Carl Dion had fired. The bullet hit Melanie Brenna's chest, she didn't have time to do anything. Clara Alice died on the spot, fresh blood continuously poured out all over the ground.

“We have already killed people! I'm not afraid of death now." The thugs hired by Melanie Brenna at this time, they could only come to their senses, did not expect these two to come so quickly, both stealing their guns and killing people so quickly.

"If you dare to kidnap Clara Alice, that's a crime worthy of death." Bodhi Clark finished his sentence without hesitation, shot a few bullets in each of these guys' heads, then threw the gun on the ground and ran to Clara Alice's place to save people.

Carl Dion saw Bodhi Clark because he worried about Clara Alice so much in his heart, now his heart was filled with uneasiness. Did he really have feelings for his Clara Alice? He quickly untied the strap on Clara Alice's body. Constantly muttering in his mouth. "Clara Alice you must be okay, Clara Alice you don't scare me."
At this time, Bodhi Clark, because he was not paying attention to his back, was hit in the back by one of the three guys who were still alive.
“Ah…” By the time Bodhi Clark found out, it was already too late, with heavy wounds on his body, but still spoke loudly to Carl Dion.
“Hurry and get Clara Alice out of here first…”

Carl Dion of course accepted because of Clara's safety. Alice had to watch Bodhi Clark stay there to keep the thug away. And Clara Alice arrived outside, but she still hadn't woken up. But in his mouth did not stop muttering.

“Bodhi Clark… why are you so stupid? Bodhi Clark is very dangerous.”

Clara Alice's words in a coma caused Carl Dion to hold her in his arms, but in his heart like a tidal wave, she was his fiancée, but while he was in a coma, he called another person's name, his heart How can it not hurt? He quickly took her to his car and drove her to the hospital, but in his heart he hated Bodhi Clark even more. He even hesitated whether to call the police to help him or not, or let him die at the hands of that thug. But thinking about him just now, he wholeheartedly saved Clara Alice, he considers it as paying this debt on behalf of Clara Alice.

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