Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 19Chapter 19: At the Shopping Center, Meet Melanie Brenna ( 4 )

But at this moment, when Clara Alice stepped out of the door, she hugged her tightly. Without hesitation, he carried her to his car. No matter how much Clara Alice struggled, it was all useless. He also used card commands to threaten her, forcing her to call Uncle Lucans to tell her that she was coming to a friend's house to play. For the time being, there is no need to find her, so that she can return safely. And Clara Alice in the car was like a little white rabbit entering a wolf's den. The driver of the car is Aaron Gavin. He just kept pedaling the steering wheel and driving the car on the highway. And Clara Alice sat in the back row with Bodhi Clark.
“I am the wife of the boss of Elise Corporation. It doesn't seem so good to be in your car right now." Clara Alice only wanted to be patient and gentle to beg him. But I didn't expect him to be so mean. Coldly scolded her.
“Can you stop being too much? Why must it be difficult for me? Bodhi Clark in the end what did I offend you? That time two years ago, he said he had a girlfriend. It was you who said that you must go meet the girl you love in this life. Then he unhesitatingly abandoned me, a complete stranger to this world. Leave me alone in the street. You know I was almost hit by a car at that time, right? Have you seen my figure scurrying on the sidewalk? If I hate you, then I hate you. Why haven't I charged you yet, you make it difficult for me time and time again? And who among us owes whom?"
Clara Alice couldn't hold back the strong anger in her heart. She's like a bunny that turns into a wolf and wants to grab Bodhi Clark. Even Aaron Gavin who was driving was startled. Is there a brave girl like that? It is true that we are not afraid of heaven, we are not afraid of earth. The logo is Carl's fiancée  Dion but still gets a good look at his boss.
Clara Alice, like a three-year-old child, looked at him incredulously, “Stupid, vile! These sentences are not enough to judge the person he is.”

Bodhi Clark again pretended to be very indifferent, and also glanced at her desk. “Clara Alice… ah no princess or something! I remember that princess Clara Alice was ordained a princess but in reality she didn't look like a princess at all, could the royal family of Prussia be nothing like that? two words princess on her command post. So invite my princess to choose. After all, do you want to be my assistant or lover?
She snorted coldly and looked at him, her face extremely unsightly, but went to the workplace that he had arranged. “Bodhi Clark. I tell you, a year is a year? In front of others he can act as a demon. But I tell you Clara Alice I will get you. Sooner or later, I will make him fall to his knees and beg for my love. Hmm, do you think keeping me here is making it difficult for me? Who the two of us are and who is making it difficult is still unknown."

Bodhi Clark didn't say anything, just laughed and then ignored her. He couldn't help but feel happy in his heart, this girl had such a big voice. Looks like you want to play a game of love with him? Then let's see in the end this game, who wins and who loses.

Clara Alice sat in front of the computer desk not knowing what to do, just looking for a few games to play. You know that Legacy corporation doesn't lack you enough to hire you here to work, right? If he had the kindness to let her sit idle and still earn such money, then she had to accept it. But unfortunately, this small intention of hers still did not pass Bodhi Clark's eyes. He was still sitting at his desk staring at his computer, but he didn't forget to give her a hard time. This is making coffee, he wants to eat some cake. Huh caused Clara Alice to constantly go back and forth to obey him. And every time she stepped out of Bodhi Clark's office, there were countless eyes. They all dragged her over to ask if she was their consort. Clara Alice also explained the dizziness because of this. She suddenly had the feeling, did he want to take her to the top of the wind to withstand everyone's attack? Clara Alice came from ancient times, of course these things were not new to her.

After struggling for a while, it was not until 3 pm when Bodhi Clark went to a meeting with the people on the board that she was able to rest. Clara Alice because she was too tired to know when did she fall asleep on the sofa. She didn't even know how many times her phone rang.
Here Carl  Dion came over because she didn't answer his phone and was madly angry. The bodyguard reported that she was carried out by Bodhi Clark from the mall. Moreover, now in Legacy. How can you not be angry? Bodhi Clark and him fighting in the marketplace doesn't seem to be enough. Is he trying to rob the girl he loves the most?

"Clara Alice, you definitely won't let me down!" Carl  Dion stood in front of the window, his hand still clutching the phone, his voice sounding bitter and expectant. He believes that Clara Alice with him in the past time will definitely not betray him. But when he thought about the image between her and Bodhi Clark, he had an uneasy feeling in his heart.

With that in mind, he picked up the phone and called Melanie Brenna. This time he would help her once in exchange for such a condition. And Melanie Brenna's side just received a phone call from Carl Dion, she was as happy as winning the jackpot, immediately went to Elise Corporation.

In Carl  Dion's large office, he and Melanie Brenna sat on the sofa across from each other. Both of them went straight to their original goal without hesitation.

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