Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 16Chapter 16: At the Shopping Center, Meet Melanie Brenna ( 1 )

“What you want is the card command, right? But I won't pay you. Unless you make this request for me, within 1 year I will return the card to you.” As soon as Bodhi Clark finished speaking, she went over to the nightstand, unlocked it, and took out a card from inside. That's exactly what she needed. Then brought it up in front of her and swayed.
"What? Do you want to get your token back?”
Clara Alice looked at him and gritted her teeth. She finally gave a cold snort and replied. "Okay then tell me! What does Bodhi Clark, the president of the Emperor Corporation, need my help with?"
“It's very simple, Carl  Dion has always been my rival. In the marketplace, he was the only one who could stand up to this Bodhi Clark. I didn't plan to use this method either, but he dared to cooperate with the person I hate the most. So I had to get something back from him. And she was the one he cared about. I gave her three days, then immediately went to my corporation to work as my assistant. Moreover, move to my house.”
Bodhi Clark's words made her panic. Be your assistant? To your house? This is if it really does. How do you talk to Carl  Dion and his grandmother? She suddenly hesitated, should she ignore everything because of the order?
“Can your request be partially retracted? I can go to the Emperor God to work, but I can't come to your house."
Bodhi Clark, on the contrary, was very insistent on her begging low voice, refusing to back down. "Cannot! She is assured that my money is a lot, so even though I already have an assistant, it is not a problem to hire one more person. Although I have many women, but since my money is too much, it is only a small thing for you to add to the list.”
Clara Alice saw that his words were full of such rudeness and became angry. Her palms clenched tightly, did he see her as the other women passing by? Like the woman he casually kissed at the mall! Clara Alice is a noble princess from birth. Then she in the 21st century was cherished by Carl  Dion. This is the second time she has suffered such condescension. And both times it was for Bodhi Clark.
“Look, I'm already Carl  Dion's wife, so excuse me. His request for one thing I also do not accept. I don't need that card anymore, if you like it, keep it there. Clara Alice, I don't want to argue with you either."
After saying that, she got angry and turned to leave. And Bodhi Clark slightly pursed his lips, very interesting. Even him, she dared to refuse. Has this girl been spoiled by Carl  Dion? When she appeared here for the first time meeting him. Wasn't that time still condescending and begging him to take care of her and help her in this world? It seems that two years is enough for her to get used to this world and also learn to resist him!

“Aaron Gavin you continue to investigate for me the recent meetings between Melanie Brenna and Carl  Dion. Her actions in recent times are clearly investigated for me."
Melanie Brenna has a 10% stake in Legacy Group. So that's also why she actively contacted other people and small helpers who wanted to oppose him. He should have eliminated Melanie Brenna a long time ago. But if it wasn't for the respect that she was also your father's wife, could she still live to this day? He had warned her once two years ago, it was best to stay calm. Unfortunately, her last chance was also lost. Now I'll let her see what it's like to go to hell. Sophronia, my brother's revenge I will pay her back many times over.

And now when Clara Alice had just left Bodhi Clark's house for a while. She still smeared on the street, because she was not in the mood. She wanted to borrow the feeling of walking, taking slow steps to calm her mind. Thinking about some of the things just now, my heart is even worse. But she didn't think that at this moment, behind her, there was a car that was honking its horn continuously. She turned her head to look, it was Carl  Dion's car. She was stunned for a moment, then saw him open the car door and run to her place.
“Clara Alice, are you okay? Why are you hanging out there? Get in the car and I'll drive you home." Carl  Dion finished talking and pulled her hand into the car.
And Clara Alice the whole way she did not say a word to him. Needless to say, she didn't know how to open her mouth. Because she really couldn't tell him about Bodhi Clark. But Clara Alice did not know, Carl   Dion is a general. There is no shortage of human resources. Any news about her is always informed about him. The fact that she came to Bodhi Clark's house he also knew well, just didn't want to talk about it. He wanted to let her confess, but the look on her face didn't seem to be telling him. Thinking of this, Carl  Dion could only regretfully shake his head.
At night, Clara Alice stood in front of the terrace, looking up at this prosperous city at night. In her heart, she thought of the card, she really wanted to take it back. Because... when she was in France, she had a very strange dream. In her dream, a familiar voice told her that. Just get the card then wait for the full moon day. Hold the card up to the moon. That way she can return to Jiu Chan. But at the same time there must be tears and the color of the person she loves on it. The new card can under the moonlight create the same light as before. Only then will she be able to return to Prussia.
“Mom, Clara Alice misses you very much.” She said with tears in her eyes.
It's winter outside now, it's very cold, her heart is also cold by the wind and dew. But she felt no pain at all. Compared to the heartache, what was the passing wind? But now she felt her body being shaken by a very warm coat. She turned to look at him again, unable to help but say. "I'm sorry."

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