Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 4, 2021
Ch. 5Episode 4

At Aastha orphanage:

This time Hridhaan wa driviing his car by himself without driver or guards following him.He parked his car at the entrance of the orphanage and saw a small two-stored building in white and blue colour theme.Instantly a huge smile adorned his face reading the name plate statingAASTHA ORPHANAGE FOR GIRL CHILD.

Hridhaan buttoned his coat and entered the huge gate of the orphanage.The moment he entered the orphanage, he found an unknown peace.Hridhaan had never before in his life visited any orphanage. Though his mother always donates in the name of Mehras', but personally he never stepped inside any orphanage.But today he did just for one girl who will henceforth rule his heart.

Orphanage was a small two-storeyed row-house with 7 rooms on each floor.There was a small garden at the side of main entrance gate where the little orphan girls were playing happily.He roam his eyes to find that one person for whom he had visited this orphanage but could not locate her anywhere.

He then went further inside and saw a small girl may be at the age of seven years old was coming towards him.

Sitting on his knees Hridhaan asked the small girl, "Hey beautiful.What is your name!?"

"Why??My Avvu didi told me not to talk to the strangers!", the little girl said frowning at the stranger in front of her.

"Ohk.But can you atleast tell me that where is the owner of this orphanage!?", Hridhaan asked sniling while the girl looked at him skeptically for a minute.

"You want to don-dona--", The little girl tried speaking the word but couldn't remember it, and so Hridhaan smiled before completing her sentence, "You mean donate??"

"Yesh!!", The girl said with a wide smile which bought smile on Hridhaan's face as well and he said, Yes i am here to donate.So now can you please tell me where I can find the owner of this orphanage?"

Girl bobbed her head excitedly and said pointing at the room at end of corridor "Ma'an is inside that cabin"

Hridhaan smiled at her cuteness and then carry her like a small baby and then headed towards the cabin, alongwith asking the girl, "Now we are friends, right!?So now can you tell me you name?"

Girl smiled widely at him and said, "Mushkan", to which Hridhaan said immediately, "Wow!!What s beautiful name.Mushkan--Meaning smile."

"By the way is there any Aavya here!", Hridhaan asked biting his lips while girl cutely frowned at him before saying, "Yesh Aavu didi lives here only."

"Oh-k.So where is she right now?", Hridhaan further inquired and the little girl again frowned at him before asking, "Why??You want to meet Avvu didi!?"

At the same time they reached the owner's cabin and soo Hridhaan let the little girl down on her feet and thanked her who in return kiss his left cheek and ran from there making him smile widely.

Manik turned around and gently knocked the door and once getting response, he entered inside to see a lady in her fifties' sitting on a head-chair with some files scattered on the table in front of her.

He entered the room and occupied the chair opposite to the lady and greeted her professionally.

"Hi, i am Michiel Christian.How may i help you, sir!?", The lady asked politely and even Hridhaan let down his aura and replied politely, "Hi, i am Hridhaan Mehra."

"Who doesn't know you sir.You are very famous personality from music as well as business world.", The lady replied with a genuine smile.

"I am honoured.Well i won't beat around the bushes but i m here because-", Even before he can complete his sentence, they were disturbed by the knock on the door.

Hridhaan turned around casually and there enters the girl who had stolen his heart at the first sight.

Aavya enter the cabin after knocking and thats when Hridhaan noticed her from very close for first time, and he had to admit that she is the most beautiful girl he had ever crossed his path with.

Her doe-shaped eyes, her pointed nose, her chubby cheeks with pouty lips, her short height and top of all her innocenceswelled his heart with some unknown feelings and emotions.But above all this, he can also sense an unknowness fear and sadness on her face or rather to be precise in her eyes, which clenched his heart into a tight knot making him feel pain.

"Yes dear, what happen!?", Michiel asked and that broke even Hridhaan's trance who was till mow trying to imprint each and every feature of Aavya into his mind and heart.

"Girls had their lunch mother.Will you like to have it now or should i freeze it??", Aavya asked all the time looking down at floor, not for once she looked up at the unknown guest in their orphanage.

"I am little busy my child.You can have your lunch and then freeze it.Besides meet him, he is Hridhaan Mehra.he is a big businessman alongwith a great singer.", Michiel said last part pointing towards Hridhaan who immediately straighten himself into a presentable manner.

