Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 21Chapter 21: Between Me And You, Who Is Indebted To Whom? ( 2 )

She looked at him, still not paying attention to herself, for some reason, feeling a little uncomfortable in her body, so she left the room without saying another word. When Clara Alice came out of Bodhi's room, she didn't know how embarrassed she was, because the others were afraid that they all considered her his mistress. She ran straight out of the company, now she didn't know where to go. Does Carl Dion know what happened today will blame her? After all, what kind of feeling would make her feel so uncomfortable every time she saw him with another woman. She unconsciously picked up the phone to call Carl   Dion discovered that he had called her so many times in the afternoon. Her heart suddenly felt sour, so she pressed the call button to call him. It was not until the other party picked up the phone that her heart felt relieved.
"I'm sorry, Carl Dion."
On the other side, although Carl  Dion was very uncomfortable, in general, he still didn't want to raise his voice to her. He still spoke in a very low voice. “Idiot Clara Alice, there's someone who wants to bully you and won't tell me? Does Carl  Dion know that you are my fiancé and want to make things difficult for you? Don't worry about me and he are just competing in the marketplace. After this, I will not let you encounter such a thing again, I will stand there waiting for you. I will immediately come pick you up…”

Clara Alice was a little bit unbelievably surprised. “You know I met Bodhi Clark today? So you're not even mad at me?"

“I don't want to be angry with you because I believe you are pure, I don't want to rush to Legacy because I don't want you to be gossiped about by others. I think these two words of purity are very important to a princess like you.” Carl  Dion finished talking and hung up the phone, and Clara Alice didn't think he would trust her like that.
She stood in a daze, how did she end up with Bodhi Clark? Why did it hurt to hear her brother's harsh words? Looking at him next to another woman, she felt comfortable. She constantly thought about things about Bodhi Clark, until Carl  Dion's familiar car came to pick her up, Clara Alice seemed to come back to her senses. Carl  Dion said that he wanted to rekindle their love, so he took her to the movies. All through dinner she was beside him with a smile on her face, but no one knew how upset she was inside.

By the time she returned to her room, she was alone on the bed that was unable to sleep. Why the person who abandoned her is Bodhi Clark, she remembers, the person who always talks about her like Carl  Dion, her feeling is not love. It turns out that in love, it doesn't matter how long you spend together, it's not what the other person has done for the other. It is the feeling in the heart, that feeling in the end is friendship or love that matters. It turns out that liking someone for a short time is real. Before, she couldn't really love Bodhi Clark, she thought it was because she hadn't forgotten about Avis Bern. But wasn't it since she met Bodhi Clark again, did she already like him?
This afternoon, Carl  Dion said he would definitely hold her tight, not letting her leave him. She wants the same, Carl Dion you have to hold me tight. I will also try to keep to myself, won't fall in love with someone like Bodhi Clark.

On the other hand, Bodhi Clark had just returned from the hotel, because of her promise and previous love with Sophronia. He will not bring any girl to this house. So every time he meets any woman outside, it is absolutely a bar or a hotel. Only Clara Alice is this particular exception. He took the card that was stored in the cabinet to look at it, suddenly remembering her sharp face. Did you remember her already?

“Clara Alice you are so stubborn, I told you to stay by my side you absolutely disagree? Then I only know how to rob you.” What Bodhi Clark he wanted, he must have, including Clara Alice.

 Heaven knows he's been thinking about her for the past two years, afraid that this ancient girl can't adapt to life in modern times. Again, not investigating her whereabouts, he was afraid that she was already dead. But not only was she not good, on the contrary, she was better than he thought. Unfortunately, she no longer begged him to guide her to adapt to this place, nor did she want to stay at his house anymore. Now having fun with Carl  Dion said he wouldn't be angry? This bastard Carl Dion many times competed with Legacy Corporation, said he dared to help Melanie Brenna, now he even won Clara Alice with him. Wait for him to finish the threat that Melanie Brenna will take back Clara Alice, just sooner or later.
The next day Carl Dion and Clara Alice had to sit down and talk for a long time. Although he wasn't satisfied, he still didn't want to force her. He spread his arms wide and hugged her again.
"Promise me you can't like Bodhi Clark."

Clara Alice nodded in response. “I'm sure you'll quickly convince him to release you. Besides, is it okay if I go out to work?"

With the consent of Carl  Dion, Clara Alice was finally able to come to Legacy to work. But this time, it seemed that people no longer looked at her with strange eyes. Clara Alice was also pleased at first, but a little confused. How could their attitude change so quickly? It wasn't until Clara Alice pushed open the door of Bodhi Clark's office that she saw the horrifying scene. A woman in revealing clothes sat on his lap with a very attractive figure. She was the same person she had met twice before. But now seeing this scene, her heart felt extremely angry.

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