Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 4, 2021
Ch. 4Episode 3

“Dare!”, Hridhaan said knowing that if he will choose truth then Nishant might inquire about the morning scene in from of everyone.

“perfect!!Soo guys our Hridhaan had an encounter with a beautiful girl this morning and I guess he is already in love with, Hridhaan come on tell us the details about what happened!?”, Nishant asked with a smirk and Hridhaan cursed him in his mind.

“Oh my god, Hredhaan, tell me is Nishant saying truth!?Wait this is why our ‘All-time-sincere’ Hridhaan Mehra was absent-minded in today’s meeting.”, Kritika said with excitement and teased him at last.

While Hridhaan just palmed his face and cursed Nishant more for revealing his secret like this.

“okk guys, fine yes i-I am in love.”, Hridhaam let out not wanting to be teased more.

And the whole room echoed with “whats’ and ‘Hows’.

‘’Finally you also have someone in your life.”

‘’What is her name?”

‘’And how does she look and is she pretty?”

All the girls asked one after the other making boys shake their head at the girl’s excitement.

“You idiot, In the morning I told you that you are in love but you denied.So, now what happen!?”, Nishant asked tapping him lightly on his head and earn a glare from later one.

Not able to control his irritation, Hridhaan shouted on top of his voice to stop their uncountable number of questions being thrown on him.

“okk I know you guys want to know everything and I will tell u guys everything but honestly even I don’t know anything about her except for her face.”, Hridhaan said with sigh face and earned another round of inquiry from his friends.

“okk!! But atleast tell us that what happen today morning.”, Kritika asked after a while.

Hridhaan nodded and then started narrating everything.


Hridhaan was sitting in the car when his gaze fell on other side of road where a girl was taking ballons from a ballon-vendor.

Taking the balloons she turn around to the little girls surrounding her and started distributing the balloons to them.

Though she was smiling but Hridhaan immediately understood that it was not her real smile.The smile that reaches one’s something stirred deep in his heart and he also got sad seeing her sad.

She was devoid of any make-up or heavy dress but still was looking mesmerising in the shinning rays of sun.

Hridhaan took out his cellphone and immediately capture her photo in the picture and tried to get out of car to reach her, but before he can even step out of his car, the traffic signal turned green and he lost the sight of her in the heavy traffic.

**Flashback ends**

And then he narrated the afternoon scene also where his car broke down and how he once again had a small encounter of Aavya.

“wow!!this is really Love At First Sight.”, Ananya said clapping her hands excitedly.

“Ok enough guys.I mean if we are destined then we will surely meet again.”, Hridhaan said trying to dismiss the topic.

“You know what, I am taking the responsibility of getting all the information about her.And I will make sure that you both meet each other soon.”, Nishant said confidently, while Hridhaan rolled his eyes but didn’t said anything as he himself wanted Nishant to find more about the mysterious girl which captured his heart at first sight only.

They continued playing game, but Hridhaan’s mind and heart was thinking all about Aavya only.


Next morning:

This morning is going to get soo many changes in life of two person who haven't yet met physically, but their hearts and souls are already connected with each other.

Hridhaan came early morning to his house from Kritika's place and again slept for a while.Around half past seven he woke up and first thing he did was to get his cellphone and look at the angelic face which has created havoc in his heart since yesterday.

"Good morning beautiful!what you are doing to me dear.I can't even sleep peacefully.i wish we can meet very very soon.", Hridhaan leaned his back to the headrest and talked to Aavya's photo set as the lock screen saver.

After wishing her a beautiful good morning he kissed her forehead in picture and went to get ready.After getting ready Hridhaan left for his office little early than his usual time may be to get a glimpse of his mystery girl.

He waited for her at the same road where he yesterday saw her for first time in the morning, but didn't get to see her and after waiting for almost an hour, he finally asked his driver to drive him to Mehra Industries.

And once again, Hridhaan Mehra was late.Everyone was looking at Hridhaan with wide eyes and jaws touching floor as since last five years they never for once saw Hridhaan getting late for office even by a minute, that level of perfectionist he is!!

But little did they know that now this is going to be everyday scene as now Hridhaan has finally got his soulmate.

Everyone wished him good morning while he as usual without giving reply, went to the lift and then straight to his cabin.

Getting into the cabin, Hridhaan opened his laptop and started checking mails while sipping his Black coffee without sugar.

He was working on an important presentation when Nishant barge into the cabin with as usual grinning face.

"Whats' up bro!", Nishant asked as he sat on the chair opposite to Hridhaan's office table.

"How many times do i have to tell you that don't come like a tornado.I was working on some important presentation and you disturbed me.", Hridhaan glared at Nishant who was as usual not at all effected by his glares, rather close shut Hridhaan's laptop earning a irritated groan from later one.

"What the hell Nishant!!My presentation--It wasn't even saved.And what is so important that you are here in the early morning, that too to spoil ny hard work.", Hridhaan chided as he never liked any mistakes or disturbance in his work.

