Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 9, 2022
Ch. 15Chapter 15: Not Feel Happy

“You are Miss Clara Alice right? Miss Xuan invited you inside, the master has been waiting for you since morning." Lus was also very respectful when talking to her, with a hint of aura on her face. After all, she is just a worker, the owner's guests are all valued guests, she should also be attentive.
Clara Alice in the Prussia also did not have the habit of bullying young and old. In fact, when it came to the 21st century, she was much more sociable. Therefore, she is also very polite and polite to greet adults. "Hi, my name is Clara Alice."
After she finished speaking, she followed Lus's mother into the house. This mansion was still very familiar in her memory. Although she was only there for a few days, for some reason it was deeply embedded in her subconscious. When she entered the house, she saw a tall figure sitting on the sofa watching TV. Isn't that person Bodhi Clark? However, he saw her coming but still didn't take his eyes off the TV. Is this provoking and provoking her? Fortunately, Anna's mother saw her awkwardness and quickly spoke up to help her.
"Master, Miss Clara Alice has arrived."
“It's so embarrassing I'm already watching this show. I wonder if Clara Alice can wait for me for a while? Who, but I forgot, Clara Alice you have someone behind you. I'm afraid that with a noble status like now, I can't wait for a few minutes..." Bodhi Clark crossed her legs, leisurely watching TV. The attitude also let her speak rudely. Was he implying that she was by Carl  Dion's side?
Bodhi Clark also didn't notice the unsightly color of her eyes. Still leisurely watching TV, this girl is ridiculous. Let him wait for an hour, now what if he just made her wait a few minutes? That year he wanted to take her, but she ran away and followed Carl  Dion. What morality is this? The first person she met in this world was him! Thinking of Carl  Dion has always been his opponent. This time it seemed like he just wanted to teach Carl  Dion a lesson.
“Bodhi Clark are you a moralist? It was you who invited me here, otherwise I wouldn't want to see the face of a ruthless villain like you. You think I really want to come here? I don't want to give the order back to me. Bodhi Clark, you are a gentleman and must keep your promises." Clara Alice couldn't take it anymore, she stomped her foot. After that, he ran to his place and snatched the TV remote from his hand, then unintentionally pressed the off button. But at the same time, she did not notice that she was pulled by Bodhi Clark, causing her to fall on his body.

Clara Alice's heart was beating faster than ever. She was naturally snuggled into his chest. Thinking of this, her face turned red. Before, she and Carl  Dion did not have such a fate. Clara Alice thought so, she quickly let him out, then stood up straight in front of him and shouted criticism.
“Bodhi Clark are you crazy? How dare you offend me?”
Bodhi Clark snorted coldly, the girl that year suddenly appeared in front of him. Then it disappeared from his sight, said he can't hate? That time, leaving her on the street, he also felt regret. But then he apparently sent people looking for her everywhere. It's only a pity that this girl hid too well, making him unable to look at this face for two years now. This time they meet again, he won't let her leave. In his whole life apart from Sophronia, Clara Alice is the girl that makes him interested in women. Just like the other model girlfriends he knows outside, this Clara Alice is very special.
“Did I offend you? Remember, where did we first meet? Is in my house, specifically my room.” Bodhi Clark finished speaking, then aggressively grabbed her hand and pulled her up to the room. Clara Alice saw him so aggressive many times and wanted to resist but still couldn't escape. Just obediently follow him to his room.
But Bodhi Clark met again this time without intending to let her go. One was because she was a woman he felt very special, very interested in. The second is because she is the woman of Carl  Dion, his rival in the marketplace. Third, because of the person he hates the most, his stepmother Melanie Brenna cooperates with Carl  Dion. It's also good that Carl  Dion dared to cooperate with Melanie Brenna to oppose him. Then he will arrest Clara Alice, his woman by his side, as if he were to pay the price.
Entering his room, Clara Alice's head felt dizzy again. This was the place where she first appeared in this world, but now standing in this place again she did not feel happy. She pulled her hand away from him with all her might, then pointed directly at Bodhi Clark again.
“I told him he wasn't there to be violent with me. Mr. Carl  Dion will not forgive you. Now back to the main topic, return the card to me.” Clara Alice suppressed her anger, kept her composure and told him.
Bodhi Clark again pretended to be innocent and calmly answered her. “What is the order? Did I say I would pay you? I told her I was keeping it, if she wanted it back, come see me. But I also didn't say that after you come to see me, I will return the card to you?"
Clara Alice's eyes widened at this despicable act of his. Just shouted loudly at him. "Brazen."
Clara Alice right now only hates that she is not in Prussia. Otherwise, who would dare to disrespect the princess? Though she had been in this modern world for two years. But compared to the time I was born and raised in Prussia. She still wanted to go back to her home. Even if she adapts to the 21st century, she still doesn't forget that she is a princess. Even though there are no kings in this world, everyone is an equal human being. But she still couldn't accept Bodhi Clark making things difficult for her. Thinking back, it's pathetic, in this world only Bodhi Clark is considered her nemesis.

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