Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 23Chapter 22: Promise To Sophronia ( 2 )

Inside the message was clear, “Clara Alice has been kidnapped by us. If you want to save this girl's life, then go to an empty house in the western suburbs to redeem someone."
Carl  Dion finished reading the message and was extremely alarmed, he wanted to phone the sender of the other message, but he couldn't get in touch. He had no choice but to follow their orders and go to the western suburbs. At all costs he must protect Clara Alice, she is his princess. How could you put her in danger? It was because he was not good enough to let too few bodyguards follow her to protect her, to the point that she was kidnapped. It's that he's terrible, from the moment he drove to the suburbs, his heart was extremely impatient. When he reached an empty lot, he immediately braked the car. In the middle of the dark night, he realized that there was another car coming at the same time as him.

“Who are you, are you the ones who kidnapped Clara Alice? If something happens to her, I won't forgive you." Carl  Dion fiercely got out of the car and ran to the other car, he thought they were the ones who kidnapped Clara Alice, so he was very violent. But don't think about the person in front of you is Bodhi Clark.
“Carl Dion why don't you take good care of Clara Alice? It's all your fault that she was kidnapped like that." Bodhi Clark also with a cold and aggressive attitude got out of the car, ran to Carl  Dion's place and swung his fist. No matter how many years Clara Alice has been in this world. In his heart, she will always be the same naive girl as when she first appeared in front of him. A naive girl who claims to be the village lord and wants to take his life. Now that she's been kidnapped, can you stay calm?

“Bodhi Clark you are crazy! Do I want Clara Alice to get in trouble? Did you see the ring she was wearing on her finger? She is my fiancé, do I want her to have problems? Tomorrow is the founding anniversary of Elise Corporation. I also want to announce to the world that she is Carl Dion's wife. My love for Clara Alice is absolutely unmatched.” Carl  Dion was hit by a punch from Bodhi Clark and angrily swung his hand back. More than anyone else, he was the one who didn't want his Clara Alice to get in trouble. She is also his wife, he worries to the extreme. But in general, it is still powerless to argue with Bodhi Clark here.
And Bodhi Clark also gradually regained his composure, for the safety of Clara Alice he didn't seem to want to continue arguing with him. "Within a wedding day she will forever be Clara Alice, not Carl Dion's wife."

After Bodhi Clark finished speaking, he pointed at the wooden house not far from their eyes. “The kidnappers said they kept Clara Alice in this suburb. In that chalet, I think Clara Alice must be in it.”

Carl  Dion agreed with Bodhi Clark, this time for the safety of Clara Alice he and he for the first time stood in the front line and thought. Together, they moved into the house. Because of Clara Alice's safety, the two of them couldn't come all the way here with the police. You can only let the police team go after 5km. So this time it was just the two of them who rushed in to save Clara Alice.Clara Alice has been in this sunless rotting wooden house for an unknown amount of time. She only knew that her hands were tied to a post behind her back. There are two eyes that are also closed, unable to distinguish day or night. She only knew that her body was weakening, she was really thirsty and very hungry. But now there is nothing to do, like a guinea pig imprisoned here.

At this time, Clara Alice also heard someone approaching her, she reflexively shouted. “Is it someone?”

“Clara Alice you are so unlucky, who said you are the one that both Bodhi Clark and Carl Dion love? Besides you, who else is the biggest weakness of the two of them?"

This voice was so familiar, Clara Alice tried to think back through her memories. She seemed to remember hearing this voice from somewhere. Yes, that day she met Melanie Brenna, who else could this voice be besides her?

“You're Melanie Brenna, aren't you? I recognize her voice, what do you want me to do? Let me out quickly, or Carl Dion will definitely not forgive you."
It's not surprising that Melanie Brenna was correctly guessed by Clara Alice, and laughed very arrogantly. “What do you do if you recognize my voice? Do you think you can get out of here now? Carl Dion and Bodhi Clark are coming to rescue you. I will let them and you too, can only come but cannot return. Ha ha Clara Alice do you know, it was the first time in so many years that I witnessed two famous generals as demon kings in the marketplace because of a woman who worked so hard. With that being the case, how could I not take advantage of such a good opportunity? If I can kill Bodhi Clark, then I can lead the main way to lead the Emperor Corporation. And if I can defeat Carl Dion, it's good, later in the market I will also have one less strong opponent. Such a good opportunity, why can't I take advantage of it. I can only blame them if I blame them, I can't do anything about them. Because the people who are worried about you have volunteered to come here for you."
Clara Alice in fear, does she even want to kill Carl Dion and Bodhi Clark? Didn't think that Melanie Brenna's persona could be so scary, she had already involved the two of them. But did Bodhi Clark really come here to save her because of her? Should she be happy or glad, why is he so stupid. Automatically put your head in the net for a girl like you who have not been exposed for a long time? Did God also arrange for Bodhi Clark to be like her, with a very special feeling of intimacy, a kind of affection for the other?

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