Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 18Chapter 18: At the Shopping Center, Meet Melanie Brenna ( 3 )

But in Clara Alice's heart like a lightning strike. It turned out that the person who wanted to take this thing with her was Bodhi Clark's mother. She hated him so much, and even bumped into his mother. Is it possible that her fate is really to meet the enemy, and the star here is Bodhi Clark's family? Their son took her things and refused to pay. Now his mother wants to take her things? This time, she definitely wouldn't give in.
“So this lady is Bodhi Clark's mother. He and I have met a few times already. But never thought he would have such a mother. Ah, it's not called a stepmother, right?" Although Clara Alice had never met Melanie Brenna, she knew that his parents had passed away. The person who now claims to be Bodhi Clark's mother is actually just a stepmother. Although she didn't know if their relationship was good or not. But it is estimated that the two words "stepmother" are also the point that makes her uncomfortable.
Sure enough, just hearing her say that, Melanie Brenna was angry and wanted to scold her. But she was quick to juggle and tease her a little. “I feel like you don't need this dress for me. Because I have to get it, don't forget in this city, there's not only Legacy Corporation? Clara Alice, am I afraid of Bodhi Clark? What a ridiculous thing that is, madam.”
Melanie Brenna heard her say nothing but fear. She just assumed that she was the daughter of a rich family. Therefore, it is still proud but proud. “So it's Miss Clara Alice? I don't know how famous her family is in this city, to be able to make her here so proud. But unfortunately, Miss Clara Alice's reputation seems so trivial. I haven't heard of your clan, Clara Alice?"

Melanie Brenna finished speaking and pouted her lips in satisfaction. On that day, the anniversary of the founding of Elise Corporation, she could not come. Then her granddaughter must definitely wear the most beautiful dress, capturing everyone's attention. She didn't look at anyone, so she took the dress that was hanging down, gave it to the waiter, and said with a high voice.
“Even though she got it right first, I took it first! Would you mind wrapping it up for me?"
“This one!… In that case, invite Lady Melanie Brenna to the counter to pay.” That young employee girl was a bit awkward though. People still do not dare to offend with Melanie Brenna's spirit. Accepted the dress and then showed her the way to the checkout. But she didn't think Clara Alice would give way so easily.
"Stop." When Clara Alice finished speaking, she was full of sarcasm.
“This dress, if Lady Melanie Brenna likes it, Clara Alice will give it to you. After all, the thing that was hit by the petty person, this young lady is no longer interested. Is there a shortage of beautiful designer dresses in this city? Well, the lady took something that Clara Alice didn't see. It seems that your mood is still very happy?" After she finished speaking, she lightly bit her lips, approached her ear and whispered a few words.
“My family of Clara Alice is not the best in the world. But I am the woman whom Carl  Dion proposed to. Is that enough to be worthy of talking to Lady Melanie Brenna? Oh no, she's just a stepmother. The name Lady Melanie Brenna was a luxury to her. It's best to still call me Mrs. Melanie Brenna, Melanie Brenna."

While Clara Alice was just about to leave. Then, unexpectedly, the figure in front of her made her panic. Bodhi Clark again? How could she meet him here? Seeing him hand in hand with someone else's hand, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and coldly snorted.
“Our general Bodhi Clark is so charming. But I still have work, can not talk to you. I have to say goodbye in advance…”
Clara Alice didn't want to face him, but was surprised by his voice. “Clara Alice you stand there for me. I haven't let you leave yet, how dare you leave?"
"Since when did Bodhi Clark want to manage me so much?"
Clara Alice glared at him, is this person too difficult to understand? But it seems that he is not the only one who is difficult to understand. The feeling she felt every time she met him, she didn't seem to understand anymore. Especially seeing him hand in hand with someone else right now.
“By the way, are you familiar with this type of person? Looks like she's really rude. Even your words don't make any sense…” At this moment, the voice of the sexy young woman next to Bodhi Clark suddenly broke their tense atmosphere. Clara Alice just noticed, it turns out this girl is the girl that was at the mall that day.
“Bodhi Clark you came at the right time if you are an acquaintance then you should handle her well. Don't let this type of person bite like a barking dog." Melanie Brenna also stepped in to provoke her at this time.
Clara Alice looked at them as one faction. And the staff here are afraid because of Bodhi Clark's influence that they retreat to the side. Even the biggest fashion store in the mall now seems to be their stage. She also suddenly felt that this place was suffocating. Just wanted to leave quickly, more than anyone else, only she understood how afraid she was to face Bodhi Clark.
"I don't have the energy to talk to you." After Clara Alice said that, she walked away. And now Bodhi Clark saw her run away, he also chased. Leave Melanie Brenna and Bella to stay stupid. Are they looking wrong? In their eyes they saw Bodhi Clark chasing the other girl, suddenly panicking, didn't Bodhi Clark like that girl? Melanie Brenna quickly brought her granddaughter back to her own mansion to teach for a while. She let her niece in the countryside go to the city to learn how to dress and behave in luxury for many years. Now let her hide the lid next to Bodhi Clark as his mistress. So you must definitely win his heart.

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