Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2: Meeting the General Bodhi Clark

“Hm… I tell you the truth, the place where I live is the modern day, the twenty-first century. Our world is thousands of years after you. You come from ancient times, it seems that you have crossed time for thousands of years and came here!"
After listening to him, Clara Alice was a little surprised. What? Can't beyond time pass thousands of years of time? After listening, she wanted to take a few steps back. The excitement on his face still couldn't hide.
“So you mean in a future world several thousand years away from us? According to you, the place where I lived before was thousands of years in the past of your world?" Clara Alice analyzed herself for a while, and finally figured it out.

Bodhi Clark looked at her with cold eyes, then said in a low voice:
“Almost like that! But her Prussia had never been heard of in history. But regardless of whether it's historically true or not. Maybe because ancient times are vast, your place hasn't been recorded in history, for example! In short, I don't care. But no matter where you come from, this is not your home.”
Clara Alice is still vague about transferring herself through space for thousands of years here. However, his words made him stiffen. What he meant, wasn't that he wanted to chase her away? She pretended not to understand but looked at him.
“What do you mean, what do you mean I don't quite understand?”

Bodhi Clark also did not care about her. In the past, he was just a one - night stand with women. Apart from her, even though she's been in a coma for several years, his heart still goes to her. In his heart only Sophronia. Thinking of this, his heart suddenly stiffened. He remembered Sophronia again.
“Do you not understand? This is my house, and now I want to evict guests. Besides, there's one more important thing I want to tell you."
Clara Alice was not happy and replied:
"If you have anything else you want to say, say it quickly, but for the time being, this prefect won't be leaving here." She said warmly, then stomped her feet on the ground a few times to release her anger.
“In this day and age, everyone is equal. There's no such thing as royalty anymore, so your status should be adapted. Here she is just an ordinary girl, not a princess or something. Moreover, if you want to rent a house or buy a house, you need money. And since you traveled through space from ancient times, you probably don't have any money for a while, right?"
Clara Alice heard him and quickly nodded.

"You know I'm in your world so unfamiliar, so strange, why are you still chasing me away?"
Bodhi Clark still used the same attitude to answer her.
"That's your business, I don't care."
"Huh! You…” Clara Alice was infuriated by his words. Well, according to what he said, there is no royal family here, no court, everyone is equal. No wonder he treated her like that. She secretly thought, if this was still Prussia, he would have been restless long ago.
Clara Alice sighed, she walked around the room thinking about countermeasures. Looking at the architecture and the layout here, it is both beautiful and luxurious. It seems true that she had traveled through space thousands of years ago. So a few thousand years later everything was so different. Also, she knew what to do, she had just come here and didn't know what the world was like out there. Thinking like that, she lowered her face to the ground, had no choice but to pretend to cry and beg the other person.

“As I beg you, it's not the handsome and handsome man. Please, will you let me stay here? I sincerely beg you. As long as you let me stay here, I'll do whatever you want me to do..." Clara Alice pretended to be sobbing and begged him. But there are still some parts of the fear that are real. Anyway, if he chases you away, you know where to go?
Bodhi Clark squinted at her, this girl was still wearing an ancient costume. She just came here, if something happened outside, he wouldn't be heartless. But when he thought about it, he didn't feel right, like his heart wouldn't allow him to chase her away. But he had never respected his feelings before, and for some reason he was a little unsettled towards this girl from ancient times.
"Leave it, let's say I accumulate some merit and keep you. Well, I just heard that my housekeeper has to go back to her hometown for a while. That lady, if you want to stay here, you have to be my servant.”
As soon as Bodhi Clark finished speaking, her face froze. His words were like a beating in the ear. What a servant, you're a county lord after all!
"If you don't accept it, get out of my house immediately."

Clara Alice was infuriated by him. How could she accept life like this? She was angry and repeatedly stomped her feet on the ground, while frowning and frowning, "Hey, I want to go back, I want to go back to Prussia. I really regret if I knew that I would avoid such strange things as soon as possible. I would rather obediently stay in the palace."
She really couldn't accept it, the more she thought about it, the more confused she became. What kind of crazy world is this? What should she do, she can't stay here, she has to go back to Prussia.
“It's so troublesome, that's all it takes. I can't accept you here anymore, go away." Bodhi Clark coldly ordered. Then fiercely grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room.
“Let me go, how can you be so cruel? That bastard let go of me!" Clara Alice was dragged away by him and shouted loudly. She also took advantage of his inattentiveness and quickly bit his arm.
“Are you crazy!” Bodhi Clark reluctantly released her hand. This girl suddenly dared to bite him, she really doesn't care about anyone. Isn't general manager Bodhi Clark, the CEO of Legacy
Corporation like you, polite to let this girl show up like that?

“Enough, I ask you one last time, if you stay, you have to be a servant. Do you agree?"
Clara Alice narrowed her eyes and pointed her lips at him. In the end, he still reluctantly opened his mouth, "Okay, I agree."
Bodhi Clark thought in his heart if this girl had been so predestined to come to his house. It seemed like it would be a good thing for her to stay here as well. He suddenly stared at her, as if he had a very special feeling for this girl. Come to think of it, she appeared in your house from ancient times without reason, isn't this also fate?
“Let me tell you something about this world.” he said, leading her around the house.
The architecture here is different, but to her it is more unique than Prussia. Bodhi Clark, like her former husband, taught and taught her all kinds of things. He instructs her in things that are different from Jiu Chan. What is the country Z, what is the internet, there are cars, high-rise buildings. Heard you say there is something like a movie theater here. Someone will transform into a character playing a certain role. Oh yes, there's also TV, she wants to have a headache after listening to him. This place is really different from Prussia

"It's so different, I'm afraid I won't be able to adapt." She held her head and looked at him shyly.
Bodhi Clark crossed his arms in front of his chest to make a noble appearance. "Then if I don't go with you in the future, you should refrain from stepping out."
After hearing this, Clara Alice quickly nodded. Bodhi Clark looked at her with such a tired look and led her upstairs. Give her a room near his. He said he would let her stay in the future, this room is also hers. Clara Alice was overjoyed, she finally saw that he had a little conscience.
As soon as Clara Alice entered the room, she hurriedly ran to lie on the big bed "Is this called a bed? It's not that different from Prussia, but the texture is a bit different."
Bodhi Clark did not pay attention to what she said, but hurriedly picked up a tool to turn on the air conditioner and then showed her how to use it. Even after studying for a while, Clara Alice understood a bit. It seems that this place is so different, it has to be called too good inventions. So on hot days, she can still lie in her room and relax.
“Cough cough if you've come this far, then get used to it. Tomorrow I'll take you outside, let you get used to this place." He said, taking his phone out of his pocket, quickly calling his assistant.

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