Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 5, 2021
Ch. 7Episode 6

A month later:

It has been a month since Hridhaan is regularly coming to the orphanage at lunch time and having lunch with the girls.Though Aavya never eat with them saying that she is not hungry and soo Hridhaan also just eat a little.

But today it was already evening and Hridhaan hadn't visited them yet, which did bothered Aavya a little, reason unknown her also.

She was sitting on bench keeping eye on the little girls playing in the garden, but her heart was just thinking about only one person, again the reason was unknown to her.


It was past eight in evening when Hridhaan decided to visit orphanage as today he was having back-to-back meetings even at lunch time and that is why he could not make it up for lunch at orphanage.But now when he was on his way back to his home, he thought of having a glimpse of his girl.

Hridhaan reached orphanage to get welcome by unusual silence which made him frown but nevertheless he entered further into the orphanage to see it all vacant, but then suddenly he heard a loud screams of some girl.

He immediately recognise the voice and fastened his steps towards the direction from where the indistinct voices of screaming was coming.

And then , the scene in front of him made him shocked to the core.

Aavya was sitting all curled up like a ball in one corner of a room with mother Michiel by her side consolling her about something.

She was sitting with knees folded near her chest and her face had marks of dried tear.Her head digged in her knees, she was muttering something incoherently.Her body was shivering vigourously and rocking to and fro giving an idea that she is scared of something.

Hridhaan then looked around the room to see each and everything broken and messed up on the floor.

"Girls get back to your room.It is time to go to your bed.", Mother Michiel's voice bring Hridhaan's attention back to Aavya.

"But mother mich--", One girl in the age of around fifteen tried to stay there but mother Michiel dismissed her saying curtly, "She is fine.I am here to take care of her.You take all the other girls and make them sleep."

All girls immediately vacant the room and that is when mother Michiel's gaze fall on Hridhaan who was standing there at the threshold of the door and looking at Aavya with painful eyes.

"Mr.Mehra?", Mother asked and Hridhaan looked at mother Michiel with lots of emotions at same time in his eyes.

Hridhaan walked towards them but Aavya sensing someone coming near her, just shouted loudly on him.

"NOOO JUST GO AWAY FROM HERE.JUST GO, GO AWAY.PLEASE LEAVE ME PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.", She screamed at top of her voice while her state was so messy and disheveled that it pained Hridhaan to his core.

Mother Michiel immediately took her in her embrace and started caressing her hair to comfort her, whereas Hridhaan could only look at her with teary eyes.

"Shh!! Everything is fine, my child.No one is going to harm.", Mother Michiel kept on caressing her hair and comforting her.

"No, they-they kill my baby.It was so small but they-they killed They killed him, my baby, they killed him.", Aavya murmured looking at mother Michiel embrace with her hands forwarded in front of her as if she is holding a child in her hands.

Hridhaan looked at Aavya with wide eyes after hearing about 'A baby', and immediately his questioning eyes went to mother Michiel who was already looking at his for his reaction, but then she immediately avert her eyes back to Aavya.

Composing himself and with some strength he walked towards both the ladies with slow steps, before crouching down beside Aavya, and keeping his shivering hand on her shoulder, he lovingly called her, "Aavya?"

Sensing some unknown touch, Aavya immediately took a piece of broken glass lying beside her and gave a sharp cut on Hridhaan's palm causing blood ozzing out of it, but still he didn't move even an inch from his place.

"Dont--dont come near me.I know you--you want to take away my baby and you will kill him.But i won't let you take him away.I will protect him.Yes, i--i will protect him.", Aavya started screaming at Hridhaan but atlast her voice slowed down to some meer murmers.

Hridhaan completely sat beside her, and forcefully took her in a bear hug with tears flowing down his eyes while his hands continuously caressing her hairs and him murmering soothing words in her ears.

Whereas for Aavya, it was first time that she felt an unknown peace in his hug.She kept murmering about baby snuggling in his arms more and more, while mother Michiel looked both of them in shock.

"Shh!! No one is taking your baby away from you.No one will do that.calm down Aavya, please calm down.", Hridhaan kept on comforting her, untill he felt her going all relax in his arms.

Mother looked at them in shocked as it was first time in this whole one year when she saw Aavya getting calm after such panic attack.Till now even Mother Michiel herself can't get proper control on Aavya, specially when she have this sudden panic attacks.

