Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 14Chapter 14: Going to Bodhi Clark's House

“Brother Carl  Dion, how are you? That's just what happened between me and Bodhi Clark, aren't you jealous? I guarantee I don't have feelings for Bodhi Clark. After all, he is such a promiscuous person. We've all seen that before! How can I love someone like that?"
“Is everything you say true? You have no idea about feelings for Bodhi Clark?" Carl  Dion asked gently. For the past two years, he's always been looking for ways to bring him and her closer together. So he couldn't let anyone have a chance to take her away from him.
“I guarantee it! So we can go home, right? Want to go home, I'm so tired? Hey, if you don't come in, then I won't be your wife anymore?" Clara Alice pouted her lips, and deliberately raised her hand so that he could see the ring he had proposed to her earlier.
Carl  Dion saw that she wanted to be so provocative and had to nod. He always loses against this treasured princess. Carl  Dion normally doesn't see anyone in the house, especially at night. That's why Truong's mother, the housekeeper, only works during the day. So at home, only Uncle Lucans is the housekeeper. He saw that Carl   Dion's car was parked in front of the gate and ran to open the door. Carl  Dion after parking in the basement. He carried her from the car to the bedroom.
Clara Alice didn't want to share a room between men and women who were married. So immediately let Carl  Dion go to his room. And after she changed into pajamas, washed her face and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, my phone lit up again. She picked it up to see who was calling her at this time. But the number displayed on the screen surprised her. Was Bodhi Clark phoned for her?
Remember that time Bodhi Clark gave her this phone. Moreover, she remembered that he had saved his own number in the phone book at that time. But in the past few years, Clara Alice has not thought of deleting the number. Anyway, it can be seen as her memory of coming to this world. Just unexpectedly, after two years, Bodhi Clark suddenly phoned her. Clara Alice was a little confused, for a moment she didn't know whether to answer the phone or not. But hesitated for a moment, I don't know if it was due to her psychological problem or was possessed by a demon. She suddenly pressed his phone again.
"Hello, I'm Clara Alice, I wonder who's calling?" She pretended not to know him.
The other end of the line quickly answered coldly. "We haven't seen each other for two years, don't you remember my phone number? But if you don't remember my phone number, you should remember me, right? If it weren't for the shopping mall, wouldn't you have been staring at me like that?"
Clara Alice heard him come here a little startled. It turned out that when she recognized him just now, he also saw her? Just don't think Bodhi Clark is calling her now, what's the purpose?
“If you do such a depraved thing in public, can I not be an eyesore? I just saw it by accident, I don't care who you are. I'll hang up now…” Clara Alice said somewhat angrily.
But as soon as she said this, there was an extremely cold, hard voice on the other end of the line. "If you want to get your card back, come see me tomorrow morning, at my house."
After he finished speaking, he turned off the phone, even turning off the phone before her. But the one who was bewildered was Clara Alice, did he want her to come see him? This old Bodhi Clark left her like an animal in the street. Now call one or two to ask her to meet him. Still using such a harsh voice? Is he a man? Thinking of Carl  Dion always caring for her tenderly and thoughtfully, her heart still feels a little warm. Although in the marketplace, the two of them are considered to be hegemony, the great demon is equally talented. But it can be said that Carl  Dion is still more in her heart.

“Bodhi Clark's card is the only thing that matters in regards to my identity. Sooner or later I will claim it from your hands.” Clara Alice cursed him silently, I don't know how many times she cursed Bodhi Clark. Just thinking about Bodhi Clark somehow made her heart ache. As a result, it was not until midnight that she could fall asleep. That night could be said to be very special to her. It felt like her happy and peaceful days of the past two years were about to end, but instead were the painful days of the future.
The next morning when Clara Alice woke up, she ran down to the living room to look for Carl  Dion, but he was nowhere to be found. It's Sunday, why aren't you at home? She immediately looked for Truong's mother to ask about it. Ma Truong immediately told her honestly. “This morning, the young master wanted to take the young lady for a walk. But suddenly there was some call, seemingly very important. That's why the young master left early."
Clara Alice also nodded once, if it was an emergency, then she could not shut him up. But that's also good, she is afraid that he will not agree to let her go and find Bodhi Clark. But right now, he's not here for the time being, so it's fine for her to go first and then come back and confess later. Thinking of this, Clara Alice quickly changed her clothes, dressed up a bit, and then called a taxi to go out. Although Uncle Black insisted on taking her away. But Clara Alice still used an excuse to refuse, she thought it would be better to call a taxi.
Arriving at Bodhi Clark's mansion, she stood in front of the large gate, hesitant to know why she didn't dare to ring the bell. This is where she first appeared in this world. But in the end, standing here she was afraid, was afraid of the cold person Bodhi Clarkkia. But just as Clara Alice turned to leave, the gate suddenly opened. The one who opened the gate was a middle-aged woman, who she guessed was the housekeeper Bodhi Clark.

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