Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 10Chapter 10: 2 Years Later

At the airport, Clara Alice in a white one-piece dress, her appearance was like an angel in the middle of the world, quickly attracting the eyes of countless people. Her appearance in the Prussia was already that of a flower of lust, carefully cared for with rare herbs. And now in this world, she is also very receptive and learns how to take care of the facial skin of modern people. So, although her face doesn't need heavy makeup, it's still difficult for anyone to pass. However, the people around her still didn't care. Still leisurely dragging his suitcase out the airport door.
Clara Alice kept calling Carl  Dion, but in return it was only the bells that were not picked up. She was a little sulky in her heart, last night someone said that they would definitely pick her up? But now the face is nowhere to be seen. Clara Alice tried to wait patiently for about fifteen minutes, then she stopped waiting and directly called a taxi to get in the car. At the same time, as soon as she stepped into the car, she saw the figure of Carl  Dion somewhere. But she still wanted to punish him a little, so that he had to leave empty-handed.
"The driver has bothered you, just run straight ahead." She said softly, then looked outside. And Carl  Dion nearby also saw her from the car window. He quickly stepped on the gas and chased after her.
Clara Alice this time wanted to leave him alone to punish him for not being able to pick her up. Seeing his car getting closer and closer, Clara Alice quickly urged the driver to run faster. But who can surpass the great demon king of the family. Carl  Dion immediately played a trick, ran over the taxi of the car parked in front of their car. In the car, the driver had to brake quickly but couldn't help but curse a few sentences. Carl  Dion just got out of the car and ran to a taxi. Clara Alice saw that he had come and did not dare to tease anymore. Just open the car door to talk to him.
“You made me wait fifteen minutes? Who said yesterday that you must wait for me today. Let me just get off the plane so I can meet you?" She pursed her lips slightly, pretending to be sulk at him.
Carl  Dion also had to confess to this girl. He had to humble himself a little to apologize to his princess. “Okay, who is wrong? It was last night that I missed you so much that I rolled back and forth in bed, unable to sleep. It wasn't until nearly 3 a.m. that he was able to take a nap. That's why I woke up late this morning. Miss ice cream, can I take you to eat ice cream later?"
Clara Alice just heard him where the ice cream was immediately super heart. Coi really likes to eat ice cream, so because he had such a sincere intention, he agreed to join his car. Carl  Dion saw that she had calmed down and paid the other driver well. After that, he did not say no, but directly hugged him over his car. Clara Alice was hugged by him on the street to the point of embarrassment, couldn't help but laugh. “Brother Carl  Dion don't you have any shame?
But Clara Alice is embarrassed. Do you really need to hold me like that? Haha, but isn't it proud to be hugged by a great demon king like you?"
Carl  Dion heard her say that and couldn't help but laugh. He even stepped on the gas pedal to make the car go faster, almost scaring her away. “Hey, you dare to call me the great demon king too? My liver is getting bigger and bigger.”
"Okay, it's my fault okay? But Grandma would be happy to see you like this, wouldn't she? I remember when we first met, you were still a playboy like that. I also don't think that you will have a day as brave and majestic as now." After Clara Alice finished talking, she went online and was filled with information.
“Have you seen it yet? There are also many articles praising him online. Carl  Dion young master from a guy who only knows how to play. Now become the general manager of Elise corporation. Majestic in the marketplace, no different from the great demon king. Country Z has two talented young entrepreneurs, Bodhi Clark and Carl  Dion. The two great demon kings at the top of the marketplace.”
“I only know how to praise you, do you also forget yourself? From a lord across time and space. Now a gem designer studying abroad from France. Did you say it has changed a lot?”
Clara Alice heard him say that, her heart fluttered a little. Yes, it's been two years since you came here. At first, she just wanted to live peacefully through the day. But Grandma saw her potential. For gems that are very eye-catching, real and fake cannot be confused. This is also considered a talent that she can use in this era. After all, she was the princess of a Victorian palace, and was also conferred a princess by the saint. With this glorious identity, can the royal family like her still not be able to distinguish gems? Since childhood, she has installed many rare jewelry. She also said that she also had a beautiful amber jade necklace that was personally attacked by Persia, which was a birth offering that the Queen Mother had given. Because of this, her grandmother suggested that she go to France to take a course on gems. She went to France like that, it has been more than a year in Paris already.
In fact, at first, hearing her grandmother's opinion was also very happy. After all, in this world, knowledge and qualifications are very important. She should also study a major, later on, she can also go for job interviews, isn't this very good? Now that she has returned, she also plans to go to the Elise gem corporation to work. Just hoping to be of some help to Carl  Dion. She is really grateful to you. It was he who guided her step by step to get used to this world. The person she needs to thank the most should also be him.

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