Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 4, 2021
Ch. 6Episode 5

Hridhaan came to Aavya and sat beside her alerting her but she did not look up at him.

"Hey!", Hridhaan nervously tried to initiate the talk but all he got in return was just silence from side.

He was confused about how to make her talk to him, but he tried once again, "Uhh, so you stay here only!?"

Damn--Why the hell i am getting nervous to talk with her.How can i make her talk to me, god please help!~ Hridhaan thought biting his lips nervously.

But once again all he got was silence which did made him a little anxious and he said with frown, "Atleast say something, please!"

After a minute he saw Aavya getting up and turning to go back into the orphanage.But before she can take even a step ahead, Hridhaan hurriedly took hold of her wrist, making her eyes go all wide in shock.

Aavya started wriggling to get out of his hold and this also made Hridhaam aware of his sudden act and he immediately let go of her wrist but came in front of her and said, "I am really sry, i didn't mean to hold you like this or make you feel uncomfortable.It is just that you were going and to stop you i hold ur hand.I hope u r not taking me wrong, right!?"

And for first time Aavya lifted her face and look into his eyes and saw some warm emotions.But again after few seconds she avert her gaze back on the ground, which made Hridhaan smile sadly.

"Can we become friends!?", Hridhaan asked after a minute and extended his hands towards her for accepting his friendship.

Aavya looked at his smiling face, then his stretched out hand and again at his face.While Hridhaan with a huge smile on his face, was waiting for her to accept his hand and to take a step further for their friendship.But he got shock when he saw her running inside the orphanage, leaving him there in confusion.

"What happen to her?did i do something wrong?But i just asked for friendship. Then why she ran away from me like this?What is it Aavya that has broken you this badly!?What is it that is stopping you from mingling with others!?But don't worry, now i am here for you.Though i don't know what happened in your past but i m sure that your future is going to be very beautiful.Right now i am going but will see you soon dear.", Hridhaan thought while looking at the entrance from where Aavya ran inside.

At Mehra mansion:

Hridhaan came in and was immediately greeted chirpily by Mihika as she was eagerly waiting for him only.Seeing him coming towards her, Mihika immediately got up and said

"Hridhu, you came!Cabir called me and told me that you went to the place where She stays.You met her?What is her name?How is she?How does she look?And what does she said?Oh god, you didn't even saw me her phot as well.And tell ne one thing--", Mihika was going on and on without letting Hridhaan say anything which made him smile at his mother's excitement.

"Oh god, calm down Mom.Atleast let me speak something.But before that let me get change into casuals and then i will give answers to all your questions, ok my curious mumma!?", Hridhaan said while playfully squeezing her cheeks and earned a smack on his hand in return.

"Ok, quickly go and change and meanwhile i will get your coffee.Now go and come fast and then tell me everything in detail.", Mihika pushed him lightly while Hridhaan shook his head at his dramatic yet loving mother.

After changing in casual wears, he came down and went to sit beside his mother.He sat on sofa beside Mihika and she passed him his coffee mug and waited for him to start narrating.

"Don't stare me like this mom as if you are going to eat me raw.", Hridhaan commented playfully on feeling his mother's constant gaze, while the later on smack him on back of his head

"Now tell me what happen there?You met her?", Mihima asked getting all impatient to know about her son's love.

Hridhaan kept his coffee mug on centre table and sighed before saying, "Yes i went to meet her and i met her also, but--"

Hridhaan went into flashback of his recent encounter with Aavya in garden and how she ran away.

He then turned to Mihika and narrate everything happened in the orphanage.

"So she said nothing?Like literally not even a word!?", Mihika asked frowning while Hridhaan nodded sadly before saying, "No mom, she didn't even utter a single word.I don't know what has happened in her past that she is like this with others.

"Then why didn't you asked the orphanage owner?",Minika asked and Hridhaan replied, "Mom i asked her but she said that she can't reveals someone's personal issues to anyone without her concent and i think she is absolutely right at her place."

"But then how will you talk to him and how will you tell him about your heart, my son?", Nyonika asked worriedly.

"Don't worry mom i will try my best to know about her but i guess it will take time.Mother Michiel also said that Aavya cannot trust anyone easily.May be this is why she is not trusting me also but don't worry, today or tomorrow i will definetly make her talk to me.", Hridhaan comforted her mother lovingly taking Mihika's hand in his'.

"But till when you will try.See, i am not saying that the girl you like is not right for you but right now you are already twenty-six and in next two months you will turn twenty-seven years old.You have to settled your life as well ", Mihika said concerned about her son's marriage.

"I am understanding mom that you are worried about my marriage.But now when i have started loving Aavya, i don't think i will be able to give her place to any other girl.", Hridhaan said sincerely that even Mihika was forced to believe his words.

