Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 24Chapter 24: The Mastermind Is Melanie Brenna

"Bodhi Clark he's not coming." She was happy because he thought of her, but in the end, she didn't expect him to be in danger.

“Well, of course he's coming, I'm afraid the two of them are about to rush in as well. Melanie Brenna I've lived more than half of a person's life, I've already committed enough patience. Now I don't want to be patient anymore, I have to use the fastest way to kill Bodhi Clark and get back to power. Haha God help me Melanie Brenna.”
She was like crazy, laughed loudly and then ordered her subordinates to bring a knife to her. Clara Alice had a bad feeling, but she didn't expect her to make a slit on her arm with that knife. Clara Alice cried out in pain, the wound on her hand kept bleeding, but she was tied up so it couldn't be anything. Can only feel the pain that the wound brings along with the blood drops that continuously flow non-stop. Her body turned paler and paler, and her face became pale as well. Her voice is so lovely, she can only speak in a low voice.

“Melanie Brenna I could have saved your life but please don't harm Carl Dion and Bodhi Clark. I don't want to see them hurt, I beg of you!…”

But Melanie Brenna's plea was only contemptuous and ironic. “Hmph, what is your life worth? I sent people to bring you here all for their lives, how can I spare them? Ha ha Clara Alice, is she so naive that she was so naively protected by Carl Dion in her arms? Ha ha are you saying this girl is ridiculous?”
Melanie Brenna and her subordinates laughed continuously, which in Melanie Brenna's heart was now blinded by power. She doesn't need to know anything, as long as she holds the power of the Clark family, the leadership of the Emperor Corporation is fine. It doesn't matter how many people you kill now. How many years has she endured at the hands of Bodhi Clark, then how can she continue to endure this?

At this time, Bodhi Clark and Carl Dion also rushed in, smashing their scenes with Clara Alice tied with ropes, blindfolded with a bloody wound on her hand. Melanie Brenna saw that they had come to think in her heart that this game was only now officially started. She immediately turned around, facing the two great figures in the market with a confident look. “The woman you want to save is in my hands. So you guys should be a little more obedient. The game has only just begun.”

Bodhi Clark saw Melanie Brenna here also very surprised, her liver is really big. Previously harming Sophronia now wants to kill Clara Alice. It seems that he has respected his stepmother's love and let her live for too long. “Melanie Brenna, if you dare harm Clara Alice even a single hair, I will not forgive you.”
“In the past, I thought I would help her deal with Bodhi Clark, but I didn't expect her to dare to use Clara Alice to threaten me. She's the young lady of the Dion family, if anything happens to her, I'll rip her bones." Carl Dion saw Clara Alice in this mess and was very angry, he really wanted to attack Melanie Brenna but was stopped by her subordinates. At this time, two subordinates of Melanie Brenna both held guns and pointed at the heads of Bodhi Clark and Carl Dion.

"Don't be stupid and run away. Don't let me involve everyone." Clara Alice was difficult to say, she honestly didn't want to see any of them in danger. If not, how can she live a good life? She will have to repent for the rest of her life. It's really a shame that you involve so many people because of you.

“Shut up! Came here and still thinking about leaving? Haha, I didn't expect you two to actually come here for this woman and give your life. If so, should I satisfy you? As long as both of them are dead I can let her out. With one more condition…”
"Go ahead and say it." Both of them shouted impatiently.

Melanie Brenna also did not go around anymore and went directly to the topic. “Bodhi Clark, I am your stepmother, I should be managing the Emperor Corporation. That year, it was my mistake that I couldn't beat you, now I want you to sign the transfer of shares. Put all your shares in my name. Only then will I be able to spare Clara Alice.”

"Bodhi Clark you quickly agree with her, can't you see the look on Clara Alice's face?" Carl Dion saw that Bodhi Clark was still hesitant and hurriedly urged him.

But Bodhi Clark was still indignantly looking at Melanie Brenna, looking at Clara Alice, who was weak and bound, even speaking it was difficult, his heart could not hold back. His hands were clenched tightly for a long time, as if he could swing his arms at any moment. “Melanie Brenna even me, you dare to put conditions?”

"There's nothing to be afraid of, don't forget that woman is in our hands, Mr. Bodhi Clark." Melanie Brenna's subordinate said mockingly.
“That's right, if you don't make a quick decision, I'm afraid that woman will be ours tonight. Haha, we still have to enjoy it quickly, don't waste any more time." The other subordinate also followed suit, his face also showed two perverts.

Melanie Brenna saw that Bodhi Clark was still hesitant, so she ordered another subordinate to take the transfer contract out for Bodhi Clark to sign. "Don't hesitate any longer, otherwise this pearl-like flower girl belongs to my juniors, you will regret it. After you sign Bodhi Clark, as long as you both die, she'll be safe. Haha, I didn't expect that not only did I get the Emperor Corporation, but even a strong competitor like Carl Dion was no longer in the world. The marketplace will later be my Melanie Brenna's home. Well, Clara Alice, you're my soulmate."

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