Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 22Chapter 22: Promise To Sophronia

“Bodhi Clark are you crazy? This is the office where you work, you're crazy. Even if you're crazy, don't let an ordinary person like me witness this horrible scene." After she finished speaking, she turned around and wanted to leave, she didn't want to be here anymore, so she didn't care about Bodhi Clark using the devil contract to bind her. At best, she will sue in court, she believes that with Carl  Dion's money, such a simple matter will help her solve.

“Stand there? Who let her go? I told her that she not only had to stay here, but she had to obediently testify for me. Immediately close the door of the room and then quickly take a look here. If you don't want that, then what you need from me, I will definitely burn it."

Clara Alice choked her heart as if unable to say, Bodhi Clark what does he really want from her? Sometimes she wondered if she already had a problem, why would her feelings be affected by this type of person? Seeing the other girl keep hugging Bodhi Clark, her heart ached again. But in the end, they can only obediently close the door of the room, stand in a corner and look at them.
“Miss Clara Alice, I will still come here often in the future, so you should get used to it gradually. Why don't you tell me if I'm right?" The other girl arrogantly looked at her, then hooked Bodhi Clark's neck and continued to stroke her.

Bodhi Clark also did not mean to refuse, on the contrary, he seemed to enjoy, his voice also became deeper. "Baby, just leave her alone. Who does she pretend to be noble for? In your eyes she's not worth a dime."

After that, he looked at her with disgusted eyes. “The contract I forced you to sign, I tore it up. Get her out of my sight, back to Carl Dion's side. It's best not to let me see you again."

Clara Alice glared at him, not knowing how complicated her heart was. It was him who dragged her here to force her to work in this devilish place, then the one who chased her out was also him. After all, what did she do to make him hate her so?
"Bodhi Clark I tell you don't try to force me into anything in the future, snorting too much is not a good ending."
If he already has a girl he likes, why is he constantly appearing next to her? If you already have someone you like best, don't make other girls flutter. But even though she knew she was still crashing, was it because she was stupid? No wonder why the employees in the company no longer looked at her with those strange eyes. Because the appearance of this woman smashed doubts about her, she was not the person Bodhi Clark loved. Clara Alice embraced the humiliation from Bodhi Clark's place and left, not even looking back once.

And Bodhi Clark, after she left, also kicked this woman out of Legacy. He was still thinking about Clara Alice's figure, she'd better hide well so he wouldn't find him, or else he wouldn't let her go so easily. Bodhi Clark sat thinking for a long time, in the end still could not blame Sophronia. He told himself the woman he loved was Sophronia, how could he care about Clara Alice? I just feel that she is special for a while, and will absolutely not like her."

“Sophronia, I won't forget the promise I made to you that I won't love anyone else in this life but you. No one will be able to shake my will, the only person I love in this life can only be you."

Clara Alice left alone, did not think things would happen so quickly, she walked home alone. In her heart, she couldn't help but think how much God wanted her to suffer? Leaving her to such a strange place still encounters so many troubles. Many times she wanted to raise her face to the sky to ask the blue sky above. Clara Alice eighteen years at the Victoria palace is a virtuous and virtuous princess, what has happened in the end?
Is God trying to make fun of her? Avis Bern that year saved her in the park she fell in love with. Just because of one look, her heart fell in love with a person. From the day she met older brother Avis Bern every year to her death ceremony, she made a promise to pray for them to be together. But in the end, my heart has a guy, his heart has me, but I still can't say the right way to say love. However, when she wandered into the 21st century, she met a person who looked exactly like Avis Bern. But no matter how good he is to her, no matter how she agrees to be his girlfriend, accepts his proposal ring. But her heart never felt love for him. Now if Carl  Dion seriously asked her if she loved him or not. And she didn't even know how to respond. But the person who made her suffer is the one who left an imprint on her heart. Seeing him next to another woman was really uncomfortable. Was the first person she met in this world was him, so fate arranged that she fell in love with him or not. Just thinking about her feelings for Bodhi Clark made her a little scared. Because in Bodhi Clark's heart she is forever nothing!…
Clara Alice has no place to go anymore, she has realized that she can't really accept Carl's feelings  Dion then how can she go looking for him? Clara Alice originally wanted to find a hotel to stay temporarily, but suddenly someone attacked her from behind. Before Clara Alice could react, she was already in a coma from their enchantment.
It was already dark, but Carl  Dion still hadn't seen Clara Alice back, he was worried, he was afraid that Bodhi Clark would cause trouble for Clara Alice, so he took out his phone and called Bodhi Clark to ask him for help. clear. But before he could call, there was a strange number on the screen. He thinks that the caller is just someone from a small company that wants to do business with Elise Group, so he doesn't pay attention and doesn't answer the call. But did not expect to see a message displayed from that number.

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