Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 6, 2021
Ch. 8Episode 7

Next morning:

It was four in the morning when Aavya's sleep broke and she blinked her eyes to adjust the light when she felt someone sitting beside her.

She abruptly got up nd looked at Hridhaan who was sleeping peacefully while in the sitting position with his back taking support of head-rest.

Aavya looked around to see the whole room devasted and thats when the flashes from last night came in front of her eyes, and her gaze immediately travelled to Hridhaan's hand which had dressing around it.

"Who are you and why are you doing all this for me!?why do i always feel connected to you!?Why you want to come near me, near s girl who is no less than a curse!? Don't do this please.It hurts to ignore you.Only i know how i ignored you in this whole month when all you were trying is to talk to me.", Aavya murmured looking at Hridhaan as if she is asking questions to him.

She tried getting up from bed only to hiss in pain as a broken glass on the floor pierce her delicate legs.
While hearing her painful hiss, Hridhaan woke up with a jerk.He look around to see Aavya on other side of bed, having pain on her face.He immediately got down from bed and came by her side.

"Hey, are you ok?", Hridhaan asked while crouching down to check the injury in her left leg.

He took her injured leg in his hand despite of her protest and keeping it on his one knee, he started checking out.

Blood was ozzing out from her delicate skin whereas glass was still stuck in her skin.

"You sit here i will get first aid.we have to get this glass out of your skin.", Hridhaan said and then without waiting for her reply he picked Aavya into a bridal style before sitting her back on her bed.

Taking the first aid box from side-table, he came to her and again taking her leg in his hand he started taking out the glass while hissing as if the glass is stuck in his own leg instead of Aavya's.While Aavya just kept looking at him with blank expression.

"Don't keep your feet down and give it proper rest because cut is already deep and if u will strain then it will worsen.", Hridhaan said as he continued dressing her wound.

He then picked her both legs and made her sit confortably on the bed.

"Why are you doing this??", Aavya for first time spoke something, while Hridhaan frowned not understanding her words and asked, "What?"

"Why are you coming to the orphanage everyday from last one month and eating this normal food with us??Why are you doing all this.Why are you always trying to talk to me and become friends with me.", Aavya asked with blank and serious face.

"Because i can't see you in pain.", Hridhaan replied sincerely but Aavya was uneffected rather asked again, "Why?"

But Hridhaan choosed to ignore her question and rather asked looking at her wounded leg, "Is it still paining??"

"huh?", Aavya asked frowning at sudden change of topic and Hridhaan pointed at her wounded leg and asked again, "Is your leg still paining?"

Aavya simply nodded her head in no and Hridhaan then got up and sat beside her.

"I don't know what had happened in your past but i want to help you.I sincerely want you to come out of your dark past and i mean it.Please give me a chance--Give me a chance to help you and heal you.", Hridhaan said sincerely looking deep in her eyes, as if trying to convey his each and every word directly into her heart.

Aavya chuckled sarcastically before ssying, "huh!!trust?I can never trust anyone and i don't want your help.And if you still want to help me then just leave me alone.", Aavya said blankly while Hridhaan just sighed at her insecurities.

"Ok fine, if you don't trust me then let it be.Don't trust me but atleast we can become friends, right?i promise i will never harm you.", Hridhaan asked with raised brows.

He forward his hand towards her to encourage her for their friendship.Aavya first looked at his forwarded hand, then up at his face and again at his hand.

After a minute, she hesitatingly held his hand for hand-shake and Hridhaan immediately held it tightly in his grip.

"Thank you for accepting my friendship.I promise i will never hurt you.", Hridhaan promised with a smile.

"I don't know whether i should trust you or not.", Aavya said looking at her fidgeting fingers in her lap.

While hearing this from her, Hridhaan's heart pained a little but he immediately composed himself as he know that he has a long way before he finally earns her trust.

"Don't worry, i promise i will never break your trust on me.And you don't have to trust me untill you are confirmed of my sincerity.", Hridhaan comfort her by taking her hand in his', but Aavya immediately withdraw her hand back from his grip.

"I am sorry.", Aavya apologize while Hridhaan frowned at her sudden apology and asked, "Why?".

"I--i hurted you on your hand.", Aavya said guiltily pointing at his wounded hand.

"It is alright.If this can calm you down then i am ready to take more wounds of this type ", Hridhaan said with a smile but all Aavya felt was sincerity in his words.

"I guess you should go back as it is almost dawn time now.", Aavya said after looking out of the window at faint sun rays slowly emerging from the rising sun.

"You even know how to speak.", Hridhaan humoured while Aavya just shifted unconfortably and seeing this Hridhaan decided not to tease her.

"I think you are right.I should leave now but please you take rest and dont get up from bed.", Hridhaan instructed after getting up all ready to go back to his home.

Nandini simply nodded in understanding and Hridhaan after bidding bye to her, left for his home.Whereas Aavya just kept looking at his retreating figure, still poundering about whether to trust him or not.

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