After few minutes, Hridhaan looked down at Aavya who was fast asleep with frowns on her forehead.Her face was all red and had tear stains.She was having many bruises on her arms which she might have got while she was breaking the things and messing up the room.

"She is asleep.Let me put her back into bed.", Hridhaan whispered to mother Michiel who nodded at him to go on.

Hridhaan slowly picked up Aavya in a bridal style and immediately keep her delicate figure on bed, covering her properly with duvet.

Aavya stirred a little due to movements but Hridhaan immediately patted her head slowly slipping her back to sleep.

"Come let me treat you hand.It has got quite a deep cut.", Mother Michiel said pointing at Hridhaan's hand which got cut when Aavya attacked him with glass piece.

Thats when Hridhaan remembered the cut otherwise he was soo much into Aavya's messed up condition that he did not even felt the pain even when Aavya gave him that deep cut on his palm.

"We can't leave her alone.She might wake up and again get frighten.", Hridhaan said looking at Aavya's sleeping figure.

"Ok, then you stay here and i will get a first aid box.", Mother Michiel said knowing Hridhaan won't leave Aavya alone now for even a minute.

Hridhaan nodded and mother left to get first aid box while Hridhaan sat beside Aavya's sleeping figure.
"What has happened with you that you become like this!?And whose baby you were talking about!?What exactly had happened with you Aavya back then!?", Hridhaan kept asking this questions to himself while looking at her now serene and calm face with his hands continuously caressing her smooth long hairs.

His trance was broken by mother Michiel who came there with first aid box in her hand.She came and sat on bed opposite to Hridhaan taking his hand to do proper dressing of it.

"Mother,Which baby Aavya was talking about?, "Hridhaan asked, now his whole attention was on mother Michiel.

"her own baby!", Mother Michiel replied blankly as she continued treating his wound, while Hridhaan frowned and asked, "What?", as he thought he heard something wrong.

"Aavya was pregnant a year back but she had a miss-carriage and reason--well that is her right to tell you everything in detail.She has gone through a lot in her early age.She has bared a lot of pain in this small age.", Mother said after keeping the first aid box aside, and said the last line while looking at Aavya with pitty.

"She--she was preg-pregnant??" Hridhaan murmered more to himself, still trying to digest this new found information.

"Yes, she was pregnant.I hope soon she opens up to you.I have a hope that you can get her back.", mother Michiel said with a small smile.

"I will try my best.I will get her back from her darkness.I will become light to her darkness.I will take her out from her depression.", Hridhaan said looking at Aavya lovingly, before looking back at mother Michiel and asked, "Does she frequently have this kind of panic attacks?

"Almost every alternate day she get this panic attacks.Infact it becomes very difficult for me also to handle her and calm her down.But today i was also shocked when for first time she calmed this early in your arms, otherwise it takes whole night for me to just put her back to sleep.", Mother Michiel replied shocking Hridhaan as well.

"Mother, can i stay back here with her for tonight?i don't want to leave her alone.What if she again get this panic attacks.", Hridhaan asked sincerely looking at mother.

"I am sorry my child but this is against the protocol of our orphanage.And moreover if she will get up in night and if she will see you, she might again freak out and also might hurt u.", Mother Michiel tried making Hridhaan understand that he can't stay back in the orphanage.

"I don't care mother if she will hurt me.But i can't leave her alone, plzz mother just for tonight.", Hridhaan pleaded this time, as he can do anything to stay back with her.

"Ok. i am letting you stay here but jst for tonight.", Mother Michiel replied after a short brief, and Hridhaan thanked her with a wide smile.

"May god bless you, my child.You are doing really a good deed.I will send you your dinner.have it.", Mother michiel said while Patting Hridhaan's head.

"I just came from dinner meeting so i dont need dinner.I will just be here with her.", Hridhaan politely denied and mother nodded in understanding and then walked out of the room leaving a Broken Soul with her Saviour.

Hridhaan first message Mihika about his stay back in the office for an urgent presentation and then slowly come to Aavya's side and settled on bed.

He was looking at her innocent face which was shining due to moonlight but still had tear stains and frown.He started caressing her hair lovingly and in sometime even he was also fast asleep.

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