"I was here to tell you about Aavya.But its ok if you are not interested to know more about her.", Nishant said casually with s shrug and was about to get up when Hridhaan asked irritatedly, "Now who the hell is this Aavya!?"

"The same mysteries/unknown/beautiful girl who has captured your thoughts in day and sleep at nights.", Nishant said with duh tone.

And here goes the whole presentation into dustbin as Hridhaan's eyes twinkle hearing about his Mysterious Girl!

"You mean you got information about that girl.", Hridhaan asked all excited like a small kid gets excited for his favourite chocolate.

"Duh, you had assisted this work to Nishant Ahuja, and had it ever happened that Nishant Ahuja comes back without completing work.", Nishant boosted and self-praised himself, testing Hridhaan's patience.

Hridhaan got up from his chair and walk to the chair beside Nishant's and asked excitedly, "God Nishant, you are seriously my saviour.Thank you soo much.Now tell me everything about her that too in detail."

"Wow!!like honestly, i have never see you this impatient and sincere for biggest of biggest deals as well, as much inpatient you are for an unknown girl.", Nishant teased but now it stopped affecting Hridhaan much.

And that is when it clicked Hridhaaan that in his excitement to find Aavya, he literally beamed in craziness and act like a love-sick teenager, but who cares when its comes to Hridhaan Mehra's love life!

"Now if quota of your teasing is over then please come to main topis as well and give me some seriously serious information about her.", Hridhaan said giving him 'Now-no-nonsense-with-me' look.

"Oh sure!!So listen, this mystery girl of yours' is really a bit of mysterious girl!", Nishant twisted the words confusing Hridhaan who asked, "Nishant, cut the crap and tell me everything."

"What i mean is i tried my best to get all the informations i could, but still there are many secrets in her life which even i can't get revealed easily ", Nishant said again a bit tricky and now Hridhaan's patience was tested beyond limit so he glared at Nishant hard and said, "Nishant please say in some simple human language so that i can also understand."

Nishant nodded and started revealing many things about Aavya, whereas Hridhaan heard everything soo carefully as if he is listening some important points for his some very important meeting and has to beg the deal.

After listening everything from Nishant, Hridhaan cringed his eyebrows in confusion and asked,What!?So you mean that inspite of having her grnadmother, she is living in an orphanage, but why?"

"Yeah.There are many other secrets as well like she is soo young but still she has dropped her college from second year only.You know what, i am sure something really serious might have happened with her.", Nishant said agreeing to Hridhaan.

"I don't know Nishant.I know only one thing and that isI Love Hersoo much and soo if she has suffered in her past then i am going to get happiness to her feet.", Hridhaan said with all seriousness and the wide smile spread on his lips.

"But trusting an unknown girl this early--I mean you can understand, right!?", Nishant said seriously to which Hridhaam smiled and said, "I know Nishant but my heart is saying that this girl is not unknown to me, rather she is the only one for me.And mom always says that we should always listen to the heart, soo yes, i am also going to follow my heart and find everything about her."

"But how?I mean I tried all the possible ways to get further information about her but then it didn't worked bro!!!", Nishant said as a matter of fact.

"That is because you tried to get externally information while i will dig into the matter properly.", Hridhaan said with a smirk while Nishant frowned and asked, "What do you mean??What are you going to do!?"

"AASTHA ORPHANAGE.", Hridhaan said with an excited face and Nishant also got excited and said, "Then let's go!"

"No from here i will handle the matter personally.", Hridhaan said gettig up and buttoning his coat in attitude.

"And by the way, rectify your mistake by preparing a new presentation as you didn't let me saved the last one i prepared.I am having meeting on this thursday with Mittal and co., so prepare the presentation before then.", Hridhaan ordered all professionally while Nishant look at him with wide open shocked face.

"I gave such a good news, yet you are sitting here with this foul mood.See bro i am warning you that if you are going to continue with this attitude of yours then Aavya is not going to come even near you.", Nishant said in "I -an-stating-fact" look, while Hridhaan looked at him horrified with wide open eyes.

"Idiot, instead of encouraging me, you are scaring me.", Hridhaan punched Nishant in his stomach playfully.

"Fine!You go and i will handle the presentation.", Nishant said sincerely earning a smile in return.

"By the way send me the address of Aastha", Hridhaan said picking up his car keys, while Nishant frowned and asked, "Who Aastha!?"

"Idiot, i am talking about 'Aastha Orphanage'", Hridhaan smacked him lightly on his head and Nishant pout in return before saying, "Then who will say 'Orphanage'?Anyways, you go and i will message you the adress in a minute."

Hridhaan walked out of his cabin in his usual aura and attitude to find his girl.

After quickly completing his meeting on his way, Hridhaan turned wheels of his car towards AASTHA ORPHANAGE where he will surely find his Mysterious girl.

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