Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 6, 2021
Ch. 9Chapter 8

A week later:

It has been a week to the night when Hridhaan got to know about Aavya's baby and in this whole week even Aavya become a little comfortable with Hridhaan, though she couldn't gelled up with him completely but luckily she also didn't pushed Hridhaan away from her.

On other hand Hridhaan everyday used to come orphanage for lunch and then again in evening to spend little time with Aavya.

Today also he came at exact 12:30 as it was lunch time and sat on floor beside Muskan.

Yes, The Hridhaam Mehra, who probably has never sat on ground before and who has enjoyed all the luxuries in his life, was now sitting on floor just for a girl...his girl!!

Aavya knowing that what status Hridhaan has and still the way he sits on floor with them, ensures her a little that may be he is not like other cruel or evil person she has encountered till now in her whole life.

Currently Hridhaan was sitting on floor with Muskan in his lap.This was the another thing which had progressed.Hridhaan has been favourite for all the little angels of the orphanage and even manik loves them all.But still Muskan is his most favourite.May be because she is the only one who gives him all the latest updates of Aavya's everyday routine.

Muskan and Hridhaan were talking about something where Hridhaan was listening to all Muskan was telling him with much concentration.

Aavya came and served them lunch while seeing the dish, both Muskan and Hridhaan scrunch their nose.

"What happen?", Aavya asked to no one particular when she saw both of them continuously making bad faces.

"I don't like brinjals.", Mushkan said with pout and even Hridhaan bobbed his head in agreement, but then seeing Aavya already looking at him with raised brows, he immediately said, "I mean i don't like it much but i can eat it.And don't worry, i will make her eat as well."

Aavya meekly nodded and then served both of them, and Hridhaan kept looking at the brinjal curry with horrified face.

Hridhaan started making muskan eat with pampering her.He also ate a little just not to upset Aavya, even though he hate the brinjals to core.


It was the routine that after lunch Aavya would take all the girls to the garden in orphanage to digest their food while Hridhaan would go back to his office.

Today also post lunch Aavya took the girls to the garden whereas she was sitting on the bench keeping eye on all of them.When Hridhaan came and sit beside her.Aavya not for even once looked at him as now whenever he is around her, she can easily feel his presence even without seeing.

"You love children, don't you?", Hridhaan asked suddenly and saw her lips curving into a small sad smile.

By now Hridhaan had already told her everything abt himself, his family, his friends, his profession.He was also trying that even Aavya open up to him just like he did, but to his dismay Aavya is still nothing but a mystery to him.

Also the question of her baby is still disturbing Hridhaan a lot.He wants to know that what exactly has happened with her in her past.

Hridhaan was going to say something when he got call from Nishant.He excused himself and then picked up the call.

"Where the hell are you, Hridhaan?", Nishant's voice almost burst Hridhaan's eardrums and he cursed him in his mind before replying, "I am at the orphanage but why the hell are you shouting, bro?"

"We have an important meeting in half am hour with Sehgal Group of Companies, and you are asking me that why the hell i am shouting?Now let my future bhabhi (to be sister-in-law) rest for a while and you grace your presence here.I am telling you this meeting is really important for our company.", Nishant reminded him of an important meeting they have to attend after half an hour and Hridhaan was no where to be seen.

"It just slipped out my mind.Anyways, i will be there in fifteen minutes and meanwhile you go through the presentation for one final time.", Hridhaan replied hurriedly before disconnecting the call.

He then looked back at Aavya who looking at him with frowns.

"I am sorry Aavya but i need to take your leave.I am having an important meeting in half an hour.", Hridhaan said sadly as he didn't wanted to go this early, while Aavya nodded her head in understanding

"By the way, can i ask for something from you?", Hridhaan asked nervously caressing his nape while Aavya just looked at him with raised brows asking him to continue.

"Next week one of my friend's wife's birthday is coming and she has invited you as well.Soo if u can--u know only if u are comfortable in coming there." Hridhaan asked and then impatiently waited for her reply.

"But how, i mean i don't know her.", Aavya said meekly while Hridhaan immediately replied only to regret, "But she knows everything about you.",

Aavya looked up at him with frowns and Hridhaan cursed himself for being so careless with his words.

"I mean-- You are my friend, right!?So i told my friends about you.So now all my friends also know you, just the way you know my friends.", Hridhaan tried his best to clear his point of view in better way.

"Ok.But i am sorry but i can't come.", Aavya replied blankly and Hridhaan gave a small sad smile before replying, "Its ok.I understand."

Hridhaan was sad as he seriously wanted her to accompany him, not for him but for herself.He wanted her to interact with others.He wanted her to know that not everyone are bad in this world and there are good people also on the earth.

Looking him all sad unknowingly pinched her heart but she was not yet much comfortable with Hridhaan and somewhere she also don't trust him completely which is why she denied to go to the party with him


Aavya's room:

~Aavya's POV~

Why do i feel connected to him??That day also when i got panic attack, i feel peace being in his arms?I immediately forgot about my pain.

Today when he asked me to accompany him to the party and i denied, he become sad which i didn't like at all.I don't like him sad.

Should i go with him to the party?but is he really a right person?is he really a trustworthy person?

No, no Aavya you can not trust him.Everyone are the same.What if he will also hurt me like others!? What if he will also think of me as curse when he will learn about my past?

No, i can't let him come near me.I can't get more hurt.I can't let anyone break me more.I cant let anyone interude the walls i have made around myself from last 2 long years

Yes, i wont let him affect me!!

~End of pov~

She was sitting on the small couch near the window and thinking about her and Hridhaan's unknown relation.Mother Michiel who was passing by her room saw her sitting all lost and she immediately understood that somewhere she is thinking abt Hridhaan only.

Mother Michiel came inside the room and start caressing her hairs while asking, "What are you thinking, my child?"

Aavya who was in deep thought first got startled with mother's sudden intervantion but then relaxed a little and gave a small faint smile to her while nodding in no.

"Aavya, today i want to give you a small advice.", Mother Michiel said sitting in front of her and Aavya immediately nodded asking her to continue.

"God always take your test before giving you a lifetime happiness.Not every person is bad in this world.Dont judge anyone this early, my child.Sometimes after bad times, god sends an angel to lighten our dark life.I know you are still into dilema that whether to trust Mr.Mehra or not.But trust me my dear, i have seen care for you in his eyes.So, give him a chance, my child.May be this time you get ur destination to a happy life.May be this time you get a final way leading you to your happily ever after, right?", mother Michiel patiently and loving made her understand.

Aavya after a while of sipping Mother Michiel's words nodded meekly and mother went away after Patting her head lovingly.

~Aavya's POV~

Is mother saying it correct?can i trust him??Is he a trust worthy person?? Offcourse, i have seen an emotion of care and love in his eyes, but still can i trust him completely?should i go with him?But what if he will also hurt me like others??Oh god, please help me.Please show me correct path.

~End of POV~

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