Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 1Chaper 1: Crossing the Air to the 21st Century

“Princess we have to get out of here quickly. If you don't let the king find out, someone will chase you after a while." The bodyguard spoke with urgency, but Clara Alice couldn't care less about such things.
She pulled up the curtains, looked at Avis Bern's big house, and couldn't help but imagine how good it would be if she could be his wife. If she were to marry Avis Bern, would this place become her wedding? This time, leaving this place, I don't know when I can return. Will Avis Bern he in the capital ever fall in love with another girl? Anyway, this love affair frankly said that she loved him more. That year he saved her life, her heart fluttered and still loved him, but he's been the same for so many years, she doesn't know if he has feelings for her or not? After all, those three words "I love you" he never said to her even once.

"Princess!..." Time was not early, the guard was afraid that someone would chase him and urged the princess.
"If someone chases me, I'm afraid the princess won't be able to leave the royal capital."
Clara Alice took a deep breath, clutched her sleeve tightly, then let the carriage continue.
As soon as the words came out, her heart ached like hell, but she couldn't help it. The carriage continued to depart from the capital. She leaned against a corner of the carriage and thought absentmindedly. After leaving the capital, I wonder what the capital will be like? Was it because of her escape that she was shocked? I just hope that the emperor soon finds another noble girl suitable to take her place in marriage to the Davaona tribe.

"Chat... Chat" The sound of the carriage passed through the alleys and quickly left the capital. Clara Alice was so heartbroken that she fell asleep without knowing when, when she was still dreaming in a dream, she was suddenly awakened by a loud scream.

“That carriage is carrying Princess Clara Alice. I don't want to bring the princess back." The person blocking the front was the leader of the guards in the Victori palace
"Princess! There was a group of people chasing up ahead! Unexpectedly, they caught up, the subordinates can't do their duty to ask for forgiveness from the princess!"

Clara Alice smiled a little, anyway, running away was not so easy, she had already expected it. So she couldn't blame him either.
"It's not your fault, I don't blame you either."
With that, she slowly got off the carriage. Then speak in front of those people.

"You want to threaten me, do you want to bring me back?"

“The royal order is hard to disobey, I hope the princess returns soon. If you let people leave, it will be difficult for the subordinates to talk to the royal family. It is also difficult for the royal family to talk to the emperor. I hope the princess doesn't object..."
That person was talking when she was stopped by Clara Alice, “My father for the happiness of a daughter's life is me. Even if the emperor scolded a few sentences, what would you do? In short, if we do not return, we will not return. If you have the guts, kill me!" After she finished speaking, she glared at him, then turned around to run away.

But he let his subordinates chase her. Clara Alice ran from one road to another, still unable to escape. After running for a while, she reached a dead end, she turned her head to look and saw that the people who wanted to arrest her had already chased them all. She was still confused and scared, when suddenly someone ran up to her.

“Clara Alice quickly get out of here.” This person was Avis Bern. Although he wears a black body with a veil. But the person she loved, how could she not recognize it?

She immediately ran in the opposite direction and quickly left here, leaving the others to let Avis Bern handle them. She ran for a while, then suddenly exhausted and collapsed to the ground. She looked around, it was still dark and the street was so narrow. Suddenly, a little fear rose in her heart, she tried to get up to continue but the strength was gone. Clara Alice sighed, it seemed that she had to sit here for a while and wait for morning, then slowly leave the capital.

Her heart was like a dark patch of sky. Just hope no thugs come near her. After all, she is a princess, since she was a child, she has lived in luxury and served by others. Now hiding and hiding like that, wouldn't it be difficult for her?

She mumbled under her breath, clutching her knees with both hands, crying in fear.
She sat here for a while and wanted to sleep. But now suddenly there was a light shining directly at her. Clara Alice thought it was morning, but it wasn't? She wondered why this light would shine directly on her body.
"What the hell is this all about?" Before Clara Alice could guess what was going on, she was sucked into the light.
“Ah…” She cried out in fear, the light seemed to be sucking her into another place. Is this weird or what? She was pierced by that light, then it was like being in some space orbit.

Her heart was like a dark patch of sky. Just hope no thugs come near her. After all, she is a princess, since she was a child, she has lived in luxury and is served by others. Now hiding like this, wouldn't it be difficult for her?