"Fine, as you wish!But think about your life as well.At the end of the day this business, this fame, everything will be worthless if there will be no one beside you.You are earning so much but what will you do of all these money and fame if you won't have anyone to spend this all.You are getting what i am saying, right!?", Mihika said caressing Hridhaan's face who nodded in understanding.

Manik:*smile at care*dont worry mom, my heart says that very soon Aavya will talk to me.And you only says that heart can never be wrong, right!?", Hridhaan asked with a charming smile, to which Mihika nodded saying, "Hmm.Don't worry, she will definitely talk to you."

Aftee this, Hridhaan excused himself and went to his study room as he had to attend an important meeting.

"Oh god, My son had never for once laid his eyes on any girl.But today he is finally in love with a girl.Please bless him with all the happiness and let his love-story get happy ending.", Mihika joined her hands in prayer and prayed god to give Hridhaan his share of happiness.

In Hridhaan's room:

It is ten in the night and Hridhaan was sitting on his bed in tracksuit and vest after taking his dinner, staring his cell phone from past 30 mins.

Well actually not staring but talking to the Aavya's photo!!

"What has happened with you in your past that you have become like this, Aavya!?I soo wish to take all your pain but then i don't even know about what exactly is the reason behind your sadness.I just wish that one day you let me enter into your personal space so that i can take all your pain.And i really hope that that day come soon.But for now good night and have a beautiful sleep.", Hridhaan said staring at Aavya's photo and at last wished her good night with a beautiful smile.

He kissed her forehead in the photo and after admiring her for another ten minutes, he finally click off his cell and keeping it on side-table, he slipped into covers closing his eyes only to be engulfed by Aavya's dream...


Nxt morning:

Hridhaan woke up a little early and wishing a warm good morning to his girl, he got freshen up followed by breakfast with Mihika and then left for his office.

Luckily today Hridhaan was not late rather he was little early which did confused others' as nowadays Hridhaan's schedule was highly imbalancing.But Hridhaan gave noo heed to their stares and fastened his steps towards his floor and then enter his cabin.

Hridhaan did his routine work till lunch and then asked Armaan to cancel his lunch meeting as he is busy today.

Taking his car keys from driver, he asked his driver as well as his guards not to accompany him, and then immediately drove towards the place where the 'queen of his heart'resides.

He parked his car outside AASTHA ORPHANAGE and carrying some plastic bags, he entered the orphanage and directly went to the main hall where already young girls were sitting in a huge circle with their plates, whereas Aavya was serving them their lunch and this scene bought a smile on his face.

When he was busy adoring Aavya, Mushkan saw him and was so happy to have him there. She loudly call him gaining everyones' attention.

Aavya looked at him with frown and then looked away before she again started serving food to the girls while here, her ignoring him pinched Hridhaan, but nevertheless he composed himself before walking towards them.

"Girls i have got pizzas for u...soo who wanna eat?", Hridhaan asked with a wide smile, raising the bags and showing them to the girls.

Everyone except Aavya were happy to see pizza in Hridhaan's hands.

"But then this food which i have prepared will be wasted.", and for first time Aavya said something and Hridhaan felt utter peace hearing her smooth melodious voice.

And this made him fell in love with her once again!!

"Yes, but then pizza will be also wasted.", Hridhaan said raising his brows, grabbing upon the chance to talk to her more and more.

Hridhaan waited for her to reply or counter-back but nothing come rather Aavya stood there bitting her lower lips making Hridhaan goo all awee on her cuteness and innocence.

Looking at her confused state, Hridhaan suggested, "Lets do one thing, let them only decide what they want to eat."

Aavya nodded in agreement and Hridhaan smiled widely before turning to the girls and asked, "So, pretty girls lets have lunch.", he then looked at Aavya and asked, "I guess we should also join them, what say?"

"I am not hungry.", Aavya said without looking at him, and then walked out leaving a disappointed Hridhaan behind.

Hridhaan hurriedly passed the pizza boxes to the girls and followed Aavya to see her sitting on the same bench in the garden where they sat yesterday.

He gathered some courage and came to her before sitting beside her.As soon as she felt his presence besides her, she slide herself a little away from him making a safe distance between them which did hurt Hridhaan a little but didn't cared much.

"Why didn't you had your lunch?Is it because of me?", Hridhaan asked breaking the ice between them.

He waited for her reply but when she didn't, he again said, "Hey i won't eat you up.So you don't have to be so much scared of me."

Aavya looked at him with frowns before averting her gaze

"Why don't you talk?see, you can share with me whatever has happened with you.May be i can help u out--", Hridhaan tried comforting her but stopped when he saw change in her expressions.

Soo many flashes of past came in front of her eyes like some film and her yes welled up with tears.She immediately got up and ran away from there leaving a shocked Hridhaan behind just like yesterday.

But then he remember mother's words ~ "But let me warn you that it is not going be easy for you, my child as she hardly trust anyone",which did relieved him that if not now then definetly one day she will respond him.

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