Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 20Chapter 20: Between Me And You, Who Is Indebted To Whom?

“Why does CEO Carl Dion have the courtesy to invite me to Elise Corporation's anniversary?” Melanie Brenna deliberately probed the mind of Carl  Dion.
“I simply wanted to help Melanie Brenna? Melanie Brenna After all, do you want to be called by someone else as Mrs. Melanie Brenna or Bodhi Clark's mother? Recently, Bodhi Clark's domestic large and small events have not allowed her to participate. He wants the whole world to forget that Legacy has his stepmother. Also the lady of the Clark family, Mrs. Melanie Brenna."

Carl  Dion spoke slowly but deeply touched her mind. Last time she asked him for help and wanted to cooperate, he was still hesitant. But it seems that now we should still borrow her hand for once.

“Bodhi Clark never liked my stepmother, if it weren't for the family's reputation, I'm afraid he would have given me more trouble than he is now. But as the general Carl Dion said so, I am somewhat relieved. I only have a 10% stake in Legacy compared to his 40% stake, which is still too small. If the two of us could cooperate, it would be Melanie Brenna that I would have grown wings like a tiger."
Although Melanie Brenna did not know why Carl  Dion, after several times of refusing her request, suddenly agreed today. She was somewhat suspicious and asked him. "Carl Dion doesn't know if there are any more besides my previous suggestion..."

“Of course, the agreement must be supplemented, except as the original promise. I help her in the dark, until she finds out that Legacy will give me 10%, then I have one more request.” Carl  Dion smiled lightly, with an indifferent attitude like a king observing others. Bodhi Clark is too difficult to deal with, so letting someone else in Bodhi Clark's house come to power will make his plan to overthrow him much easier.

Chapter 16: Are You Jealous?

“So what is that request?”
"Clara Alice." Carl  Dion said coldly, and wanted to let her know that the person who argued with her today at the mall is the woman he loves.

And Melanie Brenna's face also changed, she still remembered the name. It was the girl who argued with her today, she still remembers her arrogant attitude. Is it possible that the person behind the back is Carl  Dion? But didn't Bodhi Clark notice that girl so he chased after her? Melanie Brenna is also an experienced person, she quickly realized the love triangle inside.

“Isn't the girl named Clara Alice being chased by Bodhi Clark today at that mall? What a blessed girl, with Bodhi Clark and Diep Carl Dion's attention."

Sure enough, as soon as Melanie Brenna mentioned this, his face was extremely unsightly. Carl  Dion thought of Clara Alice and Bodhi Clark both very upset. Heaven knows he was only gentle and considerate in front of Clara Alice, only she was the only girl that made him madly in love with just wanting to protect her. Otherwise, Clara Alice could not have imagined his current appearance as if he had stepped out of hell.
“Huh! I know the mistress she arranged beside Bodhi Clark is now her niece. Then quickly let the two of them come together.”

“You mean…”

"Let her be officially Bodhi Clark's fiancé." Carl  Dion he is afraid Clara Alice will be tempted by Bodhi Clark. So he absolutely must do everything to stop them. Unless Bodhi Clark officially has a fiancée, Clara Alice can stop contacting him.


Over here in Bodhi Clark's office, Clara Alice also just woke up from a coma. In front of her was the familiar figure of that man, she asked him in annoyance. “Did you just finish the meeting? Since when did you come back?"

She came from a noble background and was used to the lady's rooming since childhood, so she was a little scared when she thought of Bodhi Clark looking at her while she was sleeping. But Bodhi Clark didn't think so much, and thought that she was missing him, so she teased him. “Do you miss me that much?”
After he finished speaking, he raised his hand to look at the clock, it was already 5 pm, so he made a recommendation to her. "It's already afternoon, do you want to go get something to eat?"

Clara Alice didn't mind him, just replied unhappily. “I still have to go home.”

She didn't dare to go out to eat with him no matter what, today she was forced to sign that devilish personnel contract. She was still thinking of how to explain to Carl  Dion, how could she even mind going out to eat with Bodhi Clark?

“House? Is Carl  Dion's house? What's the point of being born in a sect and now living in the same house with another man? So what kind of ordained princess is that?" Bodhi Clark was a little unhappy, he even dropped the stack of documents lying on the table and went to Clara Alice's place. “You leave Carl  Dion.”

Clara Alice looked at his attitude so funny, she even put her hand on his forehead and pretended to ask. “Are you feverish or mentally ill? Of course I have to stay at my fiancé's house? I have been in the 21st century for more than two years, isn't it like when I first came here? It's normal in this century to stay at the fiance's house, isn't it? Haha I haven't even mentioned a guy who has an affair with his dense list of girlfriends. What did you tell me? Why don't you take a look at yourself?"

“Very good Clara Alice, are you even comparing with me? Do you think you have any qualifications to compare with me? Go back and tell Carl  Dion if he dares to cooperate with Melanie Brenna for the purpose of harming me. So don't blame Bodhi Clark, I don't respect you."
"I have no interest in knowing about your business dealings with matters in the marketplace." Clara Alice now understands why Bodhi Clark is treating her like this. Turns out because Carl Dion was his rival, he just wanted to take advantage of her? I don't understand why Clara Alice has a feeling of disappointment.

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