Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 17Chapter 17: At the Shopping Center, Meet Melanie Brenna ( 2 )

Carl  Dion was not angry with her, on the contrary, he pretended not to know and asked her. "Sorry for what?"
“Sorry I went to see Bodhi Clark today. But I didn't tell you this. You won't be mad at me, will you?"
Carl  Dion patted her head with his hand, his voice extremely warm and sincere. “If only I could be mad at you, Clara Alice…”
That one sentence also touched her heart. This man in front of her was really too good for her. But I don't know if it's fate or not. She could never really love him. She agreed to his proposal, at first she thought she would be happy. But I don't understand why since meeting Bodhi Clark, her heart has been upset.
“Come on, stop being so moody, are you homesick just talking about your mother? Can't you just make this your home? Clara Alice has me by her side, I will always make you happy."
Clara Alice didn't answer him, just leaned her head on his shoulder. Take a look at the beautiful scenery of this city. In her heart for Carl  Dion is extremely grateful. That's why she really wanted to be with him. Because love is okay, most importantly, she has to repay him, who has helped her so much. At this thought, she put aside Bodhi Clark and the card game. Or maybe she didn't return to Cuu Chan anymore, and didn't need the card anymore. That would make it easier...
The next morning Clara Alice wants to go to the mall. She wanted to buy some milk for herself. Yesterday she heard Carl  Dion say, three days later is the 50th anniversary of Elise Corporation. He wanted to declare to everyone that she was the mistress of Elise Corporation, his wife. This Clara Alice did not refuse, on the contrary even agreed. Carl  Dion is also very happy because of that, heard that he also doubled the salary for all employees in the company. Sometimes Clara Alice has to laugh too, is a nod of hers worth that?

Uncle Lucans today is in charge of taking her shopping. Clara Alice is also very pleased, normally she is also very close to her uncle. See him as a family member. So when Carl  Dion is busy, it's still Uncle Lucans who replaces him as the driver. Clara Alice alone entered the city's largest and most luxurious shopping mall. But with her beauty as soon as she entered it, it also attracted the eyes of countless people. They all had to say because she was so beautiful. Well, Clara Alice was used to this sort of thing, so it just wasn't a big deal.
She went to a famous fashion store in the fashion world to see if there was a dress that would suit her. As soon as she entered, she was praised by many staff members, they did not even praise her. And Clara Alice just smiled, then leisurely glanced around to see if there was a dress model that suited her. Going to the place where the last dress on the shelf was displayed, she also had to laugh.
“This dress is white and looks very pure, the V-neck design is not too deep, it also hugs the slim waist, and the bottom of the skirt is also very sexy. It can be said that all my requests are for this dress.” She laughed as she evaluated the overall look of this dress.
The service staff saw that she liked it, so she helped out. “You really are very aesthetic. This dress is our only and exclusive model. There is only one in the whole country, and the other two are in France and one is in Great Britain."

Chapter 14: I Don't Need It As Clara Alice's Sacrifice

Clara Alice nodded once, very satisfied in her heart. Just let the waitress get this for you. But unexpectedly suddenly appeared someone who wanted to disrupt the group.
"I like that dress, too, please bring it back to me."
This person suddenly appeared wanting to take that dress away, but the attitude was also extremely bossy. Clara Alice turned her head to look at her, not thinking that the person just now was no longer as young as a young girl. But to want to win this dress with her, is it funny or not?
“But, Lady Melanie Brenna, this dress was chosen by this lady first. Or, madam, choose something else. There is so much beauty in our place.”

The waitress saw this situation and wanted to make peace, letting Melanie Brenna choose another dress. Anyway, Melanie Brenna is a vip guest on their side. But this dress was chosen by someone else first. Employees like them are really awkward.
“Is that so, Lady Melanie Brenna or would you rather choose a different dress. There is so much beauty here.” Another staff member added support.
But Melanie Brenna had her eye on that dress from the start. That dress was very satisfying at first glance, how could she ignore it? Her niece has just successfully seduced Bodhi Clark. With Elise Corporation's anniversary coming up, her granddaughter will also appear with Bodhi Clark. She was determined to let him have a face, so that later he could enter Bodhi Clark's house.
"Can not! I liked this one for sure. Don't you want to offend the Legacy corporation? Do you think this lady Melanie Brenna doesn't even see it? My son is the CEO of a large corporation. He knows his mother is so condescending. I bet this whole store will!…”
Melanie Brenna deliberately emphasized the last few words to show her authority. Although his relationship with Mrs. Melanie Brenna is extremely strained. But in front of outsiders and the press. Bodhi Clark also couldn't let the clan lose its honor. Also consider giving Melanie Brenna a little face. Moreover, now she holds shares in her hand and has a reputation as a stepmother. She knew that Bodhi Clark couldn't make it difficult for her even if she hated it. So always rely on the right to think that she is Bodhi Clark's mother.

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