Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 11Chaper: Years Later ( 2 )

Carl  Dion just drove like that, he saw her thinking like that and knew that she was thinking about her hometown. He could only look at her silently, and every time she closed her eyes, three words Avis Bern appeared in her head. It's been two years, should she also let go of these three words? Avis Bern, I once said that I have not forgotten you in ten years. And I will never forget you in this life. It's just that I think, now I can only see you as a close friend. Being a good singer always takes care of me. Avis Bern hopes you won't blame me...
Carl  Dion's supercar stopped in front of his mansion. Clara Alice quickly got out of the car and ran into the house. Leave her heavy luggage to him. As soon as I entered the house, I saw Carl  Dion's grandmother sitting in the living room. Clara Alice immediately ran to hug her, still happily talking. “Grandma Clara Alice is back. Did Grandma miss Clara Alice a lot?”
Elfleda saw her so happy and her mood improved. She took her hand and said. "It's good that you come back, it doesn't make up for the time you're not here. Tieu Trach really misses you. Haizaaaa sometimes she looks at it with loss of appetite and sleeplessness, but it still hurts. Now that I'm back, the two of you should take advantage of the relationship to build up."
As for Elfleda, for the past two years she has considered Clara Alice as her niece. Also accepted the story of her and Carl  Dion. Because of Clara Alice, her disobedient grandchild finally took over Elise Corporation, which is what she most appreciates about her. Seeing articles praising his talent in the marketplace, her heart became more and more happy.
"Grandma, I already know this, grandma, don't be so hard on us." Clara Alice seemed a bit taken aback, but still comforted her grandmother.
At this time, Carl  Dion pulled her luggage in and took the opportunity to relieve her. “Grandma Clara Alice just got back or let me take her luggage upstairs. Come on, Clara Alice, you'll come with me too."
Clara Alice quickly nodded, then the two of them also said an hour to their grandmother and went upstairs together. Opening the door to her previous room, it remained unchanged. He helped her carry the luggage in, then she also used the excuse of wanting to rest and let him leave. When Carl  Dion was gone, she rolled over on the mattress. The couple thought again about her relationship with him now. Now that she's used to this world, should she stop bothering him? Although their relationship was very close, she was not officially his lover after all. Over the years, she and he have understood each other more and more, and have been seen as lovers. But in the end, they are just a vague relationship that cannot be counted as lovers. She thought again whether she should free him. For you to find the person you love, the right person for you?
When Carl  Dion went down to the living room alone, Elfleda saw this and questioned him. “Aren't you up there talking to Clara Alice? Either way, the two of them can't just stay like that. Haven't officially become a lover, nor proposed to someone. If so, when can you two get married and have children for me to have great-grandchildren?"
Elfleda said while sighing, this little Clara Alice is good though. But in general, these two children are still unclear, and have not been in love for such a long time. Tell her how can you not be impatient? She knew that this girl could make Carl  Dion change, she was definitely a brave person. If she agrees to marry this grandson of hers. Then she will no longer worry about Carl  Dion's play. But people, things go on and on. She was scared again like Clara Alice wanted to break up with Carl  Dion. Will her grandchildren continue to play around like before? In her eyes, the most important thing is still Carl  Dion and Elise Corporation.
“What does Grandma need urgently? We'll get married sooner or later. I'm sure you've got all the plans ready. Tonight I will propose to Clara Alice.” Carl  Dion comforts grandma.
Elfleda felt somewhat relieved hearing that. She quickly returned home and rested for a while. Before leaving, she did not hesitate to advise him. When Clara Alice agrees, she must give her a call. Carl  Dion could only nod in response to satisfy his grandmother. Seeing her leave, he sat down on the sofa again and sighed.
In her heart, have you forgotten the ancient people? Over the years he had tried to conquer her. Just because she wanted her to understand, the person standing in front of her was him. It's you Carl  Dion, not the one named Avis Bern. He couldn't make her recognize the wrong person because of his face. What he wants is for her to really love him, to be Carl  Dion brother.
“Clara Alice you are so cruel, why haven't you accepted my feelings until now? Avis Bern once saved me in a lotus pond. Why do I only remember the person who saved me once. But forget about the guy who volunteered to use everything to tolerate me. Can you give me a happy and peaceful life?"
For the past two years, he'd always let her do whatever he wanted. To make her happy, more than half of him wanted her whole life to be the happiest princess in this world. Even the fact that she did not accept his feelings, he did not force it. Sometimes he really wanted to talk to her. Why did she still miss the other person until now, but forgot how much effort he had put in to tolerate her in this world?

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