Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 12Chapter 12: Proposal

That night, Carl  Dion one or two wanted to take her to a restaurant. Clara Alice couldn't resist and agreed with him. The restaurant they went to was a pretty famous vip restaurant in this city. But in her memory, the appearance of that person named Bodhi Clark appeared vaguely. For the first time, she was able to go outside to see the beauty of this world. It was the same day that Bodhi Clark brought her here. Clara Alice involuntarily curved her lips and smiled lightly, if not for that evil person to leave her. Then how did she have a chance to meet Carl Dion ?
Entering the restaurant door, the manager and longtime staff came out to greet them. Next, a manager led them to the upper floor, where the vip room was already set up. Clara Alice had just sat at the table when someone brought food to them. After that, they immediately left, turning off all the bright lights and replacing them with light yellow LEDs. Clara Alice was a little surprised and asked him.
“Is it necessary to act so mysterious?” She was a little funny to tell him.
Carl  Dion answered her joking questions very sincerely. “I want the day I propose to you to be special. Clara Alice from the first time I met you was impressed with you. After that we were together day by day, I finally knew. You to me are just met and fell in love. Besides, I want to spend the rest of my life protecting you properly.”
When he finished speaking, he grabbed her hand with one hand. One hand pulled out from his pocket a brilliant diamond ring. Carl  Dion looked at her gently and then put the ring back on her palm. “I know that forcing you to agree to marry me right now is giving you a hard time. But let's see if I accepted your request, okay? Please keep this ring. When you feel happy, put it on. But now absolutely do not refuse him. Ice cream, isn't it, Clara Alice, princess, be my wife!…”
Clara Alice for this proposal of his was indeed a bit surprised. She was also very embarrassed and didn't know how to respond. She looked at him for a moment and allowed herself to think. After all, if she had to be in this world, there would be no Avis Bern beside her. Should she accept this reality?
"I agree." She spoke slowly.
Carl  Dion got her approval and was overjoyed. He also did not expect this person in front of him to be his fiancée now. And Clara Alice couldn't bear to upset him. Though he said she can now put it on. But if she agreed, there shouldn't be any distance between the two. She took the ring herself and put it on her ring finger, then brought it up again and showed it to him. "Do you think I'm beautiful when I wear it? You have now officially become my wife Carl   Dion already? Carl  Dion you should declare all the girls next to you over time. Would you like to report it to Carl  Dion's wife?"
Carl  Dion because he was so excited he didn't even think about it. A few days ago, I got angry at the company and even fired a department head. But now I can be happy, happy like that. Just having her love was a joy to him.
“Do you need to report? Then your wife should also declare it, right? Huh, for many years now, I have protected myself like a jade. Shouldn't today…” He deliberately seduce her, but he didn't expect this girl to reject him so easily.
“This princess comes from a famous family, so how can these things be said indiscriminately? Should wait until the wedding day, or not the wedding. Carl  Dion if you have evil intentions, don't blame me..."
Carl  Dion heard her speak and could only laugh bitterly. This is why she has used too much in the past two years. But he also didn't blame her, in the old days the women in the imperial capital were known for being conservative. What's more, a princess like her with jade leaves and golden branches. But this time, he was rejected and it didn't hurt. As long as she was by his side, agreeing to be his wife, it was only a matter of time. What do you need to pay attention to? But thinking about it again and again, he couldn't stay as a monk for too long. It's still a good idea to quickly let her officially become his wife.
Clara Alice, afraid that he would be unhappy, diverted the topic of their conversation. "Brother Carl Dion , you said you would take me to eat ice cream. I already got the ring, so should I take you out for ice cream too?"
Carl  Dion raised his hand to pinch her nose, calmly speaking. “Princess the food at this restaurant you haven't touched yet. Hurry up and eat it, then the subordinates will lead the princess to eat ice cream, will you?"

Clara Alice quickly enjoyed each dish on the table. It was true that each dish was delicious, to suit her taste. Although she was formerly a county lord with golden branches and jade leaves, she enjoyed the world's culinary arts. But in this modern world, their food was still delicious. Carl  Dion is a merchant, but his power in this world is enough for her to still enjoy the delicious food in the world. She ate while thinking that without him, she probably wouldn't be as happy as she is now. She is now considered to be his fiancée. The past matters to her no longer so important. From now on you are not the princess. She is the fiancée of a general manager Carl  Dion.
The two of them ate happily, then Carl  Dion took the initiative to drive her to the mall to buy ice cream. He is always worried that the ice cream shops outside are not of good quality. Afraid that if she eats it, it will affect her health. So every time they eat ice cream, they only eat it at the mall or big brand stores. Clara Alice in Carl's hand  Dion cheerfully held in her hand the newly purchased ice cream and found a quiet place to eat.

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