Aavya lifted her eyelashes for a minute or two but then again started adoring the floor much to Hridhaan's disappointment.

"I am going to the garden to accompany girls.I will take ur leave mother.", Aavya said and left the cabin without sparing a single glance at Hridhaan.

After Aavya was out of the cabin, Hridhaan turned back to look at michiel and asked, "Who is she!?",

Michiel frowned but then realising what he is asking about, She replied with a small smile, "Ohh she is Aavya.She also stays here with other girl children and also helps me into taking care of them.She is such a pure soul but wounded badly.Oh, i am sorry, i just got carried away.Anyways, soo how can i help u??"

Hridhaan straighten himself and getting back into his aura he said, "See mother i won't beat around the bushes.Actually i am here for Aavya only."

Mischiel frowned at asked, "I did not understand you, my child.", to which Hridhaan immediately replied, "Actually yesterday morning i saw her on cross road of M.G road giving some balloons to small girls and thats when i fall in love with her."

Michiel looked at him with widen eyes and Hridhaan continued, "I know you must be thinking that how i can fall in love with a girl in just few minutes, about whom i even don't know anything.But trust me i don't know why but i felt some sadness in her smile when i saw her yesterday and since then it is hurting my heart.See, i am sure that i love her, so please can i meet her once!?"

Michiel was first shock to hear all this from Hridhaan but then she find utter sincerity in his words which forced her to beleive him.

"Though i dont beleive that love happens this instantly, but i can sense the truthfulness in yourr words, my child.I can permit you to meet her if you want, But i m not sure if she wants to meet u.She does not meet anyone and she hardly talks to any stranger except me and the girls here.If u have noticed right now, she didn't even greeted you when i introduced you to her and thats the proof that may be she will not like to meet you, my child.", Michiel said honestly making Hridhaan frown at him.

"But why?i mean is there anything wrong with her?", Hridhaan asked sincerely to which Michiel sighed sadly and said, "She is a soul full of innocence and purity but here the cruel world has just used this innocence and purity of hers' for their own benefits which resulted her becoming a wounded soul.She has suffered a lot in this small age and this made her lifeless that now she fears to even look at any person firmly, let alone talking."

"Uhh-- may i know what exactly had happened with her that now she is like this?", Hridhaan asked trying to know more about Aavya.

"I m sorry my child but this is not my right to open up someone's personal issues to anyone.It is her who has this right to share everything happened with her.", Michiel said with a sorry face and Hridhaan nodded in understanding.

"I understand mother but still i would like to meet her once only if she allows.I want to know her pain and remove their imprint from her heart and soul.Please i want to take all her sorrow and fill her life with happiness.She is the first person who has affected me soo much and i want to see her happy, may be then i will also be a little happy.", Hridhaan sincerely requested Mother who was honestly moved by his words.

"Well if she allows youu to enter in her personal space then i will be the most happiest person on this earth.I can say from your words that how much you care for her and soo i also wish that you meet her and readily take all her pain.But let me aware you that this is not at all going to be easy for you child because it took me a whole year to gain her trust, though i have also not earned even half of it till now.So please be careful with her.She is too fragile to be hurted anymore, my child.", Michiel warned him, to which Hridhaan smiled assuring her as he said, "You don't worry mother.I WILL BECOME LIGHT TO HER DARKNESS."

"Right now, she might be in the garden with girls.You can meet her there and if need any other help from me then don't hesitate.", Michiel informed him.

"Thank u so much.Besides, here this is a small token of love for the little girls here.I want to donate for their smile.", Hridhaan said forwarding a cheque of five lakh rupees.

Mischel accept the cheque smiling and after filling necessary formalities, she escort him to the garden personally where Aavya was sitting on a wooden bench looking at those little girls playing near her.She was smiling lightly looking at the girls and it did automatically bought a huge smile of Hridhaan's face as well.

Hridhaan walked towards Aavya with a small smile adoring his face leaving behind a smiling mischel.

"Ohh jesus thank you for sending an angel to my Aavya's life.Now i can only request you that please give her all happiness she deserves.I hope Mr. Hridhaan can make a little place in her messed up life and lighten her dark life with his shine.", Michiel silently prayed joining her hands into prayers.

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