"Have you finished beating those guys yet? Can you come and protect Clara Alice? I'm so scared, Avis Bern." She mumbled in her mouth, both hands hugging her knees, crying in fear.
She sat there for a moment and wanted to fall asleep. But now suddenly there was a light shining directly on her. Clara Alice thought it was already morning, but it wasn't? She wondered, how could this light shine on her like that.
“What the heck is this all about?” Before Clara Alice could guess what was going on, she was sucked into that light.
“Ah…” She screamed out in fear, the light seemed to be sucking her into another place. Is this weird or what? She was pierced by that light, then it was like being in some space orbit.

Country Z, capital Y

"Ah..." Clara Alice was taken by the light to a place she had never seen before. She collapsed on the floor, then stood up in shock and looked around. Where is this? Why is she here? Looking at this place is so strange, the architecture is not like Prussia . After all, where is she?
“The light just now has brought me to this monstrous place. Clara Alice did we end up doing something unethical? So many bad luck things keep coming. Where is Avis Bern brother, I want to go home hic hic Clara Alice wants to go home."
Clara Alice looked at everything in a daze. She tried to stay calm, unable to let herself be agitated. At this moment, someone came in from outside the door. As a tall and handsome man, his five senses are more than human.

Clara Alice was a little skeptical and asked him:“What's the excuse here? Why am I here, and you! Who are you? Why are you here too?”
After she finished speaking, she looked at his clothes again. How could he dress so thinly in front of her, this is disrespectful in front of the princess. She definitely had to punish him. “Why are you dressed so informally? You dare to be rude in front of the princess! I will punish you, do you believe this lord will…” She mumbled for a while, then was stopped by him.
“How will she be?”
"This lord will take your life." She pointed her finger in his face and said eloquently.

But Clara Alice did not know that she was partly surprised, the other man was more surprised than her. He is Bodhi Clark, the CEO of the famous Legacy Group in the market. He returned from his office to his bedroom. Just wanted to lie down and rest for a while, but suddenly, this strangely dressed girl appeared in his room.
Bodhi Clark pushed her hand aside and used a cold look to glare at Clara Alice.
“Bodhi Clark I hate the most is someone who points at his face! Girl, you're brave too!"
After saying that, he put his hand around her neck.Clara Alice was bewildered for a long time, and finally struggled to beg him. The street lady who was the county lord of Prussia was easily beaten by a common man. She secretly wrote this debt in her heart, and will definitely make him pay for it later.

"So your name is Bodhi Clark? Then tell me clearly who you are!"
“Who are you? Why are you dressed so strangely in my room?" He finished talking and she went from top to bottom again. This seems to be an antique, doesn't it? But why is she in your room?
“I am Clara Alice, I am Clara Alice, the lord of the Victoria royal palace. You dare to easily serve the county lord!" She stroked him with her hands, wanting him to let go of her, but looking at his fierce eyes, she obediently stood still like a rabbit!
"Princess? Are you from ancient times? What country are you from?" He didn't look like she was lying like this. At first, he thought she was here on purpose. But unexpectedly, she was a space traveler from ancient times. However, he still didn't believe it and asked a few more things.

“So how did you come here?”
When Clara Alice saw that he had let go of his hand, she immediately gasped. At this point, he just snorted coldly and said:
“I was blessed by the Emperor to marry only to the steppe. But I don't want to marry there. As a result, while digging a kiss, suddenly a strange light shines on him. Then that light sucks us in. It is like entering that light to a very mysterious and strange space. Then that light also disappeared. And I found myself in this place.”

Although Bodhi Clark looked at her with suspicion on the outside, in his heart he had confidence in her. Because of his mansion, not everyone who wants to sneak in can enter? Is that person bored with life? And this girl, dressed strangely, talking nonsense, suddenly appeared here. It seems that she has indeed traveled from ancient times.
“So what dynasty are you from?” Bodhi Clark asked her attentively.
Clara Alice honestly replied, " Prussia, I am the lord of the Prussia!"

After hearing this, Bodhi Clark was a little surprised. In the history of the country, he had never heard of a country named Prussia. He mumbled under his breath, "What country is Prussia?"
Clara Alice looked at him thinking about something and asked curiously. Maybe he has a grudge against Prussia, why is his attitude strange when he hears her say that Prussia is so strange?
"What about the Prussia?" She lifted her lips and glared at him.
Bodhi Clark was born with a cold nature. Even if he had bad luck today like having a girl bothering him from somewhere, he would deal with it calmly. But with Clara Alice's attitude, it seems that he has to correct her once. There is no princess here, can't let her live in this world with the character of a princess served by